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... to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree ...

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The following books deals with the subject of What is Freemasonry and its philosophy.

A Pilgrim's Path by John J. Robinson
A readable and well-written examination of Freemasonry which includes a critical look at its detractors.

A Modern Mason Examines His Craft by L. C. Helms
Balancing the facts and fiction that seem to surround Freemasonry. A short book designed to clarify and make salient aspects of the Craft more easily understood.

Freemasonry: A Celebration of the Craft, by John Hamill and Robert Gilbert 1992.
This beautiful, richly illustrated book provides chapters on the origins of Freemasonry, the history of the Craft, an introduction to our ideas of wisdom, strength, and beauty, and a gallery of 275 famous Masons.  It is a joy to climb into this book, not only for its wonderful, yet easy to comprehended text, but also for the visual extravaganza of photos, paintings and graphics that are so important in telling the story of Freemasonry.  It will look great on your coffee table.

Freemasonry: A Journey Through Ritual and Symbol, Thames and Hudson by W. Kirk MacNulty, London, 1991
Beautifully illustrated introduction to Freemasonry.

Freemasonry: Its Image of Man by Buillano DiBernardo

Freemasonry: Its Hidden Meaning by George Steinmetz

Freemasonry and its Ancient Mystic Rites by Charles W. Leadbeater

Freemasonry Revealed by Reynold S. Davenport

Ice: The Ultimate Disaster  by Richard W. Noone Three Rivers Press, New York, 1982. Paper.
Interesting book for those who like to read ideas of pre-history foundations of the possible Masonic philosophy. Reads well and has many Masonic ideas in it if one ignores the theory that the end of the earth, as we know it, should have been May 2000. Book does have many ideas and reads well.

Introduction to Freemasonry by Harry L. Haywood
Pocket-sized, less than 80 pages, easy reading, but will answer many of your questions about the origin and purpose of Masonry; the three degrees, the Side Orders, world Masonry.

Introduction to Freemasonry by Carol Claudy
Answers to the simple elementary inquires of the new brother to whom all of Masonry is strange. Examines each of the three degrees in detail.

Is It True What They Say About Freemasonry? by Art de Hoyos and S. Brent Morris
A historical and critical look at the arguments and tactics of anti-Masons.

Reflections on Masonic Values by Mabini G. Hernandez
Originally from "Dear Dad" letters. Good advice.

Spirit of Freemasonry by Foster Bailey

The Builders by Joseph Fort Newton
Written especially for the new Iowa Mason to tell him the things he would most like to know about Masonry - what it is, whence it came, what it teaches, what it is trying to do in the world.

The Craft and Its Symbols by Allen E. Roberts, 1974
Classic introduction to Freemasonry.

The Great Teachings of Masonry by Harry L. Haywood
What is it all about? What is it trying to do? How did it come to be? What are its central and permanent teachings?

The Meaning of Masonry by W. L., Wilmshurst, Gramery Books, New York, 1980.
Exposition of character, meaning, and religious aspect of the Fraternity.

The Newly-Made Mason by Harry L. Haywood
What he and every Mason should know about Masonry. Readable, concise, comprehensive. Covers briefly but adequately the origin, history, philosophy, symbolism, organization and operation of the Masonic Order.

The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall, J. Augustus Knapp (Illustrator) / Hardcover / Published 1999
Simply put, this is the most beautiful and complete occult book ever published. It represents a lifetime of research into the mythology, symbolism, and magical practices of countless cultures. From the secrets of Isis to the teachings of mystic Christianity, nearly every occult dogma imaginable is represented here. The book is full of giant illustrations, some of which fold out into a magnificent two-page splendor. This is the definitive guide to secret societies, famous figures, and more a must for every personal library.

The Spirit of Masonry by William Hutchinson

Understanding Freemasonry by Roy A. Wells
Some of his classic writing.

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