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more light #248

What Happens When A Man Really Prays?

by Ed Halpaus
Grand Lodge Education Officer
Grand Lodge of A. F. & A. M. of Minnesota

by Brother Joseph Fort Newton  

He learns that he lives in two worlds-this world where we see and breathe, buy and sell. And another world, unseen, wherein we find faith, hope, and love that make the world of touch and sight, of struggle and loneliness, livable.  

When we pray, we personalize the world in which we live. We bring God into our lives. We have an experience of God, not as an illusive, but as a sustaining presence. We are no longer left to go on a long, lonely journey, not knowing the way, the reason for going, or the end.  

Also, we learn that this world has a mind of its own, which is the will of God. If we pray wisely, we do not ask God to do what we want done, but to make us worthy and willing to do what He wants done. "In His will is our peace," said Dante long ago; His holy will not our fitful wish.  

Lincoln said that he went to his knees because he had nowhere else to go. He was a strong, wise, patient man, but he felt his hopelessness - he had no vanity-and sought wisdom wiser than his own. Such Is the meaning of the worth, the extraordinary privilege of the hour of prayer.  

What is the purpose of Freemasonry?  

By Dwight L. Smith  

Its purpose is the same as it has been since the day when the stones for King Solomon's Temple were hewn, squared and numbered in the quarries where they were raised. It is to take an individual-just one man at a time, mind you, and as a good a man as possible-and try to make a better man of him. That is all.  

How desperately the world needs just that! And if the technique is outmoded, then the experience of two thousand years is all wrong; the Parable of the Mustard Seed is horse-and-buggy philosophy; the Leaven of the Loaf is a cruel hoax.  

The mere fact that men do not comprehend its purpose does not mean that Freemasonry has no purpose, nor that its purpose is outmoded-it only means that the stones (members) are not being well-hewn and squared in the quarries (lodges) where they were raised.

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