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... to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree ...

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Last Modified: March 25, 2014

The development of this site is the fruit of the labor that started in 1999. The problem I encountered was that sometimes a website had good information and later, months later, it was gone.  Thus to solve this problem, I started downloading articles to my hard-drive which became a dumping zone of many articles, even though organized, sometimes not easy to find.  Then the idea of creating a website came about.

The purpose of this website is to pass or share information regarding the craft that is already posted somewhere else.   Some material has been compiled; others are as is from the author.  Also you will find information from multiple jurisdictions, that is from many countries as the craft is international.  It is good to have a different view sometimes. If you would like to contribute, please email me.  Also if you were to use some of these articles, please ensure you give credit to its author(s).  Welcome to mention that you found the article in this website.

If there is a link that is not working or move to a new web address, please be so kind to inform me so I may correct it. 

Oh I forgot, new articles and documents will be located as a link in the New Articles Posted which is located in the Articles section in the main page.  This is a way for you to find out what articles and documents have been added.

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The goal of this web site is to become an informative site for those interested in the craft" as well as an educational site for any brother who desires to seek more light in Masonry.  The latter goal is a continuous process thus this page was created to communicate to any brethren what has been added or has been modified.  

One way to stay up-to-date on this page and others is to subcribe to Change Detection.  When there is a change to the page you subscribe, you will be automatically notify via email.  Each page has its own notification.

I hope you will find this website an useful tool.  Any suggestions on how to make this better, please notify me. My email is located at the bottom of each page so may write your comments there.

The latest entries to this page will always be on the top making it faster to you what has been added or modified.  This site will be updated with items below at least on the last day of the month around 22:30 hours (10:30 pm) CST, unless it can be done sooner.

OVER 5000 pages and 150 MG of information

25 March 2014 Combined Short Talks Section Short Talks Consolidated them into one page and put them in the article section
25 March 2014 Created leadership and Management Main Page Created Leadership and Management Section
17 February 2014 Reorganized Links Links Reorganized all links added new ones as well.
17 February 2014 Reorganized Masonic Magazines Masonic Magazines Check all links and added new ones
02 February 2014 Added Masonic Facts Main Page Put together Did You Know and created a Masonic Calendar of Events
30 January 2014 Reorganization Main Page Main Page I reorganized the Main Page to make it a little bit smaller.  Videos are now in one page along with podcasts.  Also put together other pages in one as well.  Hope is better.
20 January 2014 Added Masonic Matters Main Page - Masonic Talks Added all the Masonic Matters I have
18 January 2014 Added More Light Main Page - Masonic Talks Added all the More Light I have
17 January 2014 Added A new Podcast link Main Page - Podcast The After-Lodge Podcast
15 January 2014 Added New Articles page Main Page under Articles Here a page where new articles will be linked to
14 January 2014 Added Podcast Main Page Added 3 great podcasts stations where you can listen to masonic themes/issues
7 January 2014 Added Clipart Main Page - Clipart Added Blue Lodge, Appendant Bodies and Organizations clipart
December 2013 Added News Link Main Page Masonic News worldwide
December 2013 Added Blog and News Main Page Masonic Blogs one can go and read more
November 2013 Added Videos Videos Added a video section about masonic subject.
November 2013 Corrected Corrected many broken links Entire Site Corrected many broken links and removed the clock cursor per many request from viewers.
31 Mar 12 Added New Masonic Books in .pdf format

Library Of  Books

Books that deals with only Freemasonry organized by author, category and book title.
27 Jun 06 Added Esoteric Links Links Added this page under the Resources for those who wanted to do research.
24 Jun 06 Quality Control Entire Site Entire Site Ensure that every link within the site is working and performed as desired.
20 Jun 06 Created Scottish Rite Journals Masonic Talks Added the Scottish Rites Journals to the site
14 Jun 06 Posted Articles Articles Added new Articles
9 Jun 06 Added E-Books E-books Added many E-books I had saved in my computer as I do not have the time to convert them into HTML
21 May 06 Added Feedback Feedback Removed Guest Book as some people were putting "junk" and replaced with a Feedback page
20 May 06 Changed Whole Website Entire Site Rearrangement of entire website.  Goal is to make things easier to find.
23 Mar 06 Changed Changed the entire Main Page Home Page Made it easier to navigate
15 Nov 05 Added Masonic Blunder (Humor) & Did You Know Home Page New pages for your enjoyment.
07 Nov 05 Added Searchables Engines Entire Site (Header) Added couple search engines per request
22 Oct 05 Added Bookmark & Make Home Page Icons Entire Site At the header of the page added some icons where you can bookmark or make this site your home page
22 Oct 05 Added Guest Book Main Page A place where you can comment about the site
02 Oct 05 Added Translation Services Entire Site At the header, you will find icon for translation to other languages.
15 Sep 05 Added Articles and Books Articles and Books Added many more articles and books.  Look for
06 Mar 05 Changed Whole Site Entire Site Rearranged info on site and ensure all pages worked.
18 Feb 05 Added Articles Library of Articles Added new articles.
01 Jun 03 Created Index of All articles Library of Articles Put together in a single sheet all articles located in this site in alphabetical order
31 May 03 Added More Books on line Books on line More books added.
19 May 03 Added Translation Bottom of page At the bottom of each page I added a translation program that once you click on it and you go to the bottom of that page you can type the page URL/Link and it will translate for you to any language you desire.
19 May 03 Changed Master Mason Development Master Mason I changed the way it looked.  I created a table for ease of access
18 May 03 Changed Recommended Readings Education I compiled lists of many recommended readings and file them by category
4 May 03 Changed Articles Articles Had no other choice that to make all articles to be access as a table due to the amount of articles.  Makes it faster and easier for you to access.
4 May 03 Changed Research Societies Links Reorganized and added many research societies and other resources that can be used for these purposes
4 May 03 Changed Recommended Readings Education Reorganized and added more recommended readings from multiple sources
4 May 03 Changed Grand Lodges Information Links Reorganized the Grand Lodges information. Also added some other ones that were missing.
4 May 03 Added Online Publications Online Added a page about online publications to include magazines, books that are online for your reading pleasure
4 May 03 Changed The Home page Home Made changes to the home page to make it easier to access some information
23 Apr 03 Added Quotes Site Added quotes in header and footer.  A different one will appear as a new page is open.
6 Apr 03 Changed Articles layout Articles Change the way Articles is accessed making it faster and easier
25 Dec 02 Updated Added new articles Articles Enjoy them
1 Oct 02 Posted All The Short Talk Bulletins I had Masonic Talks Finally Done.  If you have some that I am missing email them.
28 May 02 Posted This site became official tripod Finally posted

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Last modified: March 25, 2014