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... to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree ...

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Some dates associated with Freemasonry / Philosophy / Religion / Fife / Scotland / England  / Ireland / USA / France / Germany / ...

c    means approximately

?    means maybe

Corrections are invited and welcomed.



Date Event Date Person
c2000 Migration of Patriarchs from Ur of the Chaldeans i Abraham lived
i Egyptian Captivity i  
c1280 Exodus i Moses lived
c1000 Rig Veda (VSL of the Hindus) i  
i   c996 Solomon born
c966 Construction of First Jerusalem Temple by Solomon i  
i   c639 Josiah becomes King of Judah
c622 First Jerusalem Temple repaired c622 Hilkiah discovers Book of the Law
c600 Upanishads i  
597 Babylonian Captivity - First deportations i  
586 Destruction of First Jerusalem Temple by Nebuchadnezzar i  
i   c570 Pythagoras born
i   c563 Siddartha Gautama born
562 Babylonian Captivity - Last deportations i  
538 Decree of Cyrus i  
520 Construction of Second Jerusalem Temple by Zerubbabel i  
515 Dedication of Second Temple i  
i   490 Zeno born
i   469 Socrates born
i   445 Nehemiah arrives in Jerusalem
i Torah - Pentateuch compiled (VSL of the Jews) 428 Ezra arrives in Jerusalem
i   427 Plato born
i   384 Aristotle born
i   356 Alexander the Great born
i   c300 Euclid born
c285 Septuagint translated i  
55 First Roman invasion of Britain - Julius Caesar i  
20 Construction of Third Jerusalem Temple by Herod the Great i  
i   c4 John the Baptist born
i   i Jesus born
CE   CE  
i   c6 John the Evangelist born
i   31 Jesus executed
43 Second Roman invasion of Britain - Claudius i  
60 Iceni Revolt i  
80 Destruction of Third Jerusalem Temple by Romans i  
2ndC   2ndC  
121 Hadrian's Wall i  
139 Antonine Wall i  
3rdC   3rdC  
c250 Scots settle Dalriada - Argyll i  
4thC   4thC  
325 Council of Nicaea i  
c367 Invasion of Roman Britain by Picts & Scots i  
c390 Invasion of Britain by Angles, Saxons & Jutes i  
i   397 Ninian founds Whithorn - Galloway
5thC   5thC  
405 Vulgate Bible (VSL of the Roman Catholics) i  
430 Roman control of England Ends i  
6thC   6thC  
i   563 Columba founds Iona - Argyll
i   570 Mohamed born
7thC   7thC  
622 Hegira i  
c650 Koran - Suras Collected (VSL of Islam) i  
i   662 Ali assassinated
664 Synod of Whitby i  
i   681 Husain killed
685 Dunnichen i  
c691 Construction of Dome of the Rock (Omar's Mosque) i  
8thC   8thC  
732 Battle of Poitiers (Tours) i  
793 First Viking landing in Britain i  
9thC   9thC  
i   849 Kenneth McAlpine becomes King of Scots & Picts
10thC   10thC  
i   900 Constantine II becomes King of Pictland - Alba
11thC   11thC  
1016 Carham 1016 Malcom II unites Scotland
i   1058 Malcom III founds Canmore dynasty
1066 Norman conquest of England i  
i   1068 Margaret Atheling given refuge in Fife
1072 Benedictine Priory Church established in Dunfermline i  
i   1076 Peter the Hermit preaches Crusade
1095 1st Crusade i  
1099 Jerusalem falls to Crusaders i  
12thC   12thC  
1118 Foundation of Knights Templar i  
1128 Council of Troyes 1128 Bernard of Clairvaux authors Templar Rule
c1136 Start of Gothic Architectural Period - Basilique St. Denis i  
i   1146 Bernard of Clairvaux preaches Crusade
1147 2nd Crusade i  
1150 Krac de Chevalier constructed i  
i Dunfermline Priory Church raised to Abbey status i  
1160 St. Andrew's Cathedral founded i  
i   1170 Domenic Guzman born
1187 Hattin 1187 Saladin reconquers Jerusalem for Islam
1189 3rd Crusade i  
i   1192 Saladin allows pilgrim access to Holy Sepulchre
i Inchcolm Abbey founded - Fife i  
13thC   13thC  
1202 4th Crusade i  
1208 Albigensian Crusade i  
1215 Magna Carta i  
1244 Jerusalem retaken for Islam i  
i   c1270 William Wallace born
i   1274 Robert Bruce born
1291 Acre falls i  
1297 Stirling Bridge i  
14thC   14thC  
1307 Templars arrested in France - Friday 13th October i  
1312 Templar Order dissolved  i  
1314 Bannockburn 1314 Jacques de Molay burnt at stake
i Larmenius Charter ( ? ) i  
1320 Declaration of Arbroath i  
1337 Start of Hundred Year War i  
1381 English Peasants' Revolt under Watt the Tyler i  
1384 Wycliffe Bible i  
c1390 Regius Poem i  
15thC   15thC  
1412 St. Andrews University founded - Fife i  
c1425 Cooke Ms. i  
1446 Rosslyn Chapel i  
1453 End of Hundred Year War i  
1468 Dunfermline Grammar (High) School founded - Fife i  
i End of Lordship of the Isles i  
    1469 Guru Nanak born
1475 Edinburgh Masons & Wrights Seal of Cause i  
16thC   16thC  
1517 Martin Luther's Ninety Five Theses published - Wittenberg i  
c1525 Tyndale's Bible (New Testament) published - Cologne i  
1538 John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion published - Strasbourg i  
1540 Society of Jesus founded by Ignatius of Loyola i  
i   1546 George Wishart burnt at stake - St Andrews
i   i Cardinal Beaton assassinated - St Andrews
    i John Knox captured and sent to Galleys - St Andrews
1557 Scottish Reformation - First Covenant - Lords of Congregation i  
i   1559 John Knox returns to Scotland
1560 The Confession of Faith Professed and Believed by the Protestants  i  
  within the Realm of Scotland - ratifed by Parliament i  
1587 Edinburgh University founded i  
1592 First post Scottish Reformation Church constructed - Burntisland i  
1598 First Schaw Statutes i  
i Oldest Lodge Minute - Aitchison's Haven i  
1599 The Lodge of Edinburgh's earliest minute i  
i Second Schaw Statutes i  
17thC   17thC  
i   1600 Giordano Bruno burnt at stake
1601 First Sinclair Charter 1601 James VI initiated ( ? )
i General Assembly agrees on object of new Bible - Burntisland i  
1603 England - Scotland Union of Crowns i  
1604 Guru Granth Sahib compiled (VSL of the Sikhs) i  
i   1608 John Dee dies
1611 James VI - Bible (VSL of Scottish Presbyterians) i  
1614 1st Rosicrucian Manifesto - Fama Fraternitas i  
1615 2nd Rosicrucian Manifesto - Confessio Fraternitas i  
1616 3rd Rosicrucian Manifesto - Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosencreuz 1616 Galileo accused of heresy and recants
1618 Start of Thirty Year War i  
1628 Second Sinclair Charter i  
i   1637 Dr. Robert Fludd dies
1638 Muses Threnody (concerning Perth) published in Edinburgh i  
i Scottish National Covenant i  
1639 Start of British Civil Wars i  
i   1641 Sir Robert Moray initiated
1645 "Invisible College" founded i  
1646 Westminster Confession of Faith 1646 Elias Ashmole initiated
1648 End of Thirty Year War i  
1649 British Republican Commonwealth i  
1653 End of British Civil Wars i  
i British Protectorate    
1660 Restoration of British Monarchy i  
1661 Episcopy re-imposed in Scotland i  
1662 Royal Society of London for the  1662 Sir Robert Moray becomes first President of Royal Society
  Improvement of Natural Knowledge - chartered i  
1670 Mark Book of Lodge of Aberdeen i  
1677 Lodge Canongate Kilwinning founded - Edinburgh i  
1687 Newton's Principia Mathematica published (Laws of Motion & Gravity) i  
1688 British Revolution i  
i Lodge Canongate and Leith / Leith and Canongate founded i  
i Jacobite Lodge La Bonne Foi founded - St Germain-en-Laye (?) i  
1689 1st Jacobite Rebellion 1689 Viscount Graham of Claverhouse killed
1690 Presbyterian Kirk governance restored in Scotland i  
1696 Edinburgh Register House Ms. i  
18thC   18thC  
c1700 Chetwood Crawley Ms. i  
1701 English Act of Settlement i  
i   1703 Newton elected President of Royal Society
1704 Newton's Optiks published (Calculus) i  
1707 England - Scotland Act of Union i  
1709 Lodge of Journeyman Masons founded - Edinburgh i  
1711 Earliest Irish record of Master Mason Degree i  
1715 2nd Jacobite Rebellion i  
i Lodge of Journeyman Masons obtain Decretal Arbitral i  
1717 Grand Lodge of England founded - Moderns i  
1719 3rd Jacobite Rebellion i  
i   1721 Rev. Dr. Jean Theophilus Desaguliers visits Mary's Chapel
i   1723 Rev. Dr. James Anderson's First Book of Constitutions
1725 Grand Lodge of Ireland in existence before i  
1726 Earliest Scottish record of Master Mason Degree - Dumbarton Kilwinning i  
i Jacobite Lodge Saint Thomas founded - Paris i Charles Radclyffe, James Hector MacLean & Dominique O'Heguerty
i Graham Ms. i  
1731 Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania founded 1731 Benjamin Franklin initiated
1732 GLI warrants IC Military Lodge - 1st Foot (Royal Scots) i  
i   1734 Benjamin Franklin becomes GM of Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
1735 Lodge Glasgow Kilwinning (No.4) chartered i  
1736 Grand Lodge of Scotland founded 1736 William St. Clair of Rosslyn becomes first Grand Master of GLS
i Grand Lodge of France founded i Chevalier Andrew Michael Ramsay's Oration
1738 Papal Bull - In Eminenti Apostolatus Specula i  
1743 First mention of Royal Arch - Stirling ( ? ) 1743 Earl of Kilmarnock recommends first SC Military (travelling) Lodge
i GLS warrants first SC Military Lodge - 55th Foot Col. Lee's Regiment i Baron Karl Gotthelf von Hund receives "Clermont System" degrees ( ? )
1744 Lodge Kilwinning breaks with GLS i  
i Grand Lodge Three Globes (Prussian) founded - Berlin i  
1745 4th Jacobite Rebellion i  
i Provincial Grand Lodge of Fife & Kinross founded i  
1746 Culloden 1746 Earl of Derwentwater (Charles Radclyffe) executed
i   i Earl of Kilmarnock executed
i   c1750 Baron Karl Gotthelf von Hund institutes Rectified Masonry
1751 Papal Bull - Providas i  
i Encyclopaedia First Edition published - Paris i  
i   1752 George Washington initiated - Fredricksburgh (No.4) - Virginia
1753 Oldest Royal Arch minute - Fredricksburg (No.4) - Virginia  i  
1754 Clermont Chapter founded - Paris 1754 Chevalier Bonneville establishes Clermont Chapter in Paris ( ? )
1756 Ancient Grand Lodge of England founded 1756 Dermot's First Book of Constitutions - Aihmon Rezon
i St Andrews Lodge Boston chartered by GLS i Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born
1758 "Strict Union" between Ancients and GLI i  
i Fredericksburg (No4) Virginia chartered by GLS i  
i Council of Emperors of the East & West founded - Paris i  
i   1762 John Hancock affiliates to St Andrew's Lodge - Boston
1762 Constitutions - Rite of Perfection i  
1764 Rectified Masonry renamed Strict Observance    
1766 Charter of Compact - Royal Arch Grand Chapter of England i  
1768 Grand Lodge of France closed by Louis XV i  
i Encyclopaedia Britannica First Edition published - Edinburgh i  
1769 Premier Grand Lodge proposes Charter of Incorporation i  
i St. Andrews Lodge Boston confers Knight Templar Degree i  
1770 Grand Lodge Grand Land (Prussian) founded - Berlin 1770 John Paul (Jones) initiated
1771 Grand Lodge of France revived as National Grand Lodge i  
i Loge Amis Reunis founded - Paris i  
1773 "Strict Union" between Ancients and GLS i  
i Boston Tea Party 1773 Paul Revere Master of St. Andrew's Lodge leads Boston Tea Party ( ? )
i National Grand Lodge of France becomes Grand Orient i Louis Philippe Joseph Duc d' Orleans installed as Master of Grand Orient
i   1775 Prince Hall initiated into No.441 38th Regiment of Foot IC
1776 American Revolution - Declaration of Independence i  
i Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations published - Edinburgh i  
i Loge Neuf Soeurs founded - Paris i  
i Order of Perfectiblists (Illuminati) founded by Adam Weishaupt i  
i   1777 Adam Weishaupt initiated
i   1778 Voltaire initiated
i   i John Paul (Jones) raids Britain
i   1779 Benjamin Franklin installed as Master of Loge Neuf Soeurs - Paris
i   1780 Johann Von Goethe initiated
i   1781 Robert Burns initiated
1782 Masonic Congress - Wilhelmsbad i  
i   1783 Simon Bolivar born
i   1784 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart initiated
1784 African Lodge No.459 chartered by GLE i Prince Hall installed as first Master of African Lodge No.459
i   1785 Franz Joseph Haydn initiated
1786 Grand Constitutions - Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite 1786 Honre-Gabriel Riquetti Compte de Mirabeau initiated
1788 American Constitution & Bill of Rights i  
1789 French Revolution i  
i Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen i  
1790 Loge Neuf Soeurs becomes Le Societe Nationale de Neuf Soeurs i  
1791 Jacobins close Lodges 1791 Honre-Gabriel Riquetti Compte de Mirabeau dies (poisoned ?)
1791-92 Thomas Paine's The Rights of Man published i  
1793 Terror 1793 Jean Paul Marat assassinated
i   i Louis Philippe (Egalite) Joseph Duc d' Orleans executed
i   1794 Jacques Rene Hebert executed
i   i Georges-Jacques Danton executed
i   i Camille Benoit Desmoulins executed
1794 Thermador Reaction i Maximilien Marie Isadore de Robespierre executed
i   i Louis Antoine Leon de Saint-Juste executed
1795 Grand Orient of France - revived i  
1797 UK Unlawful Oaths Act i  
1798 Grand Orient of France - sanctioned by Paris police 1798 Napoleon Bonaparte initiated ( ? )
i Grand Lodge Royal York of Friendship (Prussian) founded - Berlin i  
1799 UK Unlawful Societies Act 1799 Napoleon ends Directory
i GLS formally prohibits all non Craft Degrees i  
i Lodge Kilwinning charters High Knight Templars of Ireland - Dublin i  
19thC   19thC  
1800 GLS repeats prohibition of all non Craft Degrees i  
1801 Supreme Council AASR founded - Charleston 1801 Sir Walter Scott initiated
1804 Supreme Council - Scottish General Grand Lodge - Paris i  
i   1805 Guiseppe Mazzini born
1806 Lodge Kilwinning reconciles with GLS i  
i The Lodge of Edinburgh & The Associated Lodges secede from GLS i  
i   1807 Guiseppe Garibaldi born
i   i Simon Bolivar initiated
1811 Royal Grand Conclave of Scotland founded (English charter) 1810 Alexander Deuchar appointed first Grand Master
i Grand Lodge of Hamburg (Humanitarian) founded i  
i Grand Lodge of Bayreuth (Humanitarian) founded i  
i Grand Lodge of Dresden (Humanitarian) founded i  
1813 United Grand Lodge of England founded 1813 Duke of Sussex becomes first Grand Master of UGLE
i United Grand Lodge of England acknowledges Royal Arch i  
i The Lodge of Edinburgh & The Associated Lodges reconciled with GLS i  
i Rite of Memphis established i  
i   1814 Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin born
1817 Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland founded i  
i Grand Lodge of Scotland declares against Royal Arch i  
1826 Early Grand Encampment of Scotland founded (Irish charter) i  
1836 Alamo 1836 James Bowie killed
i   i David Crockett killed
i   i William B.Travis killed
i   1842 Prince Pyotr Alekseyevich Kropotkin born
1842 Lodge Hope of Kurrachee chartered by GLS i  
1843 Disruption of Scottish Kirk i  
1848 Communist Manifesto - published c1848 Richard Francis Burton initiated - Lodge Hope of Kurrachee
i February Revolution - Paris i  
i March Revolution - Berlin i  
i   1849 Pierre Joseph Proudhon initiated
1859 Darwin's Origin of Species published - London i  
1861 American Civil War 1861 Samuel Langhorn Clemens (Mark Twain) initiated
1864 James Clerk Maxwell's Electro-Magnetic Field equations - published i  
1867 Karl Marx's Das Kapital published - Hamburgh i  
1871 Paris Commune i  
i Albert Pike's Morals & Dogmas of the AASR of Freemasonry published i  
1872 German Grand Lodge Alliance i  
1877 UGLE withdraws recognition of Grand Orient of France 1877 Cecil J. Rhodes initiated
i   1881 John Philip Sousa initiated
1884 Papal Bull - Humanum Genus i  
i   1885 Rudyard Kipling initiated - Lahore
1890 Papal Bull - Ab Apostolici i  
i   1893 Arthur Conan Doyle initiated
1894 Grand Lodge of France breaks from Supreme Council i  
1895 Propoganda Due founded i  
20thC   20thC  
1900 D. Murray Lyon's History of the Lodge of Edinburgh No.1 published i  
i   1901 Theodore Roosevelt initiated
i   i William McKinley assassinated
i   i Winston S. Churchill initiated
1905 Chapter General (Royal Grand Conclave) becomes Great Priory of Scotland    
1908 Mustapha Kemal initiated into Committee of Union and Progress i  
1909 Young Turks depose Sultan Abdul Hamid i  
i Grand Lodge of Turkey founded 1909 Harry S. Truman initiated
i Early Grand Encampment subsumed into Great Priory of Scotland i  
i   1911 Franklin D. Roosevelt initiated
1913 National Grand Lodge of France founded i  
1914 Start of First World War i  
1917 Bolshevik Revolution i  
1919 End of First World War i  
i Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Fife & Kinross founded 1919 Earl of Elgin & Kincardine becomes first Grand Superintendent
i Bolsheviks close Russian Lodges i  
1921 Kronstadt 1921 J. Edgar Hoover initiated
1922 Prussian Grand Lodges withdraw from German Grand Lodge Alliance 1922 Johan (Jean) Julius Christian Sibelius initiated
1925 Mussolini outlaws Freemasonry in Italy i  
i Adolph Hitler's Mein Kamf published i  
1935 Nazis close German Lodges 1935 Salvador Allende initiated
1936 Spanish Civil War i  
1939 Start of Second World War i  
i Franco outlaws Freemasonry in  Spain i  
1940 Vichy France outlaws Freemasonry i  
i Nazis / Quisling close Norwegian Lodges i  
1945 VE Day i  
i Hiroshima - Nagasaki i  
i VJ Day i  
1946 Partition of India into India & Pakistan i  
1947 UN votes to partition Palestine i  
1950 Korea i  
1954 Start of Vietnam War i  
1956 Suez i  
1961 Berlin Wall constructed i  
1962 Cuban Missile Crisis i  
1973 Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto closes Pakistani Lodges i  
i Lodge Hope of Kurrachee declared dormant i  
1975 End of Vietnam War i  
1976 Propaganda Due charter withdrawn by Grand Orient of Italy i  
1981 Italy outlaws secret societies i  
1988 David Stevenson's The First Freemasons published - Aberdeen i  
1989 Church of Scotland Panel on Doctrine councils against Freemasonry i  
i Berlin Wall falls i  
1990 Gulf War i  
21stC   21stC  
2003 Iraq War i  
2004 Grand Lodge suicide bombed - Istanbul i

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