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by Matthew Scanlan, MA

Caveat - This is by no means intended as a definitive list. It is merely a list of suggested reading matter. If anyone wishes to add titles to the list please email your suggestions to this website.

Abah, Ranami, Chief
Light After Darkness
(Lewis Masonic, 1993)
The author examines why men are attracted to Freemasonry and from such a wide variety of religious, ethnic and social backgrounds.

Acta Macionica
Transactions of Ars Macionica Research lodge,
Grande Loge Reguliere de Belgique
Articles are published in Flemish, Dutch, French and some in English.

Anderson, James
The Constitutions of the Free-Masons
Originally published in 1723 and a second edition was released in 1738 complete with a semi-mythical history of the masonic craft dating from ancient times. Both editions were reprinted in a facsimile edition in 1976 with a foreward by Eric Ward, PM of Quotour Coronati Lodge, No.2076, EC.
Second hand copies can be found at a reasonable price.

(Brill, Leiden, Holland)
Research journal dealing with the western mystery tradition, esoterica, and includes studies on Freemasonry. Now being published by the long-established Dutch publishing house Brill, in German, French, Italian and English.

Ars Quatour Coronatorum , No.2076, EC
Transactions of the Quatour Coronati Lodge
An invaluable collection of research papers into all aspects of Freemasonry published since the inception of the lodge in 1888. The current volume and some past transactions can be obtained from QCCC Ltd, Great Queen Street, WC2B 5AZ. Salesight for correspondence circle:

Baigent, Michael & Leigh, Richard
The Temple and the Lodge (Jonathan Cape, 1989)
An investigative account concerning the myth that the Templars ran away to Scotland in the fourteenth century, finding sanctuary with King Robert Bruce. The tome encounters celtic myths, alleged Templar graves, Rosslyn Chapel, the Gypsies, the Sinclair and Montgomery families, the Scots Guards, and ties them in with the story of the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, the Jacobites, and the foundation of the modern American state, all packaged in an imaginative prose. Recommended as a fun read, as it is undoubtedly the best of the recent spate of popular Templar 'whodunnits', though I don't subscribe to the general thesis.

Barker-Cryer, Neville
The Arch and the Rainbow: the story of the Order of Mark Master Masons and thedegree of the Royal Ark Mariner
(Ian Allen, 1996)
A work which attempts to explain all that one needs to learn regarding the Mark and Royal Ark Mariner degrees. Written by the Past Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of England, it is a fascinating tome for all those in the above orders.

Barrett, David V
Secret Societies, from the Ancient and Arcane to the Modern and Clandestine
(Blandford, London, 1999)
This is a good study for anyone looking for an introduction to the complicated world of esoteric and secret societies. From the ancient Pythagoreans and Zoroastrians, to the medieval Platonists, Gnostics, Sufis, and Kabbalists, the author succeeds in presenting an introductory and balanced view. Chapter 3 is on Freemasonry. Available in paperback.

Batham, C, N
Freemasonry in England and France - collected papers of Cyril Batham
(Australian Masonic Research Council, 1993)
Available from QCCC Ltd.

Baymard, S, H
History of the Supreme Council 33rd degree of the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Freemasonry, Northern Jurisdiction of the USA. 2 vols., (Boston, 1938). This is regarded as the standard history of the rite.

Beresiner, Yasha
Royal Arch: the fourth degree of the Grand Lodge of the Antients
(Privately printed, 2000)
Last year's Prestonian Lecture from a Past Master of Quatour Coronati Lodge of Research, No.2076. (EC) Available from QCCC Ltd.

Bredin, Miles
The Pale Abyssinian - a Life of James Bruce, African Explorer and Adventurer
(Harper Collins, 2000)
An account of the remarkable eighteenth century Scottish explorer, duellist and womaniser, who was a descendent of King Robert Bruce. Between 1768 - 73, Bruce made a lengthy journey into the highlands of Abyssinia, where he subsequently claimed to have discovered the Tissisat Falls and the source of the Blue Nile. Though his claims were ridiculed, his discovery of the lost Ethiopian Books of Enoch is not open to question. Bruce was admitted a member of the Canongate Kilwinning Lodge No.2 in Edinburgh. A good read, though some of the information it contains relating to Freemasonry, tends to rely more on legend than fact.

Buisine, Andre
La Franc-Maconnerie Anglo-Saxonne et les Femmes
(ed. Guy Tradaniel, Paris, 1995)

Bullock, Steven C
Revolutionary Brotherhood, Freemasonry and the transformation of the American Social Order, 1730 - 1840,
(University of North Carolina Press, 1996)
This is a scholarly attempt to look at Freemasonry's impact on North America. Professor Steven Bullock then examines the role of Freemasonry in the American Wars of Independence, looking at the membership of the founding fathers, including Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, and George Washington. A highly readable work, though there are one or two small errors on early Freemasonry in England.
Available in paperback.

Carlile, Richard
An exposure of Freemasonry - or a Masons' printed manual with an introductory key-stone to the Royal Arch of Freemasonry
(London, 1831)

Carlile, Richard
Manual of Freemasonry in three parts
(4th edn., London, 1858)

Carr, Harry
Lodge Mother Kilwinning No. 0. A study of the earliest minute books, 1642 - 1842
(Quatour Coronati Lodge, London, 1961)
Despite some minor errors, this is still the best history available on this internationally famous old lodge. Out-of-print, but second-hand copies can be found.

Carr, Harry
Early French Exposures
(Privately printed, London, 1971).
Translation and commentaries of the early exposures that appeared on the continent of Europe from 1737 onwards. A good book for serious historians and those interested in the development of Masonic ritual. Currently out of print but second hand copies can be found.

Carr, Harry
The Freemason at Work
(Revised edition, London, 1981).
The work comprises a large and extensive collection of questions and answers concerning many aspects of Freemasonry and its working.

Carr, Harry
World of Freemasonry: The collected papers and talks of Harry Carr
(Twickenham, 1984)

Chevallier, Pierre
Histoire de la Franc-Maconnerie. (3 vols.)
Tome 1: La Maconnerie: ecole de l'egalite, 1725 - 1799.
Tome 2: La Maconnerie: missionaire du liberalisme, 1800 -
Tome 3: La Maconnerie: eglise de la Republique, 1877 - 1944. (Paris, 1974 - 75).
An excellent three volume study of Freemasonry in France over three-centuries, by this eminent Professor of the Sorbonne. In French. Available in paperback.

Chevallier Pierre
Le Sceptre, la crosse et L'equerre, Sous Louis XV et Louis
XVI, 1725 - 1789.
(Honore Champion, Paris, 1996)
Pierre Chavallier was not a Freemason but an extremely fine scholar of the movement's history primarily in France. This was the last book produced by this eminent Professor of the Sorbonne, and is a must for the serious student of eighteenth- -century Freemasonry. Available in French.

Chudley, Ron
Thomas Dunckerley - A remarkable Freemason
(Lewis Masonic, 1982)
The story of this remarkable Freemason is told in lucid prose.
While not as good as Henry Sadler's biographical portrait, it is remains a study that should be consulted for anyone interested in Freemasonry in Georgian England and this alleged illegimate son of King George II.

Clark, Peter
British Clubs and Societies, 1580 - 1800, the origins of an Associational World
(Clarendon Press, Oxford, 2000)
An excellent social history of club life over two centuries, a Professor of Economic and Social History at the University of Leicester. The work looks at many societies of which Freemasonry is but one, and examines both the 'Modern' and 'Antient' Masonic Grand Lodges in the eighteenth century, incorporating an interesting factual analysis.

Transactions of the Canonbury Masonic Research Centre
The first volume of 'The Canonbury Papers' containing the transactions of the second International Conference, held in November 2000. Available soon.

Cohn, Norman
Warrant for Genocide - The Myth of the Jewish Conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
(London, 1996)
This work succintly explains the reasons for the paranoia and ghastly conspiracy theories concocted by the Nazis, which lead to the terrible crimes of World War II. There are many references to Freemasonry, as the Nazis believed the movement was linked with this imaginary conspiracy. This work should be read by every Democrat and Freemason alike, as a reminder to future generations, that tolerance is the central tenet essential to both.

Coil, Henry Wilson
Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia
(Macoy, New York, 1961, revised edn., 1996)
A very good encyclopedia concerning all aspects of Freemasonry in the English speaking world, though a little weak on the Latin world. That said, it is very probably the best Masonic encyclopedia available in English.

Coil, Henry Wilson
A documentary account of Prince Hall and the Black Fraternal Orders

Cooper, Robert L
An introduction to the origins and history of the Order of Free Gardeners
(QCCC Ltd, London, 2000)
This tome explores one of the many clubs and societies that thrived in eighteenth century Scotland, and includes a lot of interesting information on Freemasonry for those interested in the period. The author is the Curator of the Grand Lodge of Scotland Museum and Library. Available in hard back.

Curl, James Stevens
The Art & Architecture of Freemasonry
(Batsford, 1992)
The author is currently Professor of Architecture at Queens' University, Belfast, and Professor Emeritus from the University of Leicester. This work is beautifully illustrated, and takes a broad look at Freemasonry, from the possible theories of origin, to the ideas contained within the movement and its subsequent influence on the world of artistic design, garden layouts and Architecture. An enjoyable work. Available in hard back.

Di Bernardo, Giuliano
Freemasonry and its image of Man - A philosophical investigation
(Freestone, 1989)
Formerly the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Trento from 1985 - 87, and Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy, the author puts forward a personal interpretation of the philosophical and symbolic ideas that underpin Freemasonry. This study touches on Masonic origins, symbolism, morality, science, religion, the and State. Out-of-print, though second hand copies can be found.

Dyer, Colin
Symbolism of Craft Freemasonry
(London, 1976)
A study of the symbols connected with the three degrees of craft Freemasonry. Available in paperback.

Dyer, Colin
Grand Stewards and their Lodge, 1735 - 1985
(John Westerham Ltd, 1985)
A concise factual account of the Grand Stewards' Lodge through 250 years. A sound reference work.

Dyer, Colin
Preston and his work
(Shepperton, 1987)
An interesting and informative account of William Preston, an important eighteenth century Freemason.

Ferrer Benimeli, J. A
Los Archivos Secretos Vaticanos y la Masoneria
(Caracas, 1976)
Professor Jose Antonio Ferrer Benimeli is a giant of Masonic research. He has been professionally researching, writing and lecturing on the subject for over 35 years. He is the author and editor of numerous books and publications on the history of the craft, and is the Founder/Director of the Centro Estudios Historicos de la Masoneria Espanola (CEHME), based at Zaragoza University, Spain, where he teaches modern history. This particular work is most certainly one of his most important works, and explores European Freemasonry in the eighteenth century, from the collections of numerous libraries, including the Secret Archives of the Vatican. Sadly, there is no English translation. Available in both Spanish and French.

Ferrer Benimeli, J.A
La Masoneria Espanola en el siglo XVIII
(Madrid, 1974)
This work is possibly the best introduction to Freemasonry in Spain in the Eighteenth Century. In Spanish.

Freemasonry Today
Freemasonry Today
English Quarterly Masonic magazine launched in the Summer of 1997, which has been hailed as 'the best Masonic magazine ever'. Issues on-going.

Freemasonry Museum - Collections of the Grand Orient of France
(Beaux Arts Magazine, 2000)
A beautifully illustrated A4 brochure of the Museum of the Grand Orient of France in Paris. The book reproduces in full-colour many jewels, aprons and other Masonic exhibits and ephemera.

Gould, R, F
History and Antiquities of Freemasonry
(3rd revised edn., vols., 1951)
The third edition of Gould's Masonic classic history. Despite
being out of date it is still a must for the serious researcher.

Grand Lodge of Scotland
Historical Sketch of the Grand Lodge, 1736 - 1986
(Grand Lodge of Scotland)
As the title states, a synopsis of the history of one of this fascinating Grand Lodge since its formation on St. Andrew's day, 30 November, 1736.

Grand Lodge of Scotland
Grand Lodge of Scotland Year Book
(Grand Lodge of Scotland)
Informative annual year book, with news, and a roll of lodges.

Haffner, Christopher
The Craft in the East
(Hong Kong, 1977)

Haffner, Christopher
Workman Unashamed: The testimony of a Christian
(Shepperton, 1989)

Hamill, John
The Craft
(Wellingborough, 1986)
A general overview of the English craft throughout its development, from the various theories of origin to the involvement with the British Royal House.

Hamill, John
A Celebration of the Craft
& R. A. Gilbert (1992)
A beautifully presented and well illustrated coffee table book
looking at the effect Freemasonry has had on the world over three centuries.

Hamill, John
The History of English Freemasonry
(QCCC Ltd)
A series of 5 CD's or tapes, with a 240 page book to accompany them, telling the story of the English and Welsh craft.

Haunch, T.O. & Sir James Stubbs
Freemasons' Hall, the House and Heritage of the Craft (1983)
An elegant hard back colour guide-book of Freemasons Hall,
London, displaying some of the treasures of the Library and Museum.

Hay, Father
An Account of Roslin Chapel
(Grand Lodge of Scotland, 2000)
Originally published in the seventeenth-century, and now reproduced by the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Transactions of the Scottish Research Rite, SJ, USA
Editor Dr. Brent Morris, 33rd degree.
A transaction series still in its infancy. Many of the volumes contain some excellent articles. Recommended.

Horne, Alex
King Solomon's Temple in the Masonic Tradition
(Wellingborough, 1972)
A fascinating study looking at some of the aspects of Solomon's Temple, including; the Temple in the Masonic tradition; the Biblical account of its construction; its architecture and symbolism; and an explorative account of its master builder and the possible relevance to the master's degree in modern freemasonry. Second-hand copies can be found.

Horne, Alex
Sources of Masonic Symbolism
An informative study of Masonic Symbolism.

Hughan, W, J
The Origin of the English Rite of Freemasonry
(3rd edn., Leicester, 1925)
Originally published in 1884, this is a seminal tome, that has stood the test of time. Anyone interested in the evolution and development of the English ritual should consult this study.

Hutchinson, William
The spirit of Masonry in moral and elucidatory lectures
A Masonic classic.

Jackson, A.C.F
Rose Croix: A History of the Ancient and Accepted Rite
(Lewis Masonic, revised and enlarged, London, 1987)
A good general history of the Ancient and Accepted Rite in England and Wales.

Jackson, Keith B
Beyond the Craft
(Lewis Masonic, 4th edn., 1998)
A useful and concise guide to the many side orders of English Freemasonry, including; the Royal Arch; the Mark and Ark Mariner degrees; the Royal and Select Masters; the Ancient and Accepted Rite; Red Cross of Constantine; Knights Templar and Knights of Malta; the Baldwin Rite and the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. In paperback.

Jacob, Margaret C
The Radical Enlightenment: Pantheists, Freemasons and Republicans
(George Allen & Unwin, 1981)
This work promises a lot in the title, yet fails to fully deliver because the author does not adaquately distinguish between groups in late seventeenth-century England. From the time of the two Civil Wars in the 1640s to the Hanoverian succession of 1714, there were many secret groups and 'cabals' in England, as well dozens of more exoteric clubs. Yet sadly, there appears to a tendency in the book to label almost any secret grouping as 'Masonic', while much of the more traditional evidence is ignored. It is worth having, if only as a reminder of how not to approach Masonic history.

Jacob, Margaret C
Living the Enlightenment - Freemasonry and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Europe
(Oxford University Press, 1991)
A better work than the above, this time addressing the social and political effects of Freemasonry in the eighteenth-century Europe. Yet, curiously many important countries are omitted, such as Ireland, the various Italian states, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Poland and Russia. Apart from the almost obligatory mention of Scottish theories of origin, Jacob fails to accredit Scotland as a major contributor to the European 'Enlightenment', and the possible role therein played by the lodges. In fact, some of the claims made are without source or just demonstrably wrong. That said, for all its faults, the more dedicated historian will find it worth having.

Jones, Bernard E
Freemasons' Guide and Compendium
(Revised edn., Dobby, London, 1982)
First published in 1950 and has been reprinted many times. Still an invaluable reference book on many aspects of Freemasonry's history and symbolism. Available in hard back. Recommended.

Jones, Bernard E
Freemasons' Book of the Royal Arch
(revised by Harry Carr and A.R. Hewitt, London, 1970)
A thorough account of the Royal Arch, looking at its legends,
history, symbolism and working. Out-of-print.

Knoop, D
An Introduction to Freemasonry
& Jones, G.P. (Manchester, 1937)
Douglas Knoop was a Professor of Economics and G. P. Jones was a senior lecturer at the University of Sheffield.

Knoop, D
Two Earliest Masonic MSS
Jones, G.P. (Manchester Univ. Press, 1938)
This is an extremely good philological study of the two earliest Masonic manuscripts, traditionally known as 'Old Charges'. The earliest known being the Regius of circa 1390, and the Cooke of circa 1410, now both in The British Library. Both texts are fully transcribed, and the work comes complete with a scholarly introduction and commentary. Sadly out-of-print.

Knoop, D
The Scottish Mason and the Mason Word.
& Jones, G.P. (Manchester, 1939)
During the seventeenth-century there are a number of mentions of the mysterious 'Masons' Word', particularly in relation to Scotland. Professors Knoop and Jones here examine what this might allude to, and cite all known mentions of its usage. Out-of-print.

Knoop, D, G.P. Jones & D. Hamer
The Early Masonic Catechisms (Manchester University Press, 1943, & re-printed by Coronati Lodge, 1963, ed. H. Carr)
A collection of the earliest Masonic ritual catechisms in the British Isles with introductory remarks. Currently out-of-print.

Knoop, D, G.P. Jones & D. Hamer
Early Masonic Pamphlets
(Manchester University Press, 1945, reprinted 1978)
A collection of the earliest printed references to Freemasonry
and the Masons' word, from 1638 to 1736.
Still available in hard back.

Knoop, D, & G.P. Jones
The Genesis of Freemasonry Manchester University Press, 1947)
Offers an account of the origins of Freemasonry, which the authors claim, emerged from a transition from the working stone masons guilds and lodges. It is one of the few scholarly attempts to answer the question of where the modern craft came from, and as such, deserves to be read. Out of print, but second hand copies can be found.

Lane, John
Masonic Records, 1717 - 1894
(Re-released, Lewis Masonic, 2000)
Originally published in the 1880s, this comprehensive list of Masonic lodges, contains details of when they were warranted, their numbers, and where they met. It has never been bettered, and is an invaluable tool for the study of English and Welsh Freemasonry. It has recently been re-produced, although a revised edition awaits. Available from QCCC Ltd.

Lantoine, Albert
Histoire de la Franc-Maconnerie Francaise
(Paris, 1925)
This two-volume study is still regarded as a good work on French Freemasonry.

Le Forestier, Rene
La Franc-Maconnerie Templiere et Occultiste aux XVIIIe
et XIXe siecles
(1st edition, Paris, 1970. 2nd edition, Paris, 1987. Preface by Antoine Faivre, now Professor at the Sorbonne)
An excellent study of the esoteric offshoots of Freemasonry in the side degrees in the eighteenth century, however it needs updating. The work looks in detail of the emergence and development of chivalric degrees and their legends, including the Strict Observance, the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, and the Scottish Rectified Rite. Sadly there is no English translation. Available in hardback.

Lemay, Leo
Deism, Masonry and the Enlightenment
Various essays concerning Freemasonry, Latitudinarianism, Deism and Natural Religion. Valuable for anyone interested in the relationship between Religion and Freemasonry.

Lennhoff, Eugene
The Freemasons
(Revised, Ian Allen, 1992)
A classic over view of Freemasonry's involvement in European history. Originally published in Germany in 1930 as Die Friemaurer, Lennhoff was awarded a prize by the Grand Orient of Belguim for this work. He offers a fascinating general view of Masonic history set in a wider social context. There are ominous warnings about the imminent dangers of National Socialism and how the Fascists under Mussolini had already suppressed the Order in Italy.

Lennhoff, Eugene
Internationales Freimaurerlexikon
Posner, Oskar (Zurich, 1932)
An excellent and reliable reference work on Freemasonry in German. Out of print.

Lepper & Crossle
History of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Ireland
(Volume 1, Dublin, Lodge of Research, CC, 1925)
Though old, the best account to date of Freemasonry in Ireland during the eighteenth century and early nineteenth century.

Ligou, Daniel
Dictionnaire de la Franc-Maconnerie
(Presses Universitaires de France, 1987)
A large tome that is certainly useful as a reference tool for the serious historian. However, as with most Masonic reference works, it is not definitive and there are innacuracies. Available in French.

Lindsay, Robert, S
The Scottish Rite for Scotland
(Edinburgh, 1958)
A good general overview and introduction to the Scottish or Ancient and Accepted Rite for Scotland.

Lipscombe Duncan, Robert
Reluctant General: The Life and Times of Albert Pike
(New York, 1961)

MacKenzie, Kenneth
The Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia
(Northants, 1987)
An fascinating tome, particularly for those interested in the more esoteric aspects of the craft.

Mackey, Albert G
Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry and kindred societies
(Chicago, 1929)

MacLeod, Wallace
The Old Gothic Constitutions

MacLeod, Wallace
The Grand Design
(Virgina, 1991)
Subtitled, Selected Memorandums and papers of Wallace McLeod, who is Professor at Victoria College, Toronto University, Canada and a Past Master of Quatour Coronati Lodge of Research, No.2076. (EC)

MacNulty, Kirk
Freemasonry - a journey through myth and symbol
(Thames and Hudson, 1991)
This is a fascinating and thought provoking personal view of the three craft degrees. Drawing on the work of Mircea Eliade, Joseph Campbell and Carl Gustav Jung among others, the author offers an interesting interpretation of the symbolism contained within the first three degrees and speculates on its psychological meaning and purpose.
Available in paperback.

Mandelberg, John
Ancient & Accepted: A chronicle of the proceedings 1845 - 1945 of the Supreme Council, established in England in 1845
(London, 1995)
Written to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the English Ancient and Accepted or 'Scottish Rite', this is a large and detailed tome for the serious Masonic collector or historian.

Masonic Book Club
Masonic Book Club Reproductions
(Bloomington Illinois, 1970)
Since 1970 it has reproduced many Masonic classics that have long since been out-of-print.

McArthur, J, E
The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel) No.1
Quartercentenary of Minutes, 1599 - 1999
(The Lodge of Edinburgh, 1999)
An elegantly produced souvenir volume to mark the four- hundred year anniversary of the known existence of this famous Edinburgh lodge. Available from the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Mellor, Alec
Our Separated Brethren the Freemasons
(George G. Harrap & Co., 1964)
Originally published in France in 1961, but was translated, and published in English in 1964. The author looks at Freemasonry mainly in the eighteenth century, and highlights why the Vatican chose to pass a Bull in 1738 prohibiting Catholics from joining. He argues that the prohibition was not based on any theological grounds, but due to the movements 'secrecy' and the prevailing political climate. Regretably the English edition has no index, but it is generally a good tome, and second hand copies can be obtained at a reasonable price.

Mola, Aldo
Storia della Massoneria italiana
(Milan, 1992)
Aldo Mola runs the Italian centre for the study of Freemasonry, and is currently Professor at the University of Milan. This 1000 page work, concentrates predominantly on Freemasonry in Italy during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and includes detailed examinations of the period of Italian Unification and the Masonic persecution under the Fascist dictatorship of Benito Mussolini.
In Italian.

Munn, Sheldon, A
Freemasons at Gettysburg
(Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 1993)
ISBN - 0 - 939631 - 68 - 7

History of the Lodge of Edinburgh, No.1
(Edinburgh, 1873)
A large, fact-bound volume concerning Freemasonry in Scotland. Unfortunately it is not easily accessible, written as it was, in a rather confused nineteenth-century style. However for the information it contains it is certainly the best study of the subject before the publication of Professor David Stevenson's studies in the late 1980s. Second-hand copies can be found.

Nefontaine, Luc
La Franc-Maconnerie, une fraternite revelee
(Gallimard, 1994)
Part of a beautifully produced and charming series, this tome is by a historian of religion at the Free University of Brussels. The study takes a general look at Freemasonry in both the Anglo-Saxon and Latin world, and is richly illustrated, with some fascinating images. Unfortunately there is no English translation. Available in paperback.

Ness, J. A.
History of the Ancient Mother Ludge of Scotland - Mother Kilwinning No.0.
(4th revised edition, Glasgow, 1995)
A succint and interesting account of possibly the oldest known lodge in the world, Mother Kilwinning No.0, Grand Lodge of Scotland. Available in hard back and sold by the lodge.

Oates, Stephen B
A Woman of Valor: Clara Barton and the Civil War
(The Free Press, Macmillan, New York, 1994)

Ogilvie, E.E
Freemasons' Royal Arch Guide
(revised by H.A. Thompson)
A useful guide to the practical aspects of the Royal Arch.

Palmer Hall, Manly
An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Qabbalistic, Rosicrucian and Symbolic Philosophy
Definitely not an academic approach to study of Freemasonry, and many assertions should be treated with caution. That said, definitely a good introduction to the subject if one is looking for a fun read.

Paine, Thomas
The Theological Works of Thomas Paine
Contains an essay on the origins of Freemasonry, which Paine believed had descended from the Druids via the Culdees or ancient celtic Christian monks of the British Isles.
This essay was originally published with The Age of Reason, but subsequent editors have seen fit to omit the work.

Perrin, Dennis
The Sacking of the Masonic Temple in Jersey by the Nazis
In 1941 (Lewis Masonic, 1993)
As many brethren know, Freemasons were not exactly the favoured friends of the Fascist regimes in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany. This neatly produced paperback tells the sad story of what happened to the Masonry in the Channel Islands during the second World War.

Piatigorsky Alexander
Who's Afraid of Freemasons?
(Harvill Press, London, 1997)
A phenomenological study of modern Freemasonry from the early Eighteenth century. The author is a Professor at SOAS, the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University. Not for the faint-hearted. Available in paperback.

Pick, F, L & Knight, G, N
The Pocket History of Freemasonry.
(Muller, 8th edn, 1991.)
An extremely useful pocket-size reference work on the history of Freemasonry, with a foreword by Harry Carr. This tome ranges from theories and evidence concerning the origins, to the craft in the modern world.

Pick, F, L & Knight, G, N
The Freemason's Pocket Reference Book
(3rd edn., Frederick Muller, London, 1983)
Like the Pocket History above, this is again an extremely valuable quick reference work on many aspects of the craft.

Preston, William
Illustrations of Masonry
(Wellingborough, 1986)
A Masonic Classic first released in 1772, re-released with an introduction by Colin Dyer.

Prestonian Lectures
The Collected Prestonian Lectures.
Vol., 1. 1925 - 1960 (ed), H. Carr,
(Lewis Masonic, 1984)
Vol., 2. 1961 - 1974 (ed), C. N. Batham,
Vol., 3. 1975 - 1987 (ed), Rev. N. B. Cryer,
Vol., 4. 1988 - 1996.
Available in hardback.

Ridley, Jasper
(Constable, 1999)
A popular overview of Freemasonry's involvement in major historical events, such as the American, French and South American Revolutions. It ends with a look at Freemasonry in the world today. A fair introduction to Masonic history, and despite some errors, it makes a good introductory tome to Masonic history. (now in paperback)

Roberts, Allen
House Undivided, the story of Freemasonry and the Civil War
(Missouri Lodge of Research, 1961, reprinted again in 1964 and '76, by Macoy Pub. & Masonic Supply Co, Richmond, Virginia)
A detailed historical investigation of the American Civil War. During the bloody years of this conflict and its aftermath, Freemasonry's membership quadrupled from 200,000 members to 800,000. This perhaps stands as a testimony to the noble ideals of the brotherhood, highlighted all the more by the savagery of war.

Roberts, J, M
Mythology of the Secret Societies
(Secker & Warburg, 1972)
This is an extremely important milestone in the academic study of Freemasonry in the English speaking world. The author is a noted retired Oxford Professor, who was one-time editor of the English Historial Review and Warden of Merton College Oxford. He is the author of numerous books and papers and has presented a number of programmes for television. This work places Freemasonry in a wider social and political context. Sadly it is out of print, but second-hand copies can be found.

Robison, John
Proofs of a Conspiracy
This is a classic Masonic Conspiracy work, written by Professor John Robison in the 1790s, alleging the uncovery of a Masonic plot behind the French Revolution. Will interest the more avid historian. Available in paperback.

Rosslyn, Earl of
Rosslyn Chapel
(Rosslyn Chapel Trust, 1997)
Amid all the hype of many recent, wild and speculative books on this enigmatic chapel, this well written and colourfully produced official guide to Rosslyn Chapel is by far the best read on the subject, with not a spaceship in sight! Available in paperback.

Sadler, Henry
Masonic Facts and Fictions
(Aquarian Press, Wellingborough, 1985)
With an introduction by John Hamill, former Librarian and Curator of the United Grand Lodge of England, now Director of Communications.

Sadler, Henry
Masonic Reprints and Revelations, including original notes and additions
An informative account of early English and Irish Masonry.

Priest and Freemason
(Lewis Masonic)
The Life of the Masonic researcher and priest George Oliver.

Scottish Rite Museum
Bespangled, Painted & Embroidered, Decorated Masonic Aprons in America 1790 - 1850
(Museum of Our National Heritage, Lexington, Mass., 1981)
Catalogue of the Exhibition, with colour and black and white pictures of Masonic Aprons, with explanations of each. Recommended for those interested in Masonic symbolism and regalia.

Smyth, Frederick
Brethren in Chivalry
(Shepperton, 1991)
A sound general history of the Masonic Orders of Chivalry, including the Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, and Knights Templar Priests. Available in hardback.

Smyth, Frederick
Freemasons' Reference Book
(Lewis Masonic, 2000)
A helpful and easy to read reference book for Freemasons.

Stevenson, David
The Origins of Freemasonry, Scotland's Century, 1590 - 1710
(Cambridge University Press, 1988)
A scholarly work which examines the various masonic craft organisations in Scotland during the seventeenth century. The author, now Emeritus Professor from the University of St. Andrews, argues that Freemasonry emerged in Scotland after the re-organisation of the mason craft there in 1599.
Available in paperback.

Stevenson, David
The First Freemasons, Scotland's early lodges and their members
(University of Aberdeen Press, 1988)
A complimentary study to The Origins of Freemasonry. This tome is devoted to the early Scottish Masonic lodges and their membership, according to their geographical location. A very good study. Second-hand copies can be found.

Tydeman, Canon Richard
From the Canon's Mouth - A collection of prose, verse and doggerel
(QCCC Ltd)
Some interesting musings from a figure well-known to English Freemasons.

Vaughan, William Preston
The Antimasonic Party in the United States, 1826 - 1843
(University Press of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, 1983)

Villard de Honnecourt
Revista Villard de Honnecourt
Transactions of the French research lodge.
41 volumes to date.

Webb, John
Rudyard Kipling - Man, Poet, Mason
(Lewis Masonic)
The story of this famous and enthusiastic mason is told beautifully by the author in this neat little booklet.

Webb, John
Horatio Admiral Lord Nelson - Was he a Freemason?
(Lewis Masonic)
John Webb investigates to see if Britain's famous war hero was ever a Mason.

Weir, John
Robert Burns, the Freemason
(Lewis Masonic, 1996)
Commemorating the bicentenary of the death of one of Scotland's favourite sons and National Bard. John Weir's presentation is a welcome addition to the many works already available on this popular wordsmith.

Weisberger, R. William
Speculative Freemasonry and the Enlightenment, a study of the craft in London, Paris, Prague and Vienna
(Columbia University Press, New York, 1993)
Dr. Weisberger begins with an introductory look at the Enlightenment in different parts of Europe, before investigating speculative Freemasonry in early Hanoverian Britain, Paris, Prague and Vienna. A study worth reading for those interested in a crucial period of European cultural development. Available in hardback.

Weisberger, R. William (ed)
Essays concerning European and American Freemasonry
Prof. Wallace McLeod (ed) (Columbia University Press, 2001)
Dr. Brent Morris (ed) Forthcoming!

Wells, Roy A
Some Royal Arch Terms Examined
(Lewis Masonic, 1978)
A though provoking short study of the terms used in both the craft and Royal Arch degrees looking at their respective etymologies and Biblical background. Available in hardback.

Wells, Roy A
Royal Arch Matters
(Lewis Masonic, 1984)
A short and succint study of the Royal Arch as a completion of the Master's degree. Available in paperback.

Wells, Roy A
Understanding Freemasonry
(Lewis Masonic)
This tome comprises a collection of papers on a wide range of topics from the noted Masonic researcher.

Wharton, Duke of
Logia de Estudios e Investigationes, Duque de Wharton
(Duke of Wharton Research Lodge, No.18, Spain)
Vols., 1, 1996 - 97; 2, 1998 - 1999. Vol.3 Forthcoming!
In Spanish.

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