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more light #271


by Ed Halpaus
Grand Lodge Education Officer
Grand Lodge of A. F. & A. M. of Minnesota

Dear Masonic Student,

Before I get in to this week’s topic for More Light I would just like to comment on some books that are likely in your Lodge that contain some very good Masonic information and history. Many times these books are either overlooked or thought to be of little value, but if one were to take the time to read them with an eye for learning there is information in them that is well nigh impossible to find elsewhere. These books are the proceedings of the annual communications of every Grand Jurisdiction in the world.

Over the years, having attended a few Grand Lodge Communications in various jurisdictions, I have seen but a few Masonic Memorial Services conducted at Grand Lodge Communications. Masonic Memorial Services have been and can be conducted at year end for a Lodge or a Grand Lodge at its Annual communication. The following is from the 1960 Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota. As you read about the candles below, please know that each candle is presented by a Brother Mason, who could be a Past Master or Past Grand Master in addition to the Grand Master or Master of a Lodge. I have left the names of the departed Brethren from 1960 in place, but these names are left in as an example and ought to be replaced with current names if used for an annual memorial service by your Lodge or Grand Lodge.

Candle No. 1
I light this candle, symbolic of God. In Him we live and move and have our be­ing. “The heavens declared the glory of God and the firmament showest His handiwork. 0, Lord, our Lord, how ex­cellent is Thine Name in all the earth!”

Candle No. 2
I light this candle, symbolic of the Holy Bible, The Great Light in Masonry. “Blessed is the man whose delight is in the law of the Lord and who meditates thereon day and night. Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Candle No. 3
I light this candle in memory of Most Worshipful Past Grand Master Keith M. Brown, who, held fast to the ideals of the Founding Fathers and served wherever and whenever his country called, whether in peace or war. He was always active in community life in all its facets. He gave much of his time and self in dutiful, diligent and dedicated service to the welfare of all. Those who knew him best, as well as those with whom he came in contact, say of him: “As a man, Mason and public servant, there was inculcated in his thinking and action, the principles and tenets of brotherly love, friendship, and all that is best for everyone that their welfare might be forever fostered and nurtured.”

Candle No. 4
I light this candle in memory of Most Worshipful Brother Leroy E. Matson, Past Grand Master, a distinguished law­yer, excellent judge of our Supreme Court, lover of youth and especially De-Molay and Boy Scouts of America, and of young people everywhere. A community builder and ever a loyal citizen, devoted to the American way of life, as defined by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, may his zeal, his motivating force for the Craft, his upright living, interest and devotion to the welfare of America live long in the memory of his host of friends and all who knew him and had the privilege of his association. He was truly a disciple of brotherly love, relief, truth and justice to all.

Candle No. 5
I light this candle in memory of Most Worshipful Brother J. Miles Martin, Past Grand Master of Masons of this Grand Jurisdiction. He was a truly devoted, dedicated Mason. His work and efforts above and beyond the call of duty in many of the Masonic bodies brought to him high honors and elevated him to high offices. A devoted family man, good husband and father, outstanding Mason and citizen, who loved his country; he left a legion of friends who mourn his death. It has been truly said of him that in his lifetime he crowded in more accomplishments than any two people ordinarily do in theirs.

Candle No. 6
I light this candle to signify the glory of life as lived by those Brethren of the Craft in Minnesota, who since our last Annual Communication entered the Ce­lestial Lodge, where presides the Su­preme Architect of the Universe, the Grand Master of all mankind. “Those whom virtue unites, death can never separate”.

Candle No. 7
I light this candle in memory of Master Masons, “Known but to God,” who, an­swering the call of Country, made the supreme sacrifice that this Nation might live, and that freedom become the herit­age of all mankind. God grant that Ma­sonry may ever hold aloft the flaming torch of Liberty, and pass it on to the generations to come.

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