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... to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree ...

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Be it kend till all men be thir present letters ws Deacons Maistres and freemen of the Masons within the realme of Scotland with express consent and assent of Wm Schaw Maister of Wark to our Souane Lord ffor sa meikle as from aige to aige it has been observit amangis that the Lairds of Rosling has ever been Patrons and Protectors of us and our priviledges likeas our predecessors has obey’d and acknowledged them as Patrones and tectoris while that within thir few years throwch negligence and sleuthfulness the samyn has past furth of vse whereby not only has the Laird of Rosling lyne out of his just rycht but also our hail craft has been destitute of ane patron and protector and overseer qlk has genderit manyfauld corruptions and imperfections, baith amangis ourselves and in our craft and has given occasion to mony persones to conseve evill opinioun of ws and our craft and to leive off great enterprises of policie be reason of our great misbehaviour wtout correction whereby not only the committers of the faults but also the honest men are disapoyntit of their craft and ffeit. As lyikwayes when divers and sundrie contraversies falls out amangis ourselfs thair follows great and manyfald inconvenientis through want of ane (Patron and Protector) we not being able to await upon the ordinar judges and judgement of this realme through the occasioun of our powertie and langsumness of process for remeid qrof and for keeping of guid ordour amangis us in all tymes cumyng, and for advancement of our craft and vocatioun within this realme and furthering ofpolicie within the samyn We for ourselves and in name of our haill bretherene and craftismen with consent foresaid agrees and consents that Wm Sinclar now of Rosling for himself & his airis purchase and obtene at ye hands of our Souane Lord libertie fredome and jurisdictioun vpone us and our successors in all tymes cummyng as patrons and judges to us and the haill fessoris of our craft wtin this realme quhom off we have power and commission sua that hereafter we may acknawlege him and his airis as our patrone and judge under our Souerane Lord without ony kind of appellation or declynyng from his judgement with power to the said Williame and his airis to depute judges ane or mae under him and to use sick ampill and large jurisdictione upon us and our successors als weill as burghe as land as it shall pleise our Souerane Lord to grant to him & his airis.

William Schaw, Maistir of Wark.
Edinburgh - Andro Symsone  Jhone Robesoune

St Androse  -    *       *       *       *       *       *       *
Hadingtoun  - P. Capbell takand ye burdyng for Jon. Saw,  J.
Vallance     William Aittoun

Achiesone Heavin - Georg Aittoun  Jo. Fwsetter    Thomas Petticrif

Dunfermling -  Robert Pest

Thomas Weir mason in Edr. Thomas Robertsoun wardane of the Ludge of Dunfermling and Sanct Androis and takand the burding upon him for the brethren of the Mason Craft within they Lwdges and for the Commissioners efter mentionat viz. David Skowgall Alexander Gilbert
and David Spens for the Lwdge of Sanct Androis Andrew Alisone and
Archibald Angous Commissionaris for the Lwdge of Dwmfermling and
Robert Baize of Haddington with our handis led on the pen be the
notaris underwritten at our commandis because we can nocht write.
Ita est Laurentius Robertsoun notarius publicus ad praemissa
requisitus de specialibus mandatis dict. personarum scribere
nescien. ut aseruerunt testan. manu mea propria.
(Ita est) Henricus Banna(Tyne) connotarius ad premissa (de mandatis)
antedictarum personarum (scribere nescientium ut aseruerunt teste)
manu mea propria.

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