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more light #249

Speak now To Us Of masonry

by Ed Halpaus
Grand Lodge Education Officer
Grand Lodge of A. F. & A. M. of Minnesota

By Roger S. Brown  

And when the Labor of the day was ended and evening had come, They gathered on a high hill and having placed one of the guild of Tyler's to guard against the approach of cowans and eavesdroppers, They seated the Oldest Master in the Chair. Then the others gathered at his feet saying, "Tell us of our great free order of Masons."  

And he said, "What wilt thou?" and one said, "Now speak to us of the lodge."  

He answered saying, verily, the lodge is as a mother. She giveth us birth by bringing us from darkness unto light. She provideth us instruction mete to our youth and training in the art of character building and manhood. She feedeth our bodies with the milk of human kindness. She causeth our soul to know of the Fatherhood of God. She teacheth each of us is a brother. She loveth no one more than another but putteth each on the same level. None to her is a stranger. She is a sanctuary for the weary. A wholesome, guiding light. She demandeth little but giveth much. Verily, she is a mother.  

Then Another said, "Speak to us of the lesser lights."  

And he said, "Anciently the Sun was thought to rule the day and at nighttime the Moon assumed this duty by governance of the time of darkness.  

To the Master of the lodge is given the task of ruling and governing his lodge both day and night. Placed in a triangular position are the lesser lights. Viewed from any side one taper always appears to be centrally placed. This one would guide our steps in the search for truth while those on either side would keep our steps from straying too far either to the right or to the left. Regard well the lesser lights, my brothers."  

Then one said "What of truth?"  

And he answered saying, "Lo, truth is like unto a bright star by which the seafaring man steers his course. It shines constantly, if he will but look for it yet he cannot grasp it nor can he examine it closely. It is nothing that he can take in the palm of his hand and say it is thus and so.  

Yet he hath faith that it will lead him safely to the end of his voyage. So is truth like unto a guiding star which, if followed in faith, will never lead us to the right or to the left along the path of righteousness. Truth is much to be desired by the earnest craftsman."  

Yet another said, "What is the choice among wealth, power and wisdom?"  

And he answered saying, "Three wayfarers in ancient times in a far- away country rescued an all-knowing man from a dire situation. Being possessed of strange powers he granted each one a desire as a reward. The first chose wealth, the second power and the third wisdom, unbelieving the powers of the stranger. In after years the first became possessed of great wealth. He bought his position, his friends and his pleasures and he was beholden to none. As time went on his wealth went from him and his position, friends and pleasures deserted him leaving him worse off than before. The second man gained great power. He held control over the lives of many of his fellowmen and in their hearts they hated him. In time his power faded but not the hatred, leaving him more destitute than before. The third gained great wisdom. He understood life. He understood the birds and the beasts and the whys and wherefores of all things. None could take his wisdom from him for his was the wisdom of the heart. Unto him was rendered much power which he exercised wisely for the good of all. And unto him came great wealth which he shared with others. Verily wisdom is to be desired above all things."  

Others clamored to ask him more of the teachings of the craft but he stilled them saying, "Know you not that an over-abundance of talk is confusing? Ponder upon what ye have heard and go thy ways in peace."  

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