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... to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree ...

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Last Modified: February 16, 2014

Here you will find English Masonic Magazines that are online.

They are organize as Active, Inactive (no longer publishing but you may find old publications there) and Subcriptions (those that you will have to pay to receive them)

If you know of any other Masonic Magazines or a link that does not work please email me so either I may add the magazine or fix the dead link.


California Freemason On-line- Bi-Monthly - Grand Lodge of California

EMESSAY Notes - Monthly - From MSANA

Empire State Mason - Quarterly  Archives

Indiana Freemasons - Quarterly - From Grand Lodge of Indiana

Freemasons Press - Welcome to this Independent International Quarterly Review on Freemasonry and related subjects.

Freemasonry Tasmania - Semiannually - Grand Lodge of Tasmania    Archives

Freemasonry Today Magazine - Quarterly - The Official Journal of the United Grand Lodge of England

Freemasonry Victoria Magazine -  Quarterly - United Grand Lodge of Victoria, Australia

FOCUS Newsletter - Monthly - From MSANA (Click Newsletter and then Focus)  Archives

Masonic Forum - Quarterly - From Romania in English    Archives

Masonic Tribune - Quarterly - From The Grand Lodge of Washington

Missouri Freemason Magazine - Quarterly - From Grand Lodge of Missouri

Regular Grand Lodge Of England Newsletter

Small Town Texas Mason E-magazine - Monthly     Archives

The Ashlar The Scottish Masonry magazine

The Chronicles of Futhermore

The Freemason - From England

The Freemason Magazine - Quarterly - From the United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT, Australia

The New Zealand Freemason - Quarterly (March, June, September & December) From New Zealand     Archives

New Zealand Freemason - The Official Magazine for Freemasons in New Zealand.

The Nova Scotia Freemason - Bimonthly - The Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia Canad

The Pennsyvania Freemason On-Line Edition - Quarterly - From Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania

The Queensland Freemason - Quarterly - The United Grand Lodge of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Three Pillars Ezine


Lodgeroom International - No longer publishing - Old Magazines here

MQ - Masonic Quarterly Magazine, official publication of the UGLE. No longer publishing    Archives

On The Level (OTL) - Quarterly - Yahoo Group - No Longer Active

Rising Point - BIANNUALLY - No longer active - Archives there as well

Tanana Valley Masonic News - Masonic News from the Interior of Alaska. No longer Active



The Royal Arch Mason

Royal Arch Masons many

The Cryptic Freemason

York Rite Crusader

The Northern Light Magazine - From Northern Jurisdiction Scottish Rites

Scottish Rite Journal - Southern Jurisdiction

Past Issues 1999 to Today
SRJ 1997 - 1998



Freemasonry Today - Subcription

Masonic Magazine - Subcription

The Ashlar - Subcription

The Heredom - Subscription - Annually From the Southern Jurisdiction Scottish Rite

The Masonic Globe - Subcription

The Philateles Society - Subcription

The Square - Subscription - The independant magazine for freemasons

The Templar History - Subcription

Working Tools -  Subscription - A Masonic Readers Digest. A quick, easy and fun way to learn about the craft.

The Living Stone Magazine - Subscription

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Last modified: February 16, 2014