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The following books deals with the rituals and symbolism in Freemasonry.

600 Years of Craft Ritual by Harry Carr

A Commentary on the Freemasonic Ritual by E. H. Cartwright
Like the above, this is from England. Harry Carr said of this one: "No one has written anything better in this particular field".

Craft and Its Symbols by Allen Roberts / Hardcover
This book has become a runaway Masonic best seller. It covers the symbolism and the story behind the ritual of the Craft degrees. Southern California Research Lodge, and many others presents it to Entered Apprentices. It is a presentation volume and takes the initiate through the ceremonies of initiation to the meaning of the Master Mason degree. It's MUST reading. It explains the meanings of the initiation ceremonies the newly raised Master Mason has just gone through. The wife of a master mason will gain an understanding of the new avenues opening for a better and fuller life for the entire family. If you are a non-Mason who has heard about Freemasonry, but wants to know more about the Fraternity and its teachings before you petition, this book is must reading. Bound to resemble a Lambskin Apron.

Emblematic Freemasonry, by Arthur E. Waite. Mr. Waite is the author of many books on mysticism as well as Freemasonry. He gives a sometimes unique view as to the origins of Freemasonry and its symbology.

Freemasonry: A Journey Through Ritual and Symbol by W. Kirk MacNutly / Paperback
The historical illustrations of Masonic tracing boards are a rare find, and the incorporation of Jungian psychological principles into an explanation of the Blue Lodge degrees made quite fascinating reading. 133 illustrations.

Freemasonry: Its Hidden Meaning by George H. Steinmetz
The lectures and symbols are carefully and systematically examined so that the reader can really understand them.

Freemasonry in the 21st Century by Don Bradley, Linda Darger (Illustrator) / Paperback
An in-depth study of the authors interpretations of practices and rituals necessary to advance through the first three Initiations of Freemasonry. Not a historical piece, but an interesting blow-by-blow of how the rituals are structured and their effects upon the inner bodies of the candidate.

Masonic Symbolism by Charles Clyde Hunt
Fifty-nine informative studies and interpretations of many Masonic symbols. Simple and readable, dependable, thorough, sound in interpretation, inspiring.

Masonic Symbols in American Decorative Arts

Origin of the Masonic Degrees by F. de P. Castells

Signs and Symbols of Freemasonry by A. E. Waite

Six Hundred Years of Craft Ritual by Harry Carr
The development of our Masonic Ritual. Impressive documentation, absorbing style.

Some Deeper Aspects Of Masonic Symbolism by Stephen Dafoe, Arthur Edward Waite (Editor) / Paperback
Long out of print, Arthur Edward Waite's "Some Deeper Aspects of Masonic Symbolism" is a must read for those Freemasons interested in a better understanding of the Masonic degrees that make up the Craft Lodge of Masonry. Waite covers such topics as, the meaning of initiation, the Third Degree, the Christian Mysteries, Operative Masonry, The Old Charges and a host of other topics. Also included in this small volume is "An Appreciation of Arthur Edward Waite" by Joseph Fort Newton and an afterward by Stephen Dafoe on the importance of Pythagorean Symbolism in Masonry unique to this volume. Templar Books is pleased to bring this lecture by the late Arthur Edward Waite to the Masonic Fraternity once again.

Sources of Masonic Symbolism by Alex Home, Macoy, 1981
Readable historical basis for much of Freemasonry

Symbolical Masonry by H.L. Haywood

Symbolism in Craft Masonry by Colin Dyer

Symbols of the Fraternity by Daniel Beresniak

The Lost Language of Symbolism by Harold Bailey

The York Legends in the Old Charges by Alex Horne

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