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1. Q. Where was George Washington made a Mason?   Answer

2. Q. When and where did George Washington take his 1st Degree?   Answer

3. Q. When did George Washington take his Fellowcraft Degree?   Answer

4. Q. Who was the Charter Master of Alexandria Lodge #22 at Alexandria Va.?   Answer

5. Q. What change in the name was made in this lodge?   Answer

6. Q. Did George Washington have a Masonic burial?   Answer

7. Q. What other Presidents besides Washington took his oath of office on the Bible belonging to St. John's Lodge of New York City?   Answer

8. Q. Who owns the Presidents Bible?   Answer

9. Q. Did George Washington ever attain the position of Grand Master?   Answer

10. Q. Who gave General Washington an embroidered apron?   Answer

11. Q. What was the last public occasion where George Washington acted as Master of Ceremonies?   Answer

12. Q. Did Washington adhere to the Masonic tradition when he laid the cornerstone of the Capital building?   Answer

13. Q. What Grand Lodge has possession of the Washington Urn?   Answer

14. Q. When was the mystic Shrine organized?   Answer

15. Q. What is Grotto?   Answer

16. Q. How many movable jewels are there?   Answer

17. Q. What are the immovable jewels?   Answer

18. Q. What are the cardinal virtues?    Answer

19. Q. In what degree is the chisel a working tool?   Answer

20. Q. What is the significance of the Cable Tow?   Answer

21. Q. Did only Freemasons make use of "marks"?   Answer

22. Q. What workman's metal tool swam?   Answer

23. Q. What is a Plumb Line?    Answer

24. Q. What is the indented Tassel?   Answer

25. Q. What are the 3 ornaments of a Lodge?   Answer

26. Q. What is the definition of Ashlar?   Answer

27. Q. What is the covering of a Masonic Lodge?   Answer

28. Q. What are the furnishings of a Lodge?   Answer

29. Q. What are the 3 principle supports of a Masonic Lodge?   Answer

30. Q. Who was the first "Deputized Grand Master in the North American Colonies"?     Answer

31. Q. How is the Grand Master addressed when presiding over the Grand Lodge?   Answer

32. Q. What are the officers of a Grand Lodge?   Answer

33. Q. To whom does the property of the Lodge belong upon its dissolution?   Answer

34. Q. Was there any division in the Grand Lodges of the United States during the War Between the States?   Answer

35. Q. Who only may make Masons at sight?   Answer

36. Q. What is the badge of office of the Deacons?   Answer

37. Q. What is the badge of office of the Stewards?   Answer

38. Q. What is the origin of the title Tyler?   Answer

39. Q. Which of the Presidents have been Grand Master of his state?   Answer

40. Q. Who was the first native-born American to be made a Mason?   Answer

41. Q. Who was the first Mason recorded as coming to this country and when?   Answer

42. Q. Who was the first Mason, of whose affiliation we have positive evidence to come to the colonies?   Answer

43. Q. What is the oldest thing in the Western Hemisphere of Masonic interest?   Answer

44. Q. What is the oldest Masonic document in the Western Hemisphere?   Answer

45. Q. What is the 1st regular and duly constituted Lodge in America?   Answer

46. Q. Give the date of the oldest existing Masonic record in America.   Answer

47. Q. What did the Masons have to do with the Boston Tea Party?   Answer

48. Q. What happened to St. Andrews Lodge on the night of the Boston Tea Party?    Answer

49. Q. What well known Mason and patriot was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill?   Answer

50. Q. Was Paul Revere our Revolutionary hero and Grand Master of Mass. of English decent?   Answer

51. Q. What action did the Lodges in the colonies take during the War of Independence?   Answer

52. Q. How were Lodges operating in the colonies prior to 1730?   Answer

53. Q. What Lodge did Benjamin Franklin join during his long residence in Paris?   Answer

54. Q. What famous French nobleman, who was an officer in the American army, was a mason?   Answer

55. Q. How did the Colonial Lodges take sides in the Revolutionary War?   Answer

56. Q. What was the alleged reason for the succession of the Ancients at the time of the schism of 1738?   Answer

57. Q. When did the "Ancients" begin to operate in the state of Pa.?   Answer

58. Q. Do any of the States continue to use the work of the "Ancients"?   Answer

59. Q. What Lodge in Va. has the distinction of holding the oldest charter in that state?   Answer

60. Q. How many lodges have been charted in the original 13 colonies at the close of the Revolution in 1783?   Answer

61. Q. What is the 1st Lodge of which we have documentary evidence in Canada?   Answer

62. Q. When was the cornerstone of the Capital laid?   Answer

63. Q. Give the location of the first Masonic Temple in America.   Answer

64. Q. Which is the best known of the military Lodges?   Answer

65. Q. Did the British and Colonial troops exchange Masonic Courtesies during the War of Independence?   Answer

66. Q. When did Mass. discontinue giving numbers to Lodges under its Jurisdiction?   Answer

67. Q. Is there any historic record of a Mason saving his life through the use of a Masonic Sign?   Answer

68. Q. Who was Nebuchadnezzar?   Answer

69. Q. What is the Biblical definition of the title Rabbi?   Answer

70. Q. What is a yod?     Answer

71. Q. What 2 tribes constituted the Kingdom of Judea?   Answer

72. Q. What was psaltery?   Answer

73. Q. What was the idol most chosen by the Hebrews on one of their periodic defections to idolatry?   Answer

74. Q. What were the boundaries of Canaan?   Answer

75. Q. How many words in the Old Testament are there?   Answer

76. Q. How many books are there in the old Testament?   Answer

77. Q. When was the King James or Authorized Version of the Bible published?   Answer

78. Q. Who were the Ammonites?   Answer

79. Q. What Lodge was known as the Mother Lodge in the days of Pioneering ?   Answer

80. Q. What is the root of the word Lodge?   Answer

81. Q. Which is the northernmost Masonic Lodge in the U.S.A.?   Answer

82. Q. Has there ever been a uniform work all over the 50 states?    Answer

83. Q. Why is at he floor of a Lodge and oblong square?   Answer

84. Q. What is the principal link binding all Masonic Lodges everywhere?   Answer

85. Q. Are there any insurance benefits in Masonry?   Answer

86. Q. Can a woman be a mason?   Answer

87. Q. What is the meaning of "Brithering"?   Answer

88. Q. What is the difference between Esoteric and Exoteric Masonry?   Answer

89. Q. What does the ground floor of the Lodge represent?   Answer

90. Q. What is called a Clandestine Lodge?   Answer

91. Q. What is Masonic Law in relation to "Clandestinisum?   Answer

92. Q. In which of the states are there some Lodges without names, using only numbers?   Answer

93. Q. Who presides over the Lodge when called from labor to refreshment?   Answer

94. Q. Is the use of any kind of decorations on a Masonic apron proper?   Answer

95. Q. What is the meaning of the "Substitute Word "?   Answer

96. Q. Do you know the difference between a cowan and an eavesdropper?   Answer

97. Q. Where is Joppa?   Answer

98. Q. What was the location of Ethiopia?   Answer

99. Q. Is the choice of Ethiopia as a place to hide regarded by Masonic historians as a good one?   Answer

100. Q. What is the location of the land of Nod?   Answer

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Answer 1. In Fredericksburg Lodge in Va. At the 3rd or 4th communication after its organization, which took, place Sept. 1, 1752   Question

Answer 2. Nov4, 1752. At the Lodge at Fredericksburg, Va. The record of the lodge, still in existence shows that he paid the fee of 2 pounds,3 shillings   Question

Answer 3. March 3, 1753 and on August 4 following the record shows that he was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason.   Question

Answer 4. Gen. George Washington   Question

Answer 5. In 1805 the name was changed to Alexandria-Washington Lodge #22   Question

Answer 6. Washington was buried with Masonic honors at Mt. Vernon 4 days after his death. With one exception all of the pallbearers were members of Lodge #22   Question

Answer 7. Warren G. Harding who was also a mason.   Question

Answer 8. St. John's Lodge #1 N.Y., N.Y.   Question

Answer 9. No. When the Convention of the Lodges of Va. Nominated him as Grand Master of the Independent Grand Lodge of the Commonwealth, Washington declined the honor.   Question

Answer 10. Madame Lafayette, the wife of the Marquis, who sent from Paris to George Washington at Mt. Vernon. It is now in possession of the Washington Benevolent Society of Philadelphia.   Question

Answer 11. At the laying of the cornerstone of the Capital in Washington D.C. September 18, 1793   Question

Answer 12. No. The cornerstone was laid at the Southeast Corner.   Question

Answer 13. The Mass. Grand Lodge. It bears the following inscription: This urn encloses a lock of hair of the Immortal Washington. PRESENTED JAN.27 1800 to the Mass. Grand lodge by HIS amiable WIDOW. Born 2-11-1732 obt.12-14-1799.   Question

Answer 14. Wm. J. Florence, the actor, on a tour to the near East in 1870, meet the Sultan in Cairo Egypt. The Sultan, who was head of a society after which the Shrine was patterned, was intrigued by Florence's whit and charm and had him inducted in the order. Florence upon his return to America had the ritual translated into English, and with Dr. Walter M. Fleming, he became a co-founder of the Mystic Shrine. Membership from its inception was confined to either Knights Templar or Scottish Rite Masons, to insure a "select" class of men to compose its membership   Question

Answer 15. An organization similar to the Shrine, of no connection with Masonry, excepting that qualification for membership. It is the playground of Blue Lodge Masons as membership in the higher Degrees is no necessary qualification.. It is known as the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm. Its main concern is to forget your troubles and have a hilarious time. It started in Hamilton, N.Y. in 1899   Question

Answer 16. 3 the rough Ashlar, the Perfect Ashlar, and the Trestle board.   Question

Answer 17. The Plumb, Square, and Level.   Question

Answer 18. Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence and Justice.   Question

Answer 19. In the Mark Master Degree.   Question

Answer 20. This was called "cable rope" in the old rituals. Cable Tow is from the German "Kabel Tau", is symbolic of the cord binding thee new born infant to it's mother, and the tie by which the initiate is attached to his Mother Lodge.   Question

Answer 21. No. They were in use by practically all of the building craftsmen.   Question

Answer 22. The Axe, caused to swim by Elisha. (II Kings 6:6)   Question

Answer 23. A line to which a piece of lead is attached to cause it to hang perpendicularly, a working tool of a Fellowcraft.   Question

Answer 24. The tessellated border, one of the 3 principal ornaments.   Question

Answer 25. The Mosaic Pavement, the Indented Tassel, and the Blazing Star.   Question

Answer 26. A free stone as it comes out of the quarry.   Question

Answer 27. We are told in the lectures that our ancient brethren met in a high hill or a low vale; hence the covering must have been the overhanging vault of heaven. So in the symbolism of Masonry the covering of the Lodge is said to be " a clouded canopy or starry decked heaven.   Question

Answer 28. The Holy Bible, Square and Compasses with the Charter from the Grand Lodge.   Question

Answer 29. Beauty to adorn it, Strength to support it and Wisdom to contrive it.   Question

Answer 30. Daniel Coxe, in 1730. However there is no record of his having officiated as such. He was a member of Lodge #8 in London, at the Devil Tavern within Temple Bar.   Question

Answer 31. Most Worshipful (except Pa. Where the Ancient Right Worshipful is used). All officers below Grand Master are addresses as Right Worshipful.   Question

Answer 32. Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Senior Grand Warden, Junior Grand Warden, Grand Treasurer, and Grand Secretary. Two each Grand Deacons and formed by the Grand Master is said to be done "in ample form".   Question

Answer 33. As the Lodge owes its existence and all rights and prerogatives to the Grand Lodge from whom it received its Charter or Warrant, it is a principle of Masonic Law that when such a Lodge ceases to exist, either by withdrawal or surrender of its Charter, all of the property reverts to the Grand Lodge. Should the Lodge be restored by revival of its Charter, its property should be returned because the Grand Lodge held it only as a trustee.   Question

Answer 34. No.   Question

Answer 35. Grand Masters. The prerogative of the Grand Master to make masons at sight is described as the 8th landmark of the Order. It is but right to say that this doctrine is not universally received as established by the Craft.   Question

Answer 36. The Senior Deacon carries a rod and wears as a jewel of a square and compass with the sun in the middle. The Junior Deacon also has a rod and has a somewhat similar jewel excepting that the square and compass has a moon in the center.   Question

Answer 37. They carry a rod and the jewel of their office is the cornucopia, which is the symbol of plenty.   Question

Answer 38. He was called Tiler or Tyler because the man who put the roof or tiles completed the building secure from intrusion, so the officer who guarded the door, by analogy was named Tiler   Question

Answer 39. Andrew Jackson, who had been Grand Master of Tenn. and Harry S. Truman who has been Grand Master of Missouri.   Question

Answer 40. Jonathan Belcher. Born in Boston in 1681 and graduated from Harvard about 1699. During a visit to England he received his Masonic degrees in 1704. He was governor of Mass. and New Hamp. For over 10 years, and was a man of standing in civil and political life in his community.   Question

Answer 41. John Moore, the Kings collector at the port of Philadelphia, who in a letter to James Sandllands, Esq. Of Chester, Pa. wrote under date of 3-10-1715,"Ye winter has been very long and dull and we have no mirth or pleasure except a few evenings spent in festivity with my Masonic Brethren".   Question

Answer 42. John Skane, merchant who was a member of Aberdeen Lodge, Scotland in 1670 migrated to New Jersey in 1682   Question

Answer 43. A flat slab of rock found on the shore of Goat Island in Annapolis Basin of Nova Scotia by Dr. Charles T. Jackson while making a survey in 1827. On it were cut the date 1606 with the emblem of the square and compass.   Question

Answer 44. The ledger of St. John's Lodge, Philadelphia, Pa. for the year 1731   Question

Answer 45. First Lodge in Boston, 7-30-1733.   Question

Answer 46. 1st Lodge in Boston 12-27-1738.   Question

Answer 47. All who participated were Masons and the entire planning was done in a Masonic Lodge.   Question

Answer 48. It was the night of their stated communication and the record for that meeting states" that the Lodge was closed until the next night on account of the few members in attendance".   Question

Answer 49. General Warren, who was Worshipful Master of his Lodge. HE died 6-17-1775.   Question

Answer 50. No, he was born in Boston son of a French Nobleman, Rivoire de Romegneu, who after suffering financial reverses became a silversmith and became plain Monsieur Rivoire.   Question

Answer 51. The Mass. Grand Lodge declared its independence in early 1777, and established itself as a Sovereign Grand Lodge, this was immediately followed by Virginia, and within a few years each state had its own Grand Lodge.   Question

Answer 52. By what is called a prescriptive right. It was not until 1733 that there was any legal authority to constitute Lodges according to the English regulations adopted in 1717.   Question

Answer 53. The Lodge of the Nine Muses of which many literary celebrities were also members. It was in this lodge that he participated in the initiation of Voltaire.   Question

Answer 54. Marquis de Lafayette, who General Washington made a mason in the army lodge at Valley Forge.   Question

Answer 55. In most of the Colonies the "Ancients" favored the revolutionist and the "Moderns" were loyal to King George III   Question

Answer 56.           Question

Answer 57. In 1758   Question

Answer 58. Pa. continues the work as it was done prior to the union of the Grand Lodges.   Question

Answer 59. Kilwinning Crosse Lodge #2-237-1 dated December 1, 1775. The name used in the application for charter was "Kilwinning Port Royal Crosse Lodge". They received a 2nd charter from the Grand Lodge of Va. 12-3-1796. Becoming dormant it received a 3rd charter 12-122-1865 but lived only 4 years. It is now operating under a 4th charter issued 12-14-1881. It is now #237 and all of these charters are in possession of the present Lodge. During the Civil War, Union troops raided the Lodge rooms and carried away much of the belongings, some of the articles were restored in 1885 and 1887 which had originally come from Scotland. The records from 1754 to 1859 were found in an Antiquarian shop in Philadelphia in 1909. These records furnish the data given here.   Question

Answer 60. 167. The Grand Lodges of England, Scotland and Ireland or subordinate Grand Lodges chartered all of them   Question

Answer 61. St John's Grand Lodge of Mass. Established a Lodge at Annapolis, under date of 1740. His Excellency Edward Cornwallis was First Master. It is an interesting historical fact that Edward Cornwallis was uncle to the Lord Cornwallis who surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown in 1781.   Question

Answer 62. Sept 18,1763, with Masonic Ceremonies, conducted by the President, Brother George Washington, who came up from Alexandria, accompanied by Alexandria Lodge #39 and was joined by Potomac Lodge #9. The gavel used on that occasion, made by one of the workmen, was presented to General Washington, after the ceremonies it was given to the Worshipful Master of Potomac Lodge #9 and has been in the possession of that Lodge ever since.   Question

Answer 63. It was erected in 1784 on Lodge Alley, near 2nd and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia.   Question

Answer 64. American Union Lodge, warranted in 1776 by St. John's, Grand Lodge of Mass. This Lodge followed throughout the Revolution, and then into the Northwest Indian Campaigns. It is still in existence as American Union Lodge #1 of Marietta, Oh. Its war time records are preserved and make most interesting reading.   Question

Answer 65. Yes. Once the British, during a retreat after a battle, left the emblems of their Lodge and a copy of their constitution behind. Gen. Washington returned them with an escort and guard of honor. This is only one of a number of similar occasions.   Question

Answer 66. Up to 1804 there were Lodges of both English and Scottish charters. When these were merged, they ceased giving numbers, to avoid any questions of seniority.   Question

Answer 67. Yes. General Israel Putnam was about to be tortured at the stake by the Indians under the French command. A French officer recognized the sign and caused his release immediately.   Question

Answer 68. A king of Babylon, who in the 11th year of the reign of Zedekiah, King of Judah, captured Jerusalem after a siege of about 12 months. The city was destroyed and most of the citizens taken as captives to Babylon.   Question

Answer 69. A teacher and interpreter of the law. It was a title of great honor.   Question

Answer 70. A Hebrew letter phonetically equivalent to i or y. In symbolic Masonry the letter G has replaced the yod, but in the higher degrees it is retained and within a triangle is the symbol of Deity.   Question

Answer 71. The tribes of Benjamin and Judah. Known as the Davidian dynasty.   Question

Answer 72. A stringed musical instrument used by the ancient Hebrews.   Question

Answer 73. Baal or Bael or Belus, chief divinity representing the sun among the Phoenicians.   Question

Answer 74. Low Country. Original boundaries were Mt. Lebanon, Arabia, the Jordan, and at some points the Mediterranean. At the coming of Christ it was divided into 5 providences: Judea, Samaria, Galilee, Perea, and Idumea, being 180 miles long and 75 miles wide.   Question

Answer 75. 592,439   Question

Answer 76. 39   Question

Answer 77. In 1611. It has been said that Shakespeare and the King James version will preserve the English language for all time.   Question

Answer 78. Descendants of Lot, and the perennial enemies of the ancient Hebrews.   Question

Answer 79. Western Star Lodge #107, at Kaskaskia, on the Mississippi in what is now the state of Ill. The Grand Lodge of Pa. chartered it in 1805. Due to conditions of travel in those days the dispensation did not reach Kaskaskia until 1806.   Question

Answer 80. It cones from the Sanskrit "loga" which in the sacred language of the Ganges, signifies "world", of which every lodge is a representation, to what we call Lodge the Persians gave the name "Jehan" whence by corruption comes our expression, a Lodge of St. John.   Question

Answer 81. The Lodge in Fairbanks, Alaska.   Question

Answer 82. No. The adoption of a uniform ritual throughout all the 50 states in all probability will never occur.   Question

Answer 83. Because it is half as wide as it is long. Patterned after the Ark of the Covenant, Moses had made for the children of Israel on their journey to the Promised Land.   Question

Answer 84. Lawful authority. No Lodge can be formed and work without this essential element.   Question

Answer 85. No.   Question

Answer 86. According to Masonic law, No. However in France and many Latin American countries women have been made Masons. The Hon. Mrs. Aldworth was initiated in Doneraile Ireland, in 1734. Another authenticated case is that of Mrs. Beanton, who died in Norwitch, England in 1802 at the age of 85. Both of these women had acquired Masonic secretes surreptitiously and were compelled to submit to initiation.   Question

Answer 87. The Scotch word for Masonic initiation.   Question

Answer 88. That secret portion of Masonry, which is known only to the initiates, is esoteric as distinguished from exoteric or monitorial. The words are from the Greek and were first used by Pythagoras who divided his classes according to the degrees of knowledge they had attained.   Question

Answer 89. Mt Moriah, on which the Temple of Solomon was built.   Question

Answer 90. A body of Masons uniting in a lodge without the consent of the Grand Lodge, or even if legally constituted to continue to work after its Charter has been revoked.   Question

Answer 91. Regular Masons are forbidden to converse with clandestine Masons on Masonic matters.   Question

Answer 92. 12 Lodges in Pa. Jurisdiction that have numbers only.   Question

Answer 93. The Junior Warden.   Question

Answer 94. No. All extraneous ornaments and devices are in bad taste, and distract from the symbolic characters of the investiture.   Question

Answer 95. It is a symbol of the unsuccessful search after "Divine Truth" and the attainment in this life, of which the first temple is a type.   Question

Answer 96. Cowan, a purely Masonic term technically means an intruder whereas eavesdropper signifies an unauthorized listener. The word came to England from the Scotch Operatives as a term of contempt.   Question

Answer 97. A town of Palestine about 40 miles west of Jerusalem. This was the port to which the King of Tyre sent his ships with materials for King Solomon's Temple   Question

Answer 98. A tract of country to the south of Egypt and watered by the upper Nile.   Question

Answer 99. No. The selection of Ethiopia as a refuge by the ritualist seems to be inappropriate, when we consider the character of that country in the age of Solomon.   Question

Answer 100. The mysterious land of which Cain journeyed after killing Abel (Genesis 6:1-16)   Question

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