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... to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree ...

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Anchor Publications - Books

Blue Light Publishing Books - Books

Freemasonry: - Books by Rene Pieyns

Freemasonry Universal - Books

Global Masonic Publications - Books from a company located in Australia

Ian Allan - Lewis Masonic - company located in England

Kessinger Publishing - Old Books or pamphlets to order.  To see downloaded catalog click here It is very long.  Be patience.  Once done, close window  When you read the descriptions, remember (unlike anti-Masons) that most of the descriptions used are those of the original publisher - and thus may be wildly misleading. For the Masonic researcher, however, this is a treasure trove - and it's a business run by a Mason who wants to ensure you're happy with their service!

LostWord Books - books

Macoy Publishing Company - Masonic Regalia, Lodge Furniture, Books, Rings, Aprons, etc.

Masonic Book Club - A club to receive yearly Masonic books

Masonic Service Association - Books, Short Talk Bulletins

Masonic Media - Cds, e-books

Michael Poll Publishing - A long-time online friend, Brother Mike has done some truly outstanding research on Scottish Rite history  in Louisiana. He has published several of his works and is now offering used books for sale as well. A great place to find some interesting reading material.

Michael Poll Publishing - New, Used and Rare Masonic Books; Articles; Education; Links

Philalethes Society - books

Phylaxis Society - books

Southern California Research Lodge - members buy at discount rate

Southern Masonic Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite's online store - Books and regalia

Templar Books - books

The Temple Books and Publishers - books



Brother Secretary Masonic Software - Computer Software

LODGEical Software Solutions - Software - Commercial Internet Service Provider of web site space. 



Acacia Graphics

John Yates Graphics

Masonic Statistics - Graphs, Maps, Charts



Acacia Jewelry Co. - jewelry

Angela Fine Jewelry

Dustan Jewelry - company based out of Canada

Fraternal Crafters - Another Mason who creates custom-made inexpensive Stainless steel Masonic rings

Fratline Emblematics - by Warren and Co out of Kentucky

Gordon Spurlock -  a retired Navy man (and Mason) who creates custom-made inexpensive rings. We've seen Gordon's work and heard stories of how he goes out of his way to get your ring to you on time. Satisfaction is a great concern with him!

Hattricks's Merchandise & Service - pins and other items

Jems by Jem - Jewelry

Master Mason Jewelry - Jewelry for all Masonic organizations

Pinking - Enamel lapel pins

PinWorld or Lapel Pins and More- has a whole bunch of things for the Mason - and what Mason has enough pins, eh?   They've been donating money from their sales to 9/11 charities and they've got a Masonic/Twin Towers pin that's pretty unique.

Steerman Specialty Shops - Jewelry and watches

Ralph Singer Company

Robins Online Jewelry Store

The Master Jewel - Handcrafted Masonic jewelry

The Wood Butcher - Unique Masonic Clocks.

Wilkins Brothers  - advertises themselves as serving the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite but their offerings will appeal to any Mason looking for rings and jewelry.



Autry Products, Fraternal Products - All type of Masonic products

Bob Davidson Fraternal Crafters

Fiat Lux Unl - Masonic coins and fundraising materials

George Lauterer Company - Masonic Supplies

Grand Lodge of Texas - Masonic Items

Happy Glass Fraternal - company based out of Denmark

Harry Klitzner - has a wide variety of things so if you're looking for a gift, they're a good place to check as well.

H.B. Mackrides Masonic Supplies - Masonic supplies and regalia

Lodge Gifts - multiple items - A Great Site to find Masonic Gifts, Collectables, Books, and Various other Items

Macoy Publishing Company - Masonic Regalia, Lodge Furniture, Books, Rings, Aprons, etc.

Masonic Master - Jewelry, and Other Masonic Items

Masonic Wood Shop - Ronald Swisher has some emblematic wood cuts available if you're looking for that type of thing.

Roulet Company

Square Businness

Toye Kenning and Spencer - A London firm which sells a variety of Masonic items including books, regalia, but mainly jewelry

Turin & Company - another supplier of good repute. Shriners in particular will like their selection of items.



BMJ Collectibles - specializes in Masonic textile products including tapestries, pillows, door pillows, wall hangings, tote bags, and monitor covers.  Nice looking things! 

Buckles Unlimited - Buckles and small regalia

District 8 Masonic Charities Bookstore & More - Books and regalia

Dominion Regalia - company based out of Canada

EOK Enterprises - Masonic Paraphernalia mostly cloth materials

Fraternal Impressions Unlimited - Regalia

Fraternity Plates - Custom auto decals

Hiram Hunter - Masonic Regalia

Los Angeles Fraternal Supply Company - Masonic products or supplies They've books and also got an extensive selection of pins, rings, etc.

Madlynn's Long and Lovely Gowns - Elegant clothes

Mayfair Neckware and Scarf Manufacturers - Masonic fraternal ties and scarfs

Masonic Apparel & Accessories

Masonic Steins - Masonic Steins and other Masonic Fraternities as well

Masonic Styles - Here you will find a unique and stylish way to add flair and excitement to your Masonic apparel!

The Apron Man - Lodge Aprons

The Master Jewel

The Masonic Shop - T-shits mostly and other stuff...very nice

Tudor House - Very fine Masonic china



Capstone Videos - Check out the excellent MASONIC VIDEOS from Capstone Productions, Inc.

The Freemasons Video - Videos

The Music of Freemasonry - Music of Freemasonry

The Songs of Freemasonry  - An unique and original recording of - as the name implies - songs relating to Freemasonry and the Masonic family. This would make a wonderful holiday present for someone....


Lastly, Paul Bessel's list provides an invaluable service to the fraternity with his online lists of nearly everything imaginable has a more extensive list of suppliers of fraternal items. 

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