The Masonic Trowel

... to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree ...

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Index of old masonic TALKS

Below is in alphabetical order of the following Old Masonic Publications, under its own sub-heading to make it easier to find:

the Old Past Master,

the Old Tyler Talks,

the Rays of Masonry,

the Builder - working on it.....

The Masonic Service Association of North America (MSANA) Short Talk Bulletins are located in a separate page due to its length.


Ancient Landmarks
A Mason's Christmas
Brotherly Love
Do You Study Geometry?
For Love -- Or Money?
"In My Heart"
Masonic Libraries
Order of DeMolay
"Silk Stockings"
That "Atheist!
The Better Way
The Charity Fund
The Ideal Mason
The Masonry You Make
The Pledge
Those Legends
Those Symbols
When Laughter is Sad
When Twice Two is Five
Why Symbolism?
Work to Do

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A Lodge Is Born
A Masonic Speech
Acting As Chaplain
Atheist And Agnostic
Beautiful Adventure
Book Upon The Altar
Could Be
Country Lodge
Democracy On Lodge
Examining Committee
Eyes Lifted High
Foolish Questions
Foolish Spending
Gambols on the Green
Geometric Bull
Gift of the Magi
Gold and Iron
He Found Out
His Christmas
In Men Hearts
Inner Meaning
Judge Not
Keepers of the Door
Kinds of Masons
Learning the Work
Masonic Talk
Masonry's Failure
Masonry in Business
Meanest Master
Mirror Lodge
New Cut Trails
On A Lodge Budget
On Being Asked To Join
On Finding Out
On Investigating a Petitioner
On Knowing Names
On Secrets
Outside Activities
Poor Fish
Shooting the Masonic Gun
So Many Rascals
Substitutes At Funerals
Supreme Being
The Dirty Trick
The Dislike Petitioner
The Forgotten Word
The Greatest Work
The Hallowed Old
Those Disclosures
To Wait How Long?
Two Faced!
What Is Masonry?
Why Men Love Freemasonry

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A 16 Hour Day
A Fact in Nature 
A Library of Ages 
A Name and What it Suggests 
Afraid of the Light 
Am I A Master Mason 
An Affirmative Outlook 
Bringing Masonry Home to Lodge 
Christmas Is Infinite Love 
Courage Today Insures Masonry Tomorrow 
Decision, The 
Degrees and Life 
Do the Little Things 
Durable Inspiration
Efforts of Masonry, The 
Events and the Mason 
For the Benefit of our Young Masons 
Freedom From Arrogance 
Genuine Charity 
Ghost of Oppression 
Habit of Kindness, The 
I Am a Master Mason 
If All Men Were Masons 
Into the Lives of Others 
Just A Dream 
Lodge Activities 
March of Masonry, The 
Marked Men 
Mason and Society, The 
Mason of Many Years 
Masonry in the Home 
Masonry is its Own Reward 
Masonry's Only Fight 
Masonry's Plan
Middle Chamber, The
Mighty Flame, The
Modernizing Masonry
Moral Document, Our Constitution
My Sacred Obligations
Obligation of the Worshipful Master, The
Old Time Masonry
Other Fellow, He's Your Brother
Our Strength  
Place to Start, The
Price of Freedom, The 
Purpose, The
Responsibility of the Worshipful Master, The
Security or Liberty
Retrace Your Steps
Self Expression  
Strength in Understanding 
Study of Self, The 
Twenty-four Inch Gage, The
Uneven Battle, The
Union of Hearts, The
Wages of a Master, The
We Are Dreamers
We Must Make the Future 
What Is Important 
What Is Your Masonic Membership Worth 
What Masonry Must Preserve 
What Masonry Teaches
You are Masonry

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