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... to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree ...

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South Australia and Northern Territories Grand Lodge

Masonic Libraries  have special requirements to enable cataloguing of the many different subjects found in their specialized collections.  Several different classification systems have been employed in Grand Lodges Library over the years.  The current system was adopted in 1989 following advice from the Librarian of the United Grand Lodge of England.  The Catalogue of the J.R. Robertson Masonic Memorial Library is arranged according to the following system.  The current edition of the Catalogue covers almost 70 pages and is available for purchase from the Grand Lodge Office. 

General Works on Freemasonry

1.1   Collected works
1.2   Masonic miscellanea
1.3   Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Lexicons
1.4   Yearbooks, Calendars, Directories, Lists - general
1.5   Bibliography

History and Philosophy of Freemasonry

2.1   Masonic research
2.2   Comprehensive Works of Freemasonry, wide-ranging
2.3   Antiquities of Freemasonry
2.4   Early Operative Masonry
2.5   Old Charges, Manuscripts and Landmarks
2.6   General Works
2.7   Secret Organizations
2.8   History, general
2.9   Biography
2.10  Philosophy of Freemasonry
2.11  Religion and Freemasonry
2.13  The State and Freemasonry
2.14  Orations, Lectures, Addresses, Essays

Government and Organization of Freemasonry

3.1   Jurisprudence
3.2   Constitutions and Laws

Grand Lodges

3.3     History
3.3.1  Proceedings, Conferences
3.3.2  Yearbooks, Calendars, Directories


3.4     Individual histories, South Australia and The Northern Territory
3.4.1  Individual histories, Interstate and Overseas

Symbolism, Ritual and Ceremonial


4.1    General - including non Masonic subjects
4.1.1  Craft Degrees


4.2    Commentaries
4.2.1  History
4.2.2  Texts
4.3     Ceremonial
4.4     Etiquette
4.5     Officers and their Duties

Regalia, Jewels and Documents


5.1    History
5.1.1  Catalogues
5.2    Jewels
5.3    Warrants, Patents, Certificates etc.

Other Masonic Degrees and Orders

6   Royal Arch

7   Mark Masonry, and other Additional Degrees and Orders


8.1   General

Masonic Music, Poetry, Plays, Rhetoric

9.1   Music
9.2   Poetry
9.3   Fiction
9.4   Plays
9.5   Rhetoric - Toasts, Speech-making and Meeting Procedure
9.6   Anecdotes, Humour, Parodies

The Fine Arts and Freemasonry

10.1   Architecture
10.2   Art

Anti Masonry and Vindications

11.1   General
11.2   So-called "Exposures"
11.3   Answers and Vindications

Irregular, Spurious and Clandestine Freemasonry

12.1   General

Women and Freemasonry

13.1   General


15.1   Various

Non Masonic Subjects

16.1    History - General
16.1.1   History of Egypt
16.1.2   History of Palestine
16.1.3   History of Assyria
16.1.4   History of Babylon
16.1.5   History of Greece
16.1.6   History of Australia
16.1.7   History of United Kingdom
16.8    Biographies
16.9    Miscellaneous
16.10  Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Lexicons, general Yearbooks, Calendars, Directories

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