The Master Mason - February 1925

FREEMASONS MAY well ask, what is to be the future of the craft? Everything advances, improves, broadens, and Freemasonry must keep step with the march of mankind or fall by the wayside.  

Masonry must adapt itself to the demands of the age in order to be effective in the fulfillment of the great purpose for which it exists, and which alone can justify its existence. If, therefore, our young men are to serve Freemasonry and make it effective for its high and noble end, they must be taught what Freemasonry is, whence it came, what it brought to us from the remote past, and what it is trying to accomplish, so we can apply its spirit and teachings to the problems of the day.

While carefulness in the selection of candidates will at least to a considerable extent eliminate the opportunist, the vain and selfish hypocrite, it requires an effective program of Freemasonic education to arouse interest among the brethren in order to overcome that inertia and apathy which paralyzes Masonic thought and action. - New England Craftsman.

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