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... to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree ...

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Items deals with Lodge Management

Each correct answer worth 2 points

1. What is the highest honor that a lodge can confer upon one of it's members? 

2. Before sitting in open lodge, every visitor must be                                       

3. After opening the lodge, every first time visitor, should be                                         

4. After opening the lodge, All Past Masters should be invited to                                       

5. How many brethren must be appointed to the committee to examine visitors?            

6. What is the maximum number of visitors that can be examined at one and the same time?      

7. The                                         lists all lodges in Fraternal relations  with the Grand Lodge of Maine. 

8. A visitor having passed the examination may insist on inspecting the                                              

9. Which lodge officer is responsible for every visitor being a brother of the degree being opened?                              

10. Every Grand Lodge Officer and Permanent member of Grand Lodge should be received with                       

11. When the Grand Master is present, at what point in the opening does the Master receive him?                  

12. Which Grand Lodge officer raps at the door to announce that the Grand Master and his suite awaits to be admitted?                                  

13. Which five lodge officers forms the escort for receiving the Grand Master?                             

14. Which lodge officers form behind the Grand Master during his reception?                         

15. At what point in the reception of the Grand Master does the Master remove his hat?                                    

16. At what point in the reception of the Grand Master does the Master rap up the Brethren?                             

17. When the Grand Master is escorted to the East during his reception, where should the Lodge Master be?                

18. When the Grand Master is introduced in a tyled Lodge he is accorded the                                      

19. When the Grand Master is introduced in an open Lodge he is accorded the                                    

20. The Master should present the                                           of the Lodge to the Grand Master after receiving him.

21. Which honors do Past Grand Masters receive in a tyled Lodge?                                          

22. Which honors does a Master - elect receive at his private installation?                                    

23. Which honors does the D.D.G.M. receive on his official visitation?                                           

24. At what point in the degrees does a candidate receive the title, "Brother"?                                            

25. When does a Brother receive the title, "Worshipful Brother?                                                   

26. Which Grand Lodge officers attain the title, "Very Worshipful"?                                                

27. Which Grand Lodge officers attain the title, "Right Worshipful"?                                               

28. When does a brother attain the title, "Most Worshipful"?                                                     

29. The highest Masonic title attained is retained for                                            

30. In Lodge always use Masonic title with                     name or                            name.          

31. In correspondence - Titles are used on                                but not on                                 

32. "A certain number of Masons, duly assembled is called a                                          

33. Campaigning or nominations for Masonic Lodge office is not                                       

34. Masters and Wardens can not                                         from office. 

35. In the absence of the Master the following may preside                                  

36. A Brother entering an open Lodge should go behind the Altar and give                          

37. It is the duty of the                                             to meet and greet all members.

38. The Master's hat is a symbol of                                                          

39. Who may wear the Master's hat in the East?                                                   

40. Why should no one pass between the Altar and the East except during degree work?                             

41. Every applicant for the degrees must be                                years of age. 

42. Every applicant for the degrees must have been a resident of Maine for                                months. 

43. Degrees cannot be conferred until                                   days after election. 

44. In balloting how many white balls must there be?                                     

45. In balloting how many black cubes must there be?                                      

46. No member is excused from balloting on a petition except by                                vote of the Lodge. 

47. In preferring Masonic Charges which Lodge officer prepares the specifications of the offense?                      

48. What are the three types of punishment that Grand Lodge can impose for a Masonic offense?                            

49. In conducting the Masonic Memorial Service the Master should stand                                     

50. During a Masonic Memorial Service the                                          should be clear  between the casket and the family and friends.

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