by MWB Richard M. Luther, PGM

MWB Luther is a retired University Professor and a tireless worker in the vineyards of our Gentle Craft.

The Education Officer…is one of the important officers of a Masonic Lodge in South Dakota.  At each meeting he creates interest and livens up the ritual of reading the minutes, paying the bills, having lunch and going home.  How does he do it?  He selects some interesting topic about Masonry and makes a short presentation of 10 to 15 minutes to the Lodge Brothers.  His talk may be read although it is much more interesting to express the subject content in his own words.  His talk should be so stimulating that questions may be raised and discussion can flow.

What are some of the things that make good subjects for the Education Officer?  Historical items about Masonry are always appropriate.  Important or even less important Masons and things they have done make good topics.  Some Officers like to discuss Masonic Symbols.  These are just a few suggestions available in printed material and on the internet.

Yes, but I don’t have a computer…then what do I do.  The Commission would suggest the following sources of printed materials.  The list is not all-inclusive but very helpful to the Education Officer.  The Short Talk Bulletin published by the Masonic Service Assn. ranks high on the list.  The Scottish Rite Journal, Knight Templar, and Cryptic Freemason Magazines are excellent sources.  Some Brothers use publications from Research Lodges in other jurisdictions, such as the California Lodge of Masonic Research.  Check your Lodge Library or ask among the Brothers.  The South Dakota Commission on Masonic Education of the Grand Lodge stands ready to help.

By this time of year the lodge Worshipful Master should have selected a Lodge Education Officer and sent his name to the Grand Lodge Office.  Some Lodges use the Junior Warden as the education Officer.  Still others ask various Brothers to make the educational presentations.  All are acceptable but some Brother, such as a Junior Past Master, may be a good person for this important year-long assignment.

The Grand Lodge Commission on Masonic Education can help an Education Officer to promote interest in his Lodge.  A call to the Grand Lodge Office or to the Commission (address follows) may be helpful: Commission on Masonic Education, Grand Lodge of South Dakota, Richard M. Luther, 124 Gilley Avenue S., Brookings, SD., 57006.

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