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more light #261

Robert's Rules

by Ed Halpaus
Grand Lodge Education Officer
Grand Lodge of A. F. & A. M. of Minnesota

By Harley Johnson, Past Master, and Past Grand Lodge District Representative.  

"Now why the puzzled look young man?"  

"Well, do we follow Roberts Rules of order in Lodge? I have read and read about proper ways to do things in a meeting, our Lodge follows some of the ways but not all?"  

"Well young Man that is a great question you asked, and too often most never give it a mind. You see The Master has the say on question and the proper way to do things in 'closed Lodge' He does have a protocol to follow but not 'Roberts Rules of Order' as it is written in the published books. Can you think of the problems and needless bad feelings that would occur if a meeting could get out of hand, the mistrust, or as you may have seen those with the loudest voices or most supporters could do if they could by-pass the word of the Master?  

"He is the one who has the responsibility of the Lodge in his elected hands; also he is the one who we follow during a meeting. But when the Lodge closes in form he is just one of us, a man who has his own responsibilities on his mind. In other words look at the politics of our country; it has fallen to 'who yells loudest wins right or wrong.' In Lodge the Master only has to stand, rap his gavel, and all disquiet stops; it stops now, and you know, it calms tempers and restores reason. So you see, we as Masons probably gave the writers of Roberts Rules the ideas but, as with so many things, something changed; while we have not. Now do you have a better idea young man?"  

"Yes I do; and now it's my turn to say; let's get some of that coffee."  

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