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more light #246

What Is Faith?

by Ed Halpaus
Grand Lodge Education Officer
Grand Lodge of A. F. & A. M. of Minnesota


What is Faith? How do we apply it in our daily lives? From time immemorial, man has had faith in many ideals. When our forefathers founded this country, they had faith in its future. When we attend the church of our "Faith," we, as Masons, are taught to have faith in the existence of a Supreme Being. It has been this continual faith over all the years, exerted by society toward their fellow man that has resulted in our progress in civilization toward that ideal of one common "Band of Society."  

Today, more than ever, it is obvious that we must have a faith in our ideals and in our fellow man in all that we do. Changes are taking place in our society, in our youth and in our technology, that often leaves us quite breathless. Often as we discuss some of the problems facing our young people today, we hear the expression, "What kind of an example have we set for them, or what kind of future can we offer them?" How can they have a faith in the present world that we are giving them?  

Certainly the tenets of Freemasonry can be the most encouraging and vital inheritance that our youth can receive. They will accept them only if we can show them by example how important these teachings will be to influence their future purpose and happiness. Most of us want our youths of today to emulate in some ways the pattern of life that we ourselves hold in such high regard. Why can't this be an experience in Masonry?  

If you are concerned about the direction our youth are headed in, it is time that you stopped shaking your head. Hold it up high and attend all of your lodge meetings. The direction that Masonry is headed depends upon whether or not they have enough faith in you to follow. I think they will.  


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