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... to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree ...

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The purpose of this page is become a medium whereby brothers and others may continue their Masonic education.  To know more about the craft, to seek further Light in Masonry, it is your duty because one day you may be asked to impart it to others who are seeking Light and more Light within the craft, as well as, the better you are able to defend it against those who have the wrong idea.

Below are some links that will help you start in this never ending journey......

This section is grouped by following categories:

  • Regarding Masonic Education
  • Regarding Memory or Memorization
  • Regarding Mentorship
  • Regarding Reading
  • Regarding Understanding the Ritual
  • How To Study
  • Others
  • Recommended books and magazines subscriptions
  • quizzes

Please take a few minutes to see what is under each heading so you can familiarized yourself.

Also I have put two Masonic Dictionaries to help you broaden your understanding of the meaning of some words.  This is a small  Masonic Dictionary compilation, as well as Masonic Abbreviations.  Also in this site, you will find Albert Mackey's "Lexicon of Freemasonry(NOTE: This will take you to another section of this website). 

Another great book which will aid you in understanding the craft is The Symbolism of Freemasonry by Albert Gallatin Mackey.

Regarding the degrees, the Craft and its Symbols for each degree and its symbols and the craft, see the Mentoring Coach the Coaches under its respective degree. (NOTE: This will take you to another section of this website)

Lastly a recommended reading list for those seeking further light as well as some recommended Masonic Magazine Subscription.

There are two sections in this website that you should also look.  The Articles section  as well as the Masonic Books on this site have excellent writings written by many brothers or scholars - a great education Masonic Tool. (NOTE: These links will take you to another section of this website)

Also to help you further your quest for Masonic knowledge, in this website, there are two other links that you should see once in a while.  The first one will take you to each Grand Lodge Magazine they publish.  Also, there is another link that will take you to Online Masonic Magazines that I was able to find in the web.  (NOTE: These links will take you to another section of this website)

For those who are interested in historical development of the ritual please see The Web of Hiram,  an electronic database of the Masonic material held in many of the University of Bradford's Special Collections as part of his on-going research into the cultural origin of scientific ideas. As other material has been donated to this work it has been added to the archive. None of the rituals and statutes recorded in the data are currently in use. It is in effect a scrap heap of discarded ritual and belief.  

Please remember, interpretations and analysis of so-called Masonic subject/events/history is in accordance with the author of the article..  Each person may give it a different interpretation; it all depends on how deep and knowledgeable one understanding is in such subjects.

The following articles deals with the subject of Education within Freemasonry in different subjects. If an article should be in a different category, please email me.

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