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... to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree ...

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Last Modified: March 22, 2014

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10 Guides for Freemasons  Source/Author Unknown ATT
10 Steps   Source/Author Unknown ATT
10 Steps to Lodge Renewal  From Grand Lodge of Iowa


A Beginners Guide To Masonic Jurisprudence  by Bro. Mark Winger, G. Reg  
A Bible Presentation Talk  Source/Author Unknown ATT
A Brief Sketch of Freemasonry and The Symbols of the First Degree by Bro Ernest H. Shackleton
A Creed for the Craft  by R. I. Clegg, The American Freemason - November 1914
A Definition of Masonry  by Frank C. Higgins, F. R. N. S., The American Freemason - December 1912
A European View Of Masonic Growth  by WBro. Michel L. Brodsky 
A Female Freemason  From THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1858
A Few Definitions Of Esoteric  by Clarence Anderson 
A Freemason's Instructions, 1754  From The Master Mason - March 1925
A Guide for Masters & Wardens  From The Grand Lodge of Maine
A How Can Masonic Education Be Furthered?  From MASONIC CRAFTSMAN - 1937
A Lecture On The Various Lecture Of Freemasonry From The Tenth Century  by Rev. G. Oliver, D.D.
A Lesson for Freemason or A Series of Moral Observations on the Instrument of Masonry  From The Spirit of Masonry - 1843
A Mason's Belief  by John R. Nocas, The Royal Arch Mason - Fall 1972
A Masonic Bible Presentation    Source/Author Unknown ATT
A Masonic Lecture  by WM E. Krupp
A Masonic Wedding  by Kent Henderson 
A Master's Wages  by Carl H. Claudy, THE MASTER MASON - MAY 1925
A Model Master  by M.W. SRO. WN. Mercer Wilson, THE CRAFTSMAN - 1866
A Parsee's Opinion of Masonry  From Freemasons' Magazine - 1852
A Philosophical Background For Masonic Symbolism  by WBro. Kirk MacNulty 
A Plain Talk About Masonry  From THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1855
A Point Within A Circle  by Wor. Bro. S. L. Waterman
A Profitable "Lodge Night"   by Ernest E. Murray, The Builder - JAN 1920
A Program of Masonic Education  by Herman Sarachan, The Royal Arch Mason - Fall 1980
A Revolutionary Suggestion by D. McN. Lowe, M.M. 
A Stroll Through The Seven Liberal Arts And Sciences  by Richard D. Marcus
A Senior Warden Planning Guide  by Bro Wayne T. Adams **
A Story of Masonry  by Dr. Albert G. Mackey
A Tale of Anti-Masonry  by Rob Morris, Light and Shadows of Freemasonry - 1852
A True Mason  Source/Author Unknown ATT
A Vindication of Masonry  by Bro. Charles Leslie, From "The Spirit of Masonry" - 1843
Additional Degrees Worked In England And Wales: An Explanation  by WBro Barry Clarke 
Albert Pike, Mystic  by Bro. Henry R. Evans, Litt. D.
Albert The Great, Teacher Of Master Builder  From INTERNETLOGE.DE 
Allen Earl Roberts's Biography  by Wallace McLeod, FPS 
An Action Team in Action  From The Freemason - Fall 1987
An Address to an Initiate  From The Master Mason - May 1927
The Entered Apprentice  by Raymond Hollins 
The Fellowcraft  by Raymond Hollins 
The Master Mason  by Raymond Hollins 
An Explanation of The Degrees  From Moore's Magazine for January - 1845
An Examination Of The Masonic Ritual
An Examination Of The Masonic Ritual - EA    by Meredith Sanderson - 1926
An Examination Of The Masonic Ritual - FC    by Meredith Sanderson - 1926 **
An Examination Of The Masonic Ritual - MM    by Meredith Sanderson - 1926 **
An Informed Brother  From The American Freemason - February 1914
An Operative Bricklayer Builds A Speculative Wall  by W. Brother Cameron Mackay
Anatomy Of A Lodge Room by Bro. Ed Greenberg
Ancient Landmarks  by Albert G. Mackey
Ancient, Sacred, Secret and Fraternal  by richard Brookhiser
Ancient Symbolic Penalties  by K. W. Aldridge
Ancient Truths  by Roger M. Firestone, 32 KCCH
Anderson's Ancient Charges  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Anderson's Constitution of 1723  by Bro. Lionel Vibert, Past Master, THE BUILDER AUGUST 1923 
Anderson's Regulations  Compiled by Mr. George Payne, Anno 1720
Anglo-Norman Charges 1356 
Anno Lucis  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Another Bible Presentation  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Another View of Structure of Freemasonry  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Annual Memorial Service  From Grand Lodge AF&AM Connecticut   
Apron Charges  From The Grand Lodge of Maine
Apron Presentation  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Appendant Bodies by Jay Hochberg 
Approaching The Portals  From American and Canadian Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M.
Apron Distinguished Badge  From St. Thomas Lodge Website
Architecture And Speculative Masonry  - An illustrated series, in five parts, explaining unusual terms and the Five Orders of Architecture by Most Worshipful Brother Ralph E. Legeman
Are There Cowans In Our Midst  by VW Bob Walker
Arthur Nash: The Golden Rule    By Bro. Harold Marshall, The Master Mason - June 1924
Attention To The Rough Ashlar  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
Attitude In Masonry  by Bro. Carl Brigg 
Attracting Masonic Leaders  by M.W.B. Houton A Brian   


Baltimore Convention 1843  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Beehive  by  C. Bruce Hunter, The Square - March 1998
Beginnings of American Freemasonry  by Julius F. Sachse, The American Freemason - June 1911
Beginnings of Freemasonry  From Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
Beginning the Journey  From Grand Lodge of Manitoba
Believe In The Great Architect Of The Universe  by Bro. Gilbert W. Daynes 
Better Meetings and Meals  From The New Model Lodge
Bible Presentation  by Ellwood C. Wilder
Bible Presentation To A Newly Raised Brother    Source/Author Unknown ATT
Biblical History Of King Solomon's Temple  by Rev. David Hamilton of Mishkan Ministries 
Bike For Books
Blue, A Masonic Color by Foster H. Garrett, 33rd 
Brother and Fellowship Night  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Brother or No Brother; Or Which One Was the Wiser?  From Freemasons' Magazine - 1852
Build A Masonic Lodge Library  by Ed Halpaus
Builders And Building  by Bro. A. W. Wood 
Building King Solomon's Temple  by Bro William Littlepage Jr.
Burn's Farewell To Masons  by Rob Morris, Light and Shadows of Freemasonry - 1852


Can We Retain Those Ideals And Principles Of Freemasonry?  by Bro. E. A. Snell 
Canadian Installation Charge  by R W Bro Wally Marner
Candidate Care Made Simple  From The Grand Lodge of New Brunswick
Candidate Coach and Mentor    Source/Author Unknown ATT
Ceremonial Explanation of an EA Degree  by W.B. Duane E. Anderson
Ceremonial Explanation Second Degree  by W.B. Duane E. Anderson 
Ceremonial Preparations  by Brother Don. Falconer
Ceremonies    Source/Author Unknown ATT
Charles A. Linbergh - Man, Mason, American  by Roger M. Firestone, 32 KCCH 
Charity: A Comparison Through Time  by W. Bro. Fred Milliken 
Charity: The Greatest Of The Theological Virtues   by bro. Edwin L. Childers
Chapter Granted By The Masons Of Scotland To St Clair 1601    Source/Author Unknown ATT  
Charter Granted By The Masons Of Scotland To Sir William St Clair In 1628   
Chevalier Ramsay's Oration    Source/Author Unknown ATT   
Christianity And Freemasonry   by Rev. N. Anderson, PGChap
Circumambulation and Euclid's 47th Proposition  By Reid McInvale
Closing Charge  by Bro. Brian James Fegely
Coin Presentation    Source/Author Unknown ATT  
Color Symbolism And Freemasonry  by Bro. John Shroeder 
Commercial Listing  Compilation Of Many Articles
Compasses Above - The Spiritual Aspect of Masonry  by Bro Jim Tresner, 33
Confessions of a Born Again Fundamentalist Freemason  by Nelson King
Confusion in the Temple  by R.W.Bro. E.A. Clarke
Conscience And The Craft    by Bro Jim Tresner, 33
Council of Vienne 1311 - 1312 A.D.  ed. Norman P. Tanner
Craft And Royal Arch Legends  by V. Wor. Bro. the Revd Neville Barker Cryer, M.A. P.G.C.
Craftswomen - An Abstract  by John G. Priede
Craftsmen in Captivity Masonic Activities of Prisoners of War  by Bro. A. R. Hewitt
Creative Thinking    Source/Author Unknown ATT   
Crisis, What Crisis?    Source/Author Unknown ATT
Critical Reading of Masonic Literature  by Bro Yoshio Washizu
Cryptic Masonry  by Hugh M'Curdy, The Voice of Masonry - 1880


Daily Survival Kit For Freemasons    by Dennis A. Coltart, P.M.
Dare To Be Different    by jordan S. Levitan, P.M.
DDGM Toolbox  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Dealing with Others' Fault  by Confucius
Delivery of the Ritual  by W.Bro. Peter Verrall l.P.M.
Description Of The Cook Manuscript    by William James Hughan, London 1895
Did You Know This About Freemasonry?  by Rev. Noah L. Bess, Royal Arch Magazine Winter 1966
Different Volumes Of Sacred Law   Source/Author Unknown ATT 
Discoveries Of The Knights Templar  by r.. W. Bro. Rev. Brian Burton 
Don'ts for Worshipful Masters  From Canadian Craftsman, March 1891
Dress Symbolism   Source/Author Unknown ATT
Duties Of Lodge Officers   Source Grand Lodge Of California 
Duty Of The Worshipful Master  by R. W. John Fitzhenry Townsend


EA Charge    Source/Author Unknown ATT
Early Annals Of Capitular Masonry  by Thoams Gliddon, VOICE OF MASONRY - 1880 
Early Catechism Of Freemasonry c 1725     Source/Author Unknown ATT  
Early History of Freemasonry in England  by James Orchard Halliwell
Early Masonic Documents  Compiled by Lee Miller
Early Masonry In England  by Bro. Harry M. Furniss 
Edict Of Rothari A.D. 643  Translated by Ossian Lang 
Edinburgh Register House Manuscript 1696 
Educate!  From The Master Mason - February 1925
Egyptian Myths And Mysteries  by Rudolph Steiner ++ 
Employ and Educate The Brethren in Freemasonry  by R.W.Bro. W.Bruce Porter
Empty Chair Degree  From the Frontier Army Lodge of Masonic Research #1875
Empty Chairs In Lodge Room  Source/Author Unknown ATT  
Enlightenment from the Ritual  by Giuliano Di Bernardo
Epilogue To The Master Mason Degree  From Grand Lodge of Indiana
Esoteric Orders - An Overview  by W.B. Ray Hudson
Etiquette & Protocol From The Concord Lodge #307 Vienna, Virginia 1995 **
Everything Happens For A Reason  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Experiences In Caribbean Masonry: The Jamaican Perspective  by W. Bro. Afeef A. Lazarus 
Explanation 25 Landmarks Of Freemasonry     Source/Author Unknown ATT
Explanation - The Point and The Circle  by Clarence
Explanation Of The York Rites  by Pete Normand 
Exposes of Freemasonry  by Christopher Kylin


Facing the East  From The American-Canadian Grand Lodge **
Facts - Not Fiction  From The Freemason Website **
Family and Community Relationship with the Masonic Lodge  Source/Author Unknown ATT
FAQ On Masonic Esotericism  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Fifteen Points For Masonic Education  by WBro. Steven B. VanSlyck
Finding The Meaning Of Freemasonry  by David M. Daugherty, Jr. 
Five Masonic Thoughts  by Bro. William A. Carpenter 
Forget-Me Not  From The American-Canadian Grand Lodge
Formation of Three Degree Structure  by Hyde Parke
Foundation Of Masonic Law  Source/Author Unknown ATT   
Foundations Of Masonry  by R.W. Bro. E. A. Davis 
Fraternal Associations, Fraternal Orders and Freemasonry  by M.W. Frater Dr. Claude Brodeur **
"Free" in Freemasonry  by H. L. Haywood
Freemasonic Symbolism And Georgian Gardens  by Patrizia Granziera
Freemasonry  From FREEMASONS MAGAZINE - 1864
Freemasonry - A Perspective  by Paul Brunton
Freemasonry - An Institution Of Practical Virtues  From THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1851
Freemasonry And Law And Order  Source/Author Unknown ATT   
Freemasonry And Social England In The Eighteenth Century  by W.B. Gilbert W. Daynes 
Freemasonry And The American Revolution  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
Freemasonry And The Comacine Masters  by Bro. H. L. Haywood   
Freemasonry And The Undiscovered Country  by Jeffery E. Marshall   
Freemasonry And The War  by John Dove
Freemasonry As It Was and Should Be For All Times  by R. F. Elring, The American Freemason - January 1912
Freemasonry As It Was And Should Be For All Times  by R. F. Elring, The American Freemason - February 1912
Freemasonry As The Hermetic Art Part 1: Analysis  by w. Bro. J. R. Cleland, P.P.A.G. Chap., (Kent)
Freemasonry And Bees  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Freemasonry And Esoteric Movements  by bob Gilbert
Freemasonry And Its Landmarks  From The Rough Ashlar - August 1892 and June 1893
Freemasonry And Mormonism  by Michael S. Thomas
Freemasonry And Religion  Statement of the Board of General Purposes - Grand Lodge of England
Freemasonry And Religion by david Brownback
Freemasonry And The Ancient Wisdom  Author Unknown
Freemasonry And The Cathedral Builders  by H. L. Haywood, The Builder - March 1923
Freemasonry And The Civil War - A House Undivided  by Justin Lowe
Freemasonry And The Future  by Bill Stemper (New York), Royal Arch Mason - Spring 1980
Freemasonry And The Hermetic Tradition  by R. A. Gilbert
Freemasonry And The War  by John Dove
Freemasonry Banned In Spain  by Wor. Bro. Juan Carlos Alvarez 
Freemasonry For Women  by Catherine Yronwode
Freemasonry Founded In Nature    From Freemason Monthly Magazine - 1842
Freemasonry: How, Whence & Whither  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Freemasonry In America  From The Craftsman - 1866
Freemasonry In France 1918  by George W. Baird, The Builder, 1918 
Freemasonry In Germany Prior To Nazi Regime And Its Collapse 1935  by Bro. Eric Howe, P.M. 
Freemasonry In Society Today and Tomorrow  by R.W. Brother Michael W. Walker
Freemasonry In the British Army  from Freemasons Monthly Magazine - 1842
Freemasonry In The Modern World  by W. Brother Cameron MacKay
Freemasonry Is Not Guilty  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Freemasonry Revealed  by Reynold S. Davenport **
Freemasonry: Something So Simple  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Freemasonry, What For?  by Martin Stapdtecker
Freemasonry's Wisdom, Strength and Beauty  by Frank Church, The Voice of Masonry - 1880
From England to the USA  by R.W. Douglas L. Jordan
From Labour To Refreshment!  by Clifford W. Parkin, MASONIC LIGHT - APRIL 5949
From Whence Came You?  Published in the New Age Magazine (Scottish Rite Journal) Sept. 1986
Functions of a Masonic Lodge From MASONIC LIGHT - 5950
Funeral Services  From The Grand Lodge Of South Carolina
Further Light In Masonry - Introduction To Royal Arch Masonry  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Further Study On The Liberal Arts And Sciences  Based of The Grand Lodge British Columbia And Yukon Website


General Regulations  Compile by Mr. George Payne 
Geometry And The Letter G  From The Salem 289 Lodge Website
Getting At The Meaning of the Ritual  by Bro. Louis Block, The Master Mason - FEBRUARY 1925
Going To The Lodge With Ones Great-Great Grandfather  From The American Freemason - September 1913
Golden Sentences    From THE CRAFTSMAN - 1866
Golden Verses Of The Pythagoreans  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Grand Book of Maxims  by Rui Alexandre Gabirro
Grand Lodge No. 1 Manuscript 1583 
Grand Lodge No. 1 Manuscript  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Grand Lodge of Scotland  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Growth And Service Of The Fellowcraft Degree  by N.W.J. Haydon 
Guarding the Lodge Portals  by Julius F. Sachse, THE AMERICAN FREEMASON - AUGUST 1911


Halliwell Manuscript  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Harleian Manuscript 
Harmony and Strength  From THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1857
Have A High Conception   From The Canadian Craftsman, Sept. 1898
He Was A Mason  by Roger M. Firestone, 32 KCCH
Hiram Abif  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Hiram In Jewish Tradition  by Rabbi Harold M.Kamsler 
History Tracing Boards  by Bro. Mark S. Dwor
History Of the Two Pillars  by W. L. Fawcette, Atlantic Monthly - 1874
Holy St. Johns  Source/Author Unknown ATT
How Are We Preparing Our Leaders?  by WBro. Tim Bryce 
How To Be An Extreme Leader  by Steve Farber 
How To Catalog A Masonic Library  by Bro. William L. Boyden, 33
How To Lead A Lodge Meeting  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
How To Have Fun At Lodge  by Murray Lampert
How To Keep Young Mason Interested  by WB Jim Bennie, PM
How To Plan An Event Or Activity  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
How Well Are We Guarding The West Gate?  by Michael D. Nanny


I Am a Mason Why?  by R.W. Bro. A.O. Aspeslet
Ideas And Principles Of Masonry  by Bro. E. A. Snell 
Ideas For Worshipful Masters by Bro. Chris Hodapp 
If Ought But Death  by Bro. Lionel Winship, The Master Mason - January 1926
Illustrated by Symbols  From Dormer Masonic Study Circle #157  
Improper Solicitation  by R. W. Bro. E. Morrell 
Improved Scheduling  From The New Model Lodge Website
In Defense Of Memorization  by Michael Knox Beran 
In Knowledge Lies Strength  From The American Canadian Grand Lodge, A. F. and A. M.
In Search of Brotherhood  by Abraham Benjamin
In Whom Do You Put Your Trust?  by Rev. Harold J. Schieck
Increasing Membership  From The New Model Lodge Website
Inigo Jones Manuscript 1655 
Initiation and the Rites of Freemasonry  by Thomas D. Worrel
Information Every Mason Should Know  From The  Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Website
Installation Night At The Celestial Lodge  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
Institution of Free Masons by Knoop, Jones and Hamer
Instructor's Manual  From The Grand Lodge of Maine A. F. & A. M.  **
Introduction to Anderson's Constitution  by Bro. Lionel Vibert
Introduction To The Higher Degrees of Freemasonry  by Jacques Huyghebaert
Introduction To Masonry  by V. W.  L. F. Walker, D.D.G.M., MASONIC LIGHT - 5950
Introduction To Freemasonry - Entered Apprentice  by Carl H. Claudy
Invest Thought, Study, and Reflection to Reap  by Jack R. Levitt
Irreligious Libertine  From THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1853
Is Freemasonry Afraid of its Own Shadow? by Jay Kinney
Is French Masonry Atheistic?  From THE AMERICAN FREEMASON - MARCH 1912
Is Ignorance In Masonry A Crime?  by John Edwin Mason, M.D., NATIONAL FREEMASON - 1872 
Is Masonry A Church?  by DR. William R. White, Royal Arch Mason - Fall 1961
Is The Masonic Oath Illegal And Against The Principles Of Christianity?  by Alphonse Cerza 
Isn't About Time?  by Jay La Suer
Isn't That A Secret?  Source/Author Unknown ATT
It Is Great To Be A Mason  by Danny Thomas, 33
It Never Hurts to Review: Master Mason From The Oklahoma Mason


J and B  by H. L. Haywood
Jacob's Ladder  From The Craftsman - December 1897
Jaques DeMolay, Last Grand Master Of The Knights Templar  by Lorne Pierce 
Jephthah  by Bro. Wayne D. Anderson, MPS
Jewels Of Freemasonry  by Torence Evans
Jewels of the Lodge  by Don Falconer
Jubal and Tubal Cain  by Bro. Rudyard Kipling
Just a Junior Deacon  by Bro. James Thomas "Jimminy" Wray, MASONIC LIGHT APRIL 5949


Keeping New Masons  From The New Model Lodge Website 
Kessinger Publishing's Rare Esoteric Reprint Catalog and Order Form  From Kessinger Publishing Website
Key Element to Renewal  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Killer Phrases  by C. Thompson
Knights of Malta  by Harold Meij, H.P.
King Solomon Temple - Biblical Account And Commentary  From Encyclopedia Phoeniciians
King Solomon's Temple  by Bro. J. W. Proudfoot 
King Solomon's Temple  by w. Bro. Garnet Holmes 
King Solomon's Temple by Bro William Littlepage Jr.


Lambton Castle  From The Freemasons' Quarterly Review - 1834
Landmarks, Landmarks? Landmarks!  by Bro. A. Gerald Gibbs, P.M.
Landmarks And Old Charges  by R. W. B. Daniel Doron,
Landmarks Of The Fraternity  From the booklet, More Light on Freemasonry 
Large Lodges  by A. G. Pitts, THE AMERICAN FREEMASON - JULY 1911
Leadership  by Bro. H. H. Astbury 
Leadership And The Survival Of Freemasonry   Source/Author Unknown ATT
Leadership Development  by R.W. Bro. Errol Hinton
Learning And Memorizing the Ritual  by Wor. Bro. Mark Waks
Lectures On The Degrees  by Keith F. Walker
Legends Of Freemasonry  From the Grand Lodge of Missouri
Lessons Of The Foundation  by Byron E. Hams PM
Like a Maiden  by George O. Thorne, THE ROYAL ARCH MASON, SPRING, 1966
List of Existing Manuscripts  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Lodge Courtesies  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Lodge Improvement Suggestions   by David R. Bedwell, P.M.
Lodge Or Temple  by Richard White
Lodge Floor Work   by V.W.Bro. D. G. Simmonds
Look Up!    From The Keystone - 1897
Looking East  by Torence Evans Ake


Making A Lodge Meeting Interesting  by Rod Larson, PGM
Making a "Real" Mason Of The New Initiate  by Charles Holmes, MASONIC LIGHT - MAY 5948
Mason Work  From MASONIC MONTHLY - 1864
Masonic Abbreviations  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Masonic Apprenticeship  by Sir Knight Wayne T. Adams
Masonic Approach Self-Development   by WBro Phillip Hellier
Masonic Blue Slipper  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Masonic Calendar  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Masonic Comments  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Masonic Cyphers And Symbols  From Oakland-Durant-Rockridge Lodge #188 Website
Masonic Dictionary  Compilation Of Multiple Sources **
Masonic Education by J. A. Evans
Masonic Education - Too Often Overlooked  by Richard E. Fletcher 
Masonic Education: Try Freemasonry!  by Eric T. Schmitz, PM
Masonic Education - European Concept  by Kent Henderson and Tony Pahl
Masonic Etiquette  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Masonic Etiquette And Protocol Source: Concord Lodge #307 Vienna, Virginia 1995
Masonic Events Through History  by Alphones Cerza
Masonic Feasts  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
Masonic Funeral Planning  by RWB Zelwin B. Eaton
Masonic Heroes Of The American Revolution  by George F. Harrington, 32 
Masonic History 19th Century  From Basket Case Masonic History Page
Masonic Honors To The Dead  From Freemasons' Monthly Magazine - 1860
Masonic Jurisprudence  by Bro. Roscoe Pound
Masonic Jurisprudence  From the booklet, More Light on Freemasonry
Masonic Leadership From A Christian Perspective  by Alva N. Rogers
Masonic Library Classification System  From South Australia and Northern Territories Grand Lodge
Masonic Motivation  by W. Bro Robert Davidson, Past Master
Masonic Oath  by Alphonse Cerza 
Masonic Penalties  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Masonic Penalties  by Roger M. Firestone   
Masonic Philosophy  by Joseph Fort Newton
Masonic Philosophy: Overview  by Bro. Robert G. Aberdeen, P.G.St
Masonic Principles  by Bro. J. Mckay 
Masonic Principles Revisited  by Brother Charles Donaldson
Masonic Ritual: How Did It Come About?  by Michael Barnes 
Masonic Ritual Listing Worksheet  Compiled by Lee Miller - 1999
Masonic Saints John  From Salem 289 Lodge Website
Masonic Symbols  by WM W Vickers
Masonic Symbolism Of The Arithmetical Number Five  by Stanley J. Bransgrove
Masonic Titles    Source/Author Unknown ATT
Masonic Universality  by Michal L. Segall
Masonic Virtues  From Grand Lodge of Texas
Masonry  by Genevieve, The Masonic Review - 1857
Masonry: A Privilege And A Responsibility  by W. Bro. D. F. G. Kalverla 
Masonry, Judaism And Christianity  From THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1854
Masonry And Magic In The Eighteenth Century  by Bro. Henry Evans, Litt.D, The Master Mason - June 1927
Masonry And Religion  by M. W. Bro. William C. Rheubottom 
Masonry And The Perfect Ashlar  by Bro. Darrell Hook 
Masonry And Woman  by Robert Ramsay, Voice of Masonry - 1880
Masonry As An Investment  by Brother Wayne Anderson
Masonry As An Order  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Masonry Founded In Nature  From Freemasons' Monthly Magazine - 1842
Masonry In Latin America  by WBro. Juan Carlos Alvarez, P.J.G.W.
Masonry Private, Not Secret  by Bro. Paul Roberts, THE MASTER MASON - JANUARY 1927
Masons, Morality And Mysticism  by Bro. John White
Master's Book  by Carl H. Claudy **
Master's Wages  by Bro. W. Sinclair MacTavish 
Master Mason's Certificate Presentation  by RW Bill Boone PSGW 
Mastering The Art Of Learning Ritual  by Bro. Graeme J. Beresford 
Masters Of Lodges  From Freemasons' Monthly Magazine - 1857
Matthew Cooke Manuscript  Translated by Bro. George William Speth
Meaning Of Medieval Masonry  From The American Freemason - 1914
Meaning Of The Square  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Membership: Asset To Growth  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Membership Involvement  From NC Grand Lodge Program for Progress
Memorization - How We Remember    Source/Author Unknown ATT
Memory  by Dexter Wright
Mentor Program  Source/Author Unknown ATT **
My Obligation As A Freemason    by VW Bro. Dr. V.V. Chetty
Mysteries of Religion And Science  by Valerius, The Masonic Review - 1857
More On Ancient Landmarks   Published in Masonic Bulletin,
Mormonism And Masonry    by S. H. Goodwin
Motivating Masons   by Clyde E. Hegman
Motivation Of Lodge Members In Masonic Activities   by R.W. Brother Ronald A. Brinkman
Mouth To Ear    by Ernest Borgnine
Muslim View Of Freemasonry   by Farooq


Necessity of Study To A Mason  by Albert Pike
New Master Mason's Address    by George Power
Non-Denominational Masons by C. B. McFayden
No Due Guard! He Can't be a Mason, Can He?  by Nelson King, The Philalethes - February 1998
Non-Masonic Organizations  Source/Author Unknown ATT


Obligations and Oaths  by Bro. H. R. Partlow, The Builder - February 1921
Oblong, A Lost Word  by George W. Hervey, The Royal Arch Mason - Fall 1980
Officer Development  by Bro J. R. Martin, MPS
On the Approaching Election to the Masonic Chairs  From THE FREEMASON'S QUARTERLY REVIEW - 1834
One Approach to Study Freemasonry  Source/Author Unknown ATT
On Becoming Preeminent  by Abraham Benjamin
Operative Freemasonry  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Oration on Masonry  by J. Q. Goss
Origins And Medieval Masonry  by A. J. Chapman 
Origin Anno Lucis  by Bro. Harry Mendoza
Origin of Freemasonry  by Thomas Paine
Origin Of Masonry  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
Origin of the Word "Freemason"  by Bird H. Dolby, THE ROYAL ARCH MASON WINTER 1964
Our Ancient Friend And Brother The Great Pythagoras  by Fra. Thomas D. Worrel 
Our Attitudes  by Bro. Carl Brigg 
Our Duty to the Craft  From THE MASONIC REVIEW
Our Masonic Duty  by Albert Pike
Our Masonic Watch    Source/Author Unknown ATT
Our Model Lodge  From THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1854
Our Ritual: A Study In Its Development  by Bro. J. Mason Allan 


Part Of The Problem & Part Of The Answer  by Dwight L. Smith 
Past Master's Jewel  by T. M. Spencer 
Payne's Regulations  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Pentagram  by Betty
Philosophy of Freemasonry  by William R. Punt, PGM
Planning A White Table Meeting  by Raymond Hollins 
Plato Reconsidered    by RW FRA. Trevor Steward, UGLE
Practical Aspects Of Masonry  by W. Bro. Rev. W. C. Wood 
Practical Masonry  by Bro. John Mills Brown, The Master Mason - September 1924
Practical Virtues  From THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1851
Preparation to Become A Mason  by Carl H. Claudy
Presentation Of Master Mason Apron  by M. W. Bro. Wayne Hitchcock 
Presentation Of Silver Goblet  From THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1853
Pretentious but Useless Bodies  by Bro. A. G. Pitts, The American Freemason - June 1912
Propagation & Evolution  by Herman Gruber and Transcribed by Bobie Jo M. Bilz
Public Opening Ceremony  From The Frontier Army Lodge of Masonic Research #1875 Website
Public Relations  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Pythagoras  by Thomas W. Olzak
Pythagoras And The Ancient Mysteries  by N.W.J. Haydon 
Pythagoras and Geometry  Source/Author Unknown ATT


Quotes  Compilation of Many Articles
Quotes by Albert Pike   by Bro. Trevor McKeown


Ramsay Letter 1737  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
Random Gleanings  by R.W.Bro. Geo. S. Cowie 
Reading Masons and Masons Who Do Not Read  by Bro. Albert G. Mackey, M. D. , The Master Mason - October 1924
Recommended Magazines  Compiled From Multiple Articles/Sources
Recommended Readings  Compiled From Multiple Articles/Sources
About Famous Masons

About Fiction

About Freemasonry

About History and Philosophy

About American History

About Lodges and Education

About Orders

About Other Readings

About References

About Religion

About Ritual and Symbolism

Red & Blue Lodges  by Don Falconer
Regarding The 47th Problem Of Euclid  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
Regius Manuscript  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
Relationship Between Bible & Masonry  By Reverend Dan W. Silver
Religion in Epigram  From The Master Mason - May 1925
Religions And Political Discussions  by R. W. Bro. G. H. Robertson 
Research & Resources  Compiled From Multiple Articles/Sources
Resist Changes  by E. F. Borish
Responding To Critics of Freemasonry!  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
Responsibilities Of The Master  by Bro. E. A. Snell 
Rites of Passage & Masonic Initiation  by by W Bro Rev. F. A. Shade
Rites & Affiliated Bodies  Compiled From Multiple Articles/Sources
Ritual - Its Importance And Meaning  by W. Bro. Victor G. Popow 
Ritual - The Royal Order Of Scotland   Source/Author Unknown ATT 
Rituals  by R. W. Bro. O. P. Thomas 
Rituals - Seven Doors to Freemasonry  by Norman D. Peterson
Rituals And Man  by Julian H. Cambridge, 32
Roman Catholic Law Regarding Freemasonry  by Reid McInvale
Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins  by Manly P. Hall
Russian Freemasonry: Overview From 1731 - 1996   by Richard L. Rhoda


Says Greybeard  by Carl H. Claudy, The Master Mason - January 1924
Seven Habits  by Wor. John Shroeder
Schaw Statutes  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Schools of Masonic Philosophy  by Bro H. L. Haywood, The Builder - 1923
Scottish Rite   Source/Author Unknown ATT
Searching For The Lost  by C. C. Hunt, P. G. H. P.
Seeking For That Which Is Lost  by W.Bro. R. A. L. Harland, The Freemasons Chronicle - July 1955
Signs of Recognition  by Lawrence B. Jones, THE ROYAL ARCH MASON ­ Winter 1964
Silence, Symbols And Secrets Of Freemasonry  by jacques Huyghebaert
Six Hundred Years Of Craft Ritual by W.Bro. Harry Carr, P.J.G.D. (E.C.)
Shakespeare and Freemasonry  by William Norman M'Daniel, The American Freedom - January 1912
Shepheard's Tavern  by Bro. McDonald "Don" L. Burbidge, 32o, K.C.C.H.
Short Symbolism by Harold Meij


Symbolism of the Bee

The Pomegranates


What is the Symbolism of Stairs (Jacob's Ladder)?

Symbolism of Network

The Symbolism of the Anchor

Symbolism of the Censer

The Symbolism Associated with the North

The Ashlar

The Cabletow

The Cornocopia

The Golden Fleece and The Star and Garter

The Importance of the Gloves

The Master's Hat

The Meaning of Blue

The Meaning of the Hour Glass

The Meaning of the Laurel

The Importance of the Scythe

The Symbolism of the Cedar

The Symbolism of the Axe

Sketch For The History Of The Dyonysian Artificers  by Hippolyto Joseph Da Costa, ESQ 
So, Is Masonry Education?  Source/Author Unknown ATT
So You're Going To Be Worshipful Master!  by Steven K. Robinson, PM
Solomon Temple  by Phil Elam
Some Ancient Symbols  by Lady Pamela Grey, The Master Mason - August 1926
Some Patron Saints Of Masonry  by W.B. Gordon P. G. Hills
Some Practical Aspects Of Freemasonry  by W.Bro. Rev. W.C. Wood 
Some Ritual Origins  by Wallace McLeod
Speculation  by Jim Tresner, 33,
Speech about Freemasonry  by MWB Jeffrey O. Nations and RWB Phillip G. Elam
Speech On Masonic Leadership  by M. W. Bro.. D. A. Bruce 
Spiritual Growth Of Freemasonry  by Colin Clarke
Spirituality In Freemasonry  by Julian Rees
St John The Baptist  by Callie B. Griggs, PM
St John The Evangelist    by WB C. B. Griggs, PM
St. John The Evangelist    From The Craftsman Dec 1866
St John The Evangelist's Festival Day   by Phil Elam 32
Straining At Gnats And Swallowing Camels  by Brother Col. R. H, Forman, The American Freemason - January 1913
Story Of The Masonic Blue Slipper  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Strangers Among The Workmen  by Bro. Albert Knight, The Master Mason - July 1926
Structure Of Freemasonry  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Suggested Programs For Lodges  From The Grand Lodge Of Maine **
Support Of The Lodge  From The American Quarterly Review - 1859
Supremacy Of The Charges And Constitutions  From THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1855
Survey of Alchemical Symbols In The Lodge Of Perfection by Bro. Russell R. Boedeker
Symbolism By Icons  by Chuck Blatchley
Symbolism of Our Lodge Officers  by Norman Senn, P.M.
Symbolism Of The Rose In Masonry  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Symbolism Of The Snake  by W.B. Harold Meij
Symbols - What Are They?  by Bro. H. L. Haywood 
Symbols And Symbolism Are Fundamental To An Order  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Symbols In Antiquity  by Brother Don Falconer


T.G.A.O.T.U.  From The Builder - June 1921
Table Lodge Ceremony  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Ten Commandments Of Masonry  by Albert Pike
Ten Lessons In Leadership  by Col. James Moschgat
Ten Reasons To Become A Mason   by Brother Richard L. Kurtz
That Which Was Lost    by Morris I. Budkofsky PGM
That's Not How We Did It In My Year  by W. Bro. Carl W. Davis
The 3, 5, & 7 Of Planning 
The 15th Masonic President   Source/Author Unknown ATT
The 47th Problem of Euclid  by H. Meiji
The 20th Century Challenge To Masonry - An Opportunity For Greatness  by W. Bro. John D. Blankinship 
The Adornment Of Silence  by Hugh B. Urban
The Albury Manuscript 1875 
The All-Seeing Eye    Source/Author Unknown ATT
The American Mercury Newspaper, 1941   From The American Mercury
The Ante-room - Testimony  by Bro. Arthur Nash, The Master Mason - January 1926
The Antient & Primitive Rite Of Masonry  by John Yarker'
The Ancient Mysteries Of Egypt And Greece   by W. Bro. D. McLaren, P.P.G.D.  
The Ancient Root of the Spirit of Freemasonry v.2    by Bro. Victor G. Popow
The Anglican Church And Masonry  by Bro.  Norman Senn, PDDGM  
The Antiquity and Genious of Masonry  by Brother, the Rev. Thomas Somerville, THE CRAFTSMAN - 1866
The Antiquity and Value of Freemasonry  Extracts from the Masonic oration of Dewitt Clinton, THE CRAFTSMAN - 1866
The Antiquity of Masonry  by R.W. Bro. George W. Warvelle
The Apron Of A Master Mason   Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Ark  by H. Meij
The Art of Memory And Masonry  by Clarence A. Anderson
The Ashlar  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Ashlars    Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Ascent Of Jacob's Ladder    by Peggy Bunt
The Authentic And Complete History Of The Ancient And Mystical Order Rosae Crucis  Compiled by H. Spencer Lewis
The Badge Of A Mason  by John Rodgers Magill, Master Mason - October 1926
The Badge Of A Mason - Apron Charges  From The Master Mason - March 1925
The Beehive  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Beehive As A Focal Point For Masonic Meditation  by Jeffery E. Marshall 
The Bible In Masonry    by R.W. and Rev. Joseph Fort Newton
The Black Cube   by Tim S. Anderson DGS/LSC
The Blue Lodge: The Bedrock Of Freemasonry  by W. Bro. Tim Bryce 
The Bologna Statues of 1248 
The Book Of The Ancient And Accepted Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry 1914  by Charles T. McClenachan, 33' **
The Breadspread Of A High Priest  by Harold Meij H.P.
The Boundary Of Our Conduct  by Kenneth L. Hemphill
The Cable  by Bro. Garth Cochran 
The Cable-Tow  by W. Graham Brown
The Cabletow Length  by Worshipful Brother W.A. Rattray
The Candidate  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
The Care And Preservation Of Masonic Archives  by WBro. Stuart MacDonald 
The Ceremonies  Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Chamber Of Reflection   by Bro. Helio L. Da Costa Jr.
The Character And Design Of The Masonic Institution  From THE FREEMASONS' MONTHLY MAGAZINE , NOVEMBER 1841
The Charges Of The Degrees  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Coelum Philosophorum by Philippus Theophrastus Paracelsus
The Common Gavel  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Compasses  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Components Of A Successful Lodge Program  by Abraham Benjamin
The Constitutions Of The Masons Of Strasburg 1459 AD   by Tomaso Vialardi di Sandigliano
The Convivial Mason  From Blyth Lodge No. 2869 Website
The Cosmology Of The Freemason  Translated from Die Baguette by E. Rammelmeyer, The Builder - February 1929
The Corner Stone  by Byron E. Hams
The Covering Of A Lodge  From THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1853
The Craft And The Church   by Rev. Dr. A.W. Farnsworth, IV
The Craft In Islamic Countries  by Kent Henderson 
The Craft In The 18th Century The "Moderns," 1717, And The " Antients," 1751  by Bro Arthur Heiron, England, The Builder - May 1926
The Day The War Stopped  by Francis I. Karwowski
The Dead Rites Of Masonry  by Bro. Burton E. Bennett
The Decline In Masonic Membership  by James W Hogg
The Delivery Of The Ritual   by W.Bro. Peter Verrall I.P.M.
The Degrees Of Masonry - Their Origins And History  by Bro A. L. Kress And Bro. R. J. Meekren, Published in THE BUILDER MAGAZINE 
The DDGM's Report On Planning For Progress  From The Grand Lodge of Maine 
The Development Of Freemasonry  From Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
The Dundee Manuscript 1727  Transcribed from the Scots Magazine 
The Duties Of A Freemason  by Thomas Dunckerly, Esq.
The Duty Of The Master In The Government Of A Masonic Lodge  John Fitzhenry Townsend, LL.D. 
The Early Legends Of The Craft  by Tomaso Vialardi di Sandigliano
The Empty Chair Ceremony - Another Example  From The Short Talk Bulletin Vol 26 May 1948 No 5 
The Enigma Of Solomon's Temple  by Bro. Robert Roman 
The Entered Apprentice  by Wilbur Nesbit, The Master Mason - September 1924
The Entered Apprentice Charge   Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Entered Apprentice Degree  by Byron E. Hams
The Equilateral Triangle  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Erring Brother  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
The Everlasting Necessity For Brotherhood  by Albert Pike, The Builder - November 1921
The Eye In The Pyramide  by S. Brent Morris, P.M.
The Fatherhood Of God  by Robert Tipton, THE BUILDER JANUARY 1921
The Fellowcraft Pillars  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Festival Of St. John The Evangelist  From The Craftsman - Dec 1866
The First Grand Master In America  From The Masonic Review - 1857
The First Recorded Initiation In England  by Dudley Wright
The Five Noble Orders Of Architecture  by Perce J. George 
The Five Points Of Fellowship  From Committee On Masonic Education of the Grand Lodge A.F.&A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario
The Five Points Of Fellowship  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Five Steps  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Folger Manuscript - A Lecture  by S. Brent Morris
The Four Cardinal Virtues  From Grand Lodge of Texas
The Four Cardinal Virtues  From the Phoenixasonry Website 
The Freemason's Treasury  by George Oliver
The Fundamental Reason For The Current Criticism Of Freemasonry  by Bro. Gary Leazer
The Future Of The Ritual  by Bro Rev Neville Barker Cryer
The Genius Of Masonry  From THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1855
The Gild System  by Bro. H. L. Haywood, The Builder - November 1923
The Golden Rule  Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Great Architect  by Bro. Wallace McLeod 
The Great Light In Freemasonry  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Great Seal Of The US  by Wor. H. Meij
The Great Work In Speculative Freemasonry   Source/Author Unknown ATT
The "High" Mason and The "Higher" Degrees  by By Bro. Melvin M. Johnson
The Hiram Key - Euclid's 47th Problem More Coincidence  by John M Boersma
The Hiramic Legend by Leon Zeldis
The Hiramic Legend by RWB J. L. Rankin   
The Hiramic Legend And The Symbolism Of The Master's Degree  by Leon Zeldis, 33°
The History Of Freemasonry In Turkey  by Cecil Layiktez 
The History Of The Two Pillars  by w. L. Fawcette, Atlantic Monthly -  1874 
The Holy St John's And Masonry  by Jeffery E. Marshall
The Honorable Miss St. Leger And Freemasonry  by Bro. Edward Conder
The Hour Glass And The Scythe  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Hours Of Freemasonry  From THE CRAFTSMAN - 1866
The Hull That Conceals The Kernel  by M. W. B. J. Jordan Ichabod, Freemasons' Monthly Magazine - 1857
The Ideas Which Made Freemasonry Possible  by William H. Stemper Jr.
The Immovable Jewels  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Importance Of The Legend Of Hiram Abiff  by Conrad Hahn
The Influence Of Biblical Verse In Freemasonry  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Influence of Biblical Verse In Freemasonry  by Adam Clarke
The Investigating Committee  From Salem 289 Lodge Website
The Jesuit Oath  Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Kabbalah And Freemasonry  by W.Bro. Rev. J.N. Cleland
The Kevan Manuscript  Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Knights of Malta  by Kt. R. W. Hudson
The Knights Templar    Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Landmarks  by Bro. Roscoe Pound
The Lesson Taught By The Three Great Lights  From The Masonic Monthly 1865
The Lesson Of The Northeast Corner  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Level And The Square  by Rob Morris, The Master Mason - June 1924
The Level Of Equity  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Level Of Time  by William H. Sachs, 33
The Lewis  Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Liberal Arts And Sciences  From Salem 289 Lodge Website
The Lion's Paw  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Lives And Remarkable Achievements Of The Operative Free Masons  by Donald H B Falconer 
The Lodge Education Officer  by MWB Richard M. Luther, PGM
The Magic Flute   by Frater S.A.
The Majesty Of Manhood  From The American Freemason - May 1912
The Making Of A Mason  by Brother Sean O'Neill
The Many Meanings Of The Word "Mystery"  by H. L. Haywood
The Mason's Apron    by William Harvey, J.P.
The Mason As A Citizen   From the booklet, More Light on Freemasonry
The Mason As Architect  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Masonic Apron  by Bro. Gerald Brooks
The Masonic Apron  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Masonic Blue Slipper    by Bro Clyde H. Magee, 32
The Masonic Career Of A. E. Waite   by Bro. R. A. Gilbert
The Masonic Cipher    Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Masonic Goat    From The Short Talk Bulleting Vol 14 May 1936 No 11
The Masonic North  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas 
The Masonic Rites And Degrees - Canada   From THE CRAFTSMAN - 1875
The Masonic Ritual As An Educational Tool  by R. W. Bro. Aubrey L. Burbank 
The Master's Hat  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
The Master Mason  From The Masonic Monthly 1864
The Master Mason's Creed  by Bro. Augustine W. Armstrong, The Builder - July 1921
The Master Of The Lodge- His Qualifications  by Bro. Andrew McBride, Glasgow, THE MASTER MASON - OCTOBER 1925
The Meaning And Purpose Of Freemasonry    Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Meaning Of The Term  by W.B. Steve 
The Message And Mission Of Masonry: Its Meaning To India    by Narayan P. Pandit, THE AMERICAN FREEMASON - APRIL 1911
The Missing Master Mason  by WBro John L Belton, WM
The Model Master    by Most W. Bro William Mercer Wilson
The Moral Law   From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Morality Of Masonry Is Precisely The Same As That Of Christianity  by George Oliver
The Movable Jewels  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The M.U.L.E. & Freemasonry    by M.W.B. Ronnie Bell
The Mystery Of Freemasonry  by Thomas E. Weir, FPS
The Mystery Of The Green Dragon Tavern And The Boston Tea Party  by Bro. Edward M. Gair 
The Mystical Quest In Freemasonry  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
The Name Of God  by Robert W. Hill, P.G.H.P.
The Need For Masonic Education  by Raymond Hollins 
The New Millennium: Freemasonry And Women  From The Grand Lodge of South Australia and the Northern Territory
The Newly Raised Master Among Masons  by M. W. Bro. John Melymick
The Newly Raised Master Mason  by R. W. Bro. A. Robertson Eddie 
The Occultism Of The Bible & The Kabbalah    by Rabbi H. Geffen, 32, THE NEW AGE - FEBRUARY 1950
The Old Charges Of British Freemasons    From Canonbury Research Masonic Centre
The Old Charges Of Freemasonry  by Bro. H. L. Haywood, The Builder - September 1923
The Old Charges: The Regius Manuscript  Transcribed by Tomaso Vialardi di Sandigliano
The Old Constitutions Of The Masons 1722 
The Old Lodge At York   by R. W. Bro. O. P. (Paul) Thomas
The Old Tyler  From THE CRAFTSMAN - 1875
The Opening Of The Lodge  by WBro. J. R. Cleland
The Opening Of The Lodge  by Bro. Arthur E. Powell, The Master Mason - October 1926
The Origin Of Freemasonry  by Ex. Comp. Henry Wilson Coil, Sr., Royal Arch Magazine Winter 1966
The Origins Of Freemasonry by Dr. Thomas Lomas
The Origins Of Freemasonry  by Jack Buta, MPS 
The Origin Of Our Institution And Medieval Masonry   by A. J. Chapman
The Origins Of Speculative Freemasonry  by Elias Ashmole
The Ornaments Of A Lodge  by Joel H. Springer, III
The Perfect Point Of Entrance    by r. W. Bro. Ray Hilton
The Philosophy of Freemasonry  by Brother Roscoe Pound, Professor of Jurisprudence in Harvard University
The Pillars Of Jachin And Boaz  by H. L. Haywood
The Place Of Gloves In Freemasonry  by Leon Zeldis
The Plumb - A Tool For Self Analysis  by Michael Ross
The Plumb Rule    Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Potential Candidate Should We Solicit?  by R.W. Bro. Lloyd Hussey
The Precious Jewels  by Bros.  A. L. Kress and R. J. Meekren, THE BUILDER - October 1926
The Primitive Rules Of The Templars  by Henri de Curzon
The Proper Balance Of Masonry: The Greater And Lesser Mysteries  From The American Freemason - May 1912
The Psychology Of Freemasonry  by John A. Johnson, PH.D. 
The Purpose Of The Ritual  by V. W. Piers A. Vaughan
The Pythagorean Theorem  by Dexter Wright
The Rebuilding Of The Temple  by mW Bro Giulliano di Bernardo
The Recommender  by Lowell C. Jensen
The Relationship Between Lodges And Grand Lodge  by Bro. A. W. Wood
The Religion Of Freemasonry  by Rev. James E. Latimer, THE CRAFTSMAN - 1866
The Religion Of Masonry  by Bro. Joseph Fort Newton, Litt. D., The Master Mason - 1925
The Responsibilities Of The Worshipful Master  by Bro. E.A. Snell 
The Rise And Fall Of Masonry  From THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1854
The Ritual Is Not The Main Thing  by Rabbi E. Geffen, Masonic Light - 5949
The Role Of Ritual In Freemasonry  by W. Bro. C. B. Lawless 
The Roman Catholic Freemason: Past, Present And Future  by Wor. Bro. Alec Mellor
The Royal Secret In America Before 1801  by Brent Morris, 33, Grand Cross 
The Rusty Mason  From The Masonic Review - 1862
The School Of Pythagoras  Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Secrecy Of Masonry  by Bro. Carl H. Claudy, The Master Mason - July-August 1924
The Secrets Of Freemasonry  From THE ROYAL ARCH MASON - SPRING 1966
The Secrets Of Freemasonry  Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Selectiveness Of Freemasonry  by John Leisk Tait, THE AMERICAN FREEMASON - JUNE 1914
The Senior Stewards Cookbook  by Bro. Mark McTrustry 
The Seven Cardinal Virtues  by Thomas J. Driber
The Seven Liberal Arts  by Thomas D. Worrel
The Seven Liberal Arts And Sciences  From Grand Lodge of Texas
The Seven Steps Of Wisdom - SRIA  by Mike Crowson and Thomas Linacre College 
The Seven Virtues  by V. W. Bro. W. H. Taine 
The Social Virtues Of Masonry  By Bro. Isaac Head, THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1854
The Spirit Of Masonry  by Rev. Pierre Cushing
The Spirit Of Masonry  by Bro. Joseph Fort Newton 
The Spiritual Vision Of The Seven Liberal Arts  by Thomas D. Worrel
The Sponsor/Mentor - His Duties And Obligations To His Candidate by W. Bro. Donald M. Scandrett 
The Square  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Square And Compasses  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Story Of Hiram Abiff  by William Harvey
The Structure Of The Lodge  Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Sun In The East  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Swedish Rite Of Freemasonry  by Bro. Burton E. Bennett, Sc. D., The Master Mason - January 1926
The Symbolic Teachings Of The Degrees  by W.M. Robert Macoy 33
The Symbolism And Design Of The Masonic Apron   by wBro C. J. E. Hudspeth
The Symbolism Of Freemasonry From Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
The Symbolism Of Stone  by Bro. Leon Zeldis
The Symbolism Of The Beehive and The Bee  by Thomas D. Worrel
The Symbolism Of The Gloves And Apron   by V.W.Bro. L. Tustain, P.G.Lec, P.M.
The Symbols Of The Entered Apprentice Degree  From Grand Lodge of Scotland
The Teachings Of Masonry Are Veiled In Allegory   Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Temple   Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Temple Of Solomon  by Lambert Dolphin
The Third Degree of Masonry - Whence Did It Come? What Does It Mean? An Interpretation  by Bro. W. H. Denier Van Der Gon, Holland, The Master Mason - July-August 1924
The Three Rosettes On A Master Mason Explained  by R.W. Bro. Otto Klotz, The Craftsman - 1875
The Three Degrees - A Brief Description   Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Three Great Light In The East  by Roy L. Demming
The Three Pillars  by W. Brother R. A. L. Harland, P.M.
The Torgau Ordinances Of 1462 
The Trestle Board  by W.B. Harold Meij
The Trestle Board  by Bro. Robert G. Aberdeen
The Trestle Board  by Bro. Paul R. Clark
The True Esoteric Of Masonry   Source/Author Unknown ATT
The True Freemasonry: Exoteric And Esoteric    Source/Author Unknown ATT
The True History Of Scottish-Esoteric Masonry  by Eric Wynants
The True Mason   Source/Author Unknown ATT
The True Mason Thinks   by R.W. Bro C. E. Pinnell
The True Meaning Of Fraternity Is Brotherhood  by Sean S. Dykhouse, P.M. 
The Twenty-Four Inch Gauge  From The Master Mason - January 1926
The Twelve Tribes Of Israel  by Harold Meij
The Two St John's  From  the 2nd Westchester-Putnam Masonic District
The Value Of Freemasonry  by Bro Duanne E. Anderson
The Voice Of Youth  From The Master Mason - May 1925
The Volume Of Sacred Law    Source/Author Unknown ATT
The Wages Of A Fellow Craft Mason  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
The Widow And The Craft  by John T. Freeman
The Winding Staircase  by John L. Cooper III
The Winding Stairs  From Salem 289 Lodge Website
The Winding Stairs  From Grand Lodge of Texas
The Winding Stairs  by R. W. Bro. J. H. Young  
The Winding Stairs  by Bro. William Russell
The Word!  by Lyle S. Evans, The Royal Arch Mason VOL. X FALL, 1971
The Word "Mason"  by Bro. Watson Kirconnell 
The Worshipful Master  by M.W.Bro. Bruce Saunders 
The Worthies Of Freemasonry  From THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1857
The Tyler's Toast  by Lewis J. Birt, Royal Arch Mason - 1980
Theodor Reuss  by Bro. Ellic Howe & Prof Helmut Moller
Theorema van Pythagoras  by Betty Langenberg
Theories Of Origin  by Bro. John Hamill 
Theories On The Origins Of Freemasonry  From Grand Lodge of Texas
Three_Distinct_Knocks_Lecture_c1760    (.PDF file)  
Three Principal Means To Attain Spiritual Light  by Terry Paget  
These Conditions  From The Master Mason - August 1926
Thomas Tew Manuscript_1680 
Those Pre-Initiation Questions  by John G. Hanna 
Time And The Philosophers  by C. E. West, Masonic Craftsman - 1937
Time Immemorial  by Neil R. Whary 
Timelines   Source/Author Unknown ATT
Tips For Memorizing The Ritual   Source/Author Unknown ATT
To Subdue My Passions  by Eric Schmitz, P.M.
To The Newly Raised Master Mason  by R.W.Bro. A. Robertson Eddie 
Transcript Of The Cook Manuscript    Source/Author Unknown ATT
Translated Cooke Manuscript   Source/Author Unknown ATT
Truth And Tolerance  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
Twelve Points Of Light From The 12 Tribes Of Israel  by Ronald Holder, PM
Twin Liberties Of Masonry  From MASONRY IN MANITOBA - 1949
Two Pillars  by A. R. Eddie
Tyler's Operative And Speculative  by Bro. P. J. Adrian


Understanding Our Membership Problems  by Abraham Benjamin
Understanding Your Leadership Behavior   Source/Author Unknown ATT 
Uniformity In Masonry  From THE MASONIC REVIEW - 1858
US Grand Lodges  Compilation Of Multiple Articles/Sources
US Grand Lodges Magazines  Compilation Of Multiple Articles/Sources
U. S. Grand Lodges Mailing Information  Compilation Of Multiple Articles/Sources
U.S. House Of Representatives Resolution 17  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
U.S. Masonic Presidents  by Grand Lodge of Texas
U.S. Masonic Presidents  From The Grand Lodge Of Pennsylvania Website 
U.S. Supreme Court Justices Who Were Freemasons  by paul M. Bessel
U.S. Masonic Vice Presidents  by Paul Bessel 


Visitor's Toasts  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
VSL Verses of Each Degree - Bible & Qurn


Wages Of The Entered Apprentice    by William Harvey, J.P
Wages of a Fellowcraft  by Vernon E. Quay
Washington As A Freemason  by Albert G. Mackey, M.D.
Watson MS Series 1535 
What Are The Antient Landmarks  Published in Selected Papers, Vol.1, United Masters Lodge, No. 167, Auckland, New Zealand
What Are The Landmarks Of The Order? A Speech  Published in Selected Papers, Vol.1,
What Did You Do?  From the Book Jewels of Masonic Eloquence and Stories Volume 1 
What Do I Get From Being A Mason?   by Eugene Goldman
What Does It Means..."Ancient Free & Accepted Masons"    From The Builder - 1923
What Is Freemasonry?  From THE VOICE OF FREEMASONRY - 1881
What Is Freemasonry?  by M.W. Bro. Holmes
What Is Freemasonry?  by Dr. Oskar Posner
What Is Freemasonry?  by W. Bro. Stephen Dafoe
What Is Leadership? Source/Author Unknown ATT 
What Is Masonry? And of What Use Are Its Teachings To Man?  by R.W. Louis Zeigler
What Is Meant By "Worshipful"?    From Mentor's Manual, Indiana Grand Lodge
What Is The Difference Between AF&AM And F&AM?  by Roger M. Firestone 
What Is The Difference Between A Lodge, A Chapter And A Council?  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
What Is The Matter?  From The Master Mason - May 1927
What Is The Matter With Blue Lodges?  by Bro. Burr H. Mallory
What Is The Mere Fact Of Being A Master Mason  by Dr. W. H. Kuhn, THE MASTER MASON - MAY 1925
What Makes For An Effective Leader?  by Sandra Larson 
What Means "Ancient And Accepted Masons"?  From The Builder - 1923
What Shall Masons Read?  by W.O. Junbins, M.D., Greenland, THE VOICE OF MASONRY - 1880
What The Ladder Has To Teach Us About The Number Seven  by Bro. Jay Hochberg
Whatever Happened To Masonic Pride?  by w. Bro. Christopher Hodapp 
When Is A Man A Mason?  Source/Author Unknown ATT
When The Grand Lodge Of England Convened In America  by Bro. Theodore Walton, The Master Mason - August 1925
Where Have All The Brethren Gone  by Abraham Benjamin
White Gloves And Masonry  From The Grand Lodge Of Texas
Who Are The Masons?  by A. F. Melchers, THE MASONIC CHRONICLE -1888
Who Are These Prince Hall Masons?  by Allen E. Roberts, FPS
Who Called The Leadership To Refreshment  by Abraham Benjamin
Who Leads The Leader?  by M. W. Bro. Alden H. Jones 
Who Was Who?  Source/Author Unknown ATT  
Why Are We Apprentices?  by Bro. Dudley Wright, The Master Mason - January 1926
Why A Lifetime Apprentice    by Bro. Byron E. Hams
Why Freemasonry Survives by Chauncey M. Depew
Why Men Love Freemasonry  by Bro. Carl H. Claudy, The Master Mason - August 1925
Why Secrecy?   by Roger M. Firestone, 32 KCCH
Why St John  by Phil Elam
Why They Attend Lodge  by H. L. Haywood
Why We Open Meetings On The Master Mason Degree  by By Jeffrey D. Naylor
Widow's Program   From The Grand Lodge of Maine
Women And Freemasonry   From Grand Lodge of Texas
Women In Freemasonry   Compilation of Many Articles
Working Tools Of Each Degree  Source/Author Unknown ATT
Working Tools - Are The Symbol Of Every Culture    Source/Author Unknown ATT
Words And Obligations  by H. L. Haywood



York Rite  Source/Author Unknown ATT 
You And Your Freemasonry  Source/Author Unknown ATT
You Mustn't Quit  Source/Author Unknown ATT



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