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Confessions of a Born Again Fundamentalist Freemason

by Nelson King

I confess that I am a Born Again, Fundamentalist, Freemason.  Now before you have a cardiac arrest, or a stroke, let me explain what a Born Again, Fundamentalist, Freemason is.

I used to be a very [for want of a better word] liberal Mason.  I am now a very Conservative or Traditionalist, Freemason.  Therefore, I am Born Again.

By Fundamentalist, I mean that I believe that no one has a right to be a Freemason.

I believe those who want to be Freemasons must be good and true men, free born and of a mature and discreet age and sound judgment, no bondsmen, no women, no immoral or scandalous men, only good men of good report.

I believe that a man who wants to be a Freemason must believe in the existence of God, and take his Obligation on a Volume of The Sacred Law of his choice and that he owes a duty to that God and to his fellow men no matter what their creed, color, or religion.

I believe that a Freemason is obliged to obey the moral and civil law.

I believe that a man's religion or mode of worship should not exclude him from the Order of Freemasonry, provided he also believes in the existence of a Supreme Being and that Supreme Being will punish vice and reward virtue.

I believe that a Freemason is bound never to act against the dictates of his conscience.

I believe that Freemasonry is the center of union between honest men and the happy means of conciliating friendship amongst those who must otherwise have remained at a perpetual distance.

I believe a Freemason's Lodge is the temple of peace, harmony, and brotherly love; nothing is allowed to enter this Lodge which has the remotest tendency to disturb the quietude of its pursuits.

I believe all preferment among Masons is grounded upon real worth and personal merit only, therefore no Brother should be passed chair to chair, whether it is in a Lodge or Grand Lodge, just because he knows the right people or had held the previous officer for one year.  no Grand Master, Master, or Warden is chosen by seniority, but only for his merit.

I believe that there is nothing wrong with Freemasonry, as laid down for our instruction in our Ancient Charges.

I am a Born Again Fundamentalist Freemason

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