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Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr

The Bible teaches that marriage is a union between man and woman for life, when it is sanctified in the eyes of God. The very essence of Christian marriage is in the consent of both parties, who join together before God and publicly acknowledge their troth (faithfulness; loyalty) to each other. This act, according to the Bible, makes them "one flesh." (See Gen. 2:23; Matt. 19:5,6; Mark 10:8; 1 Cor. 6:16; Eph. 5:31). This covenant between man and wife can only be broken by the unfaithfulness of one or the other, or by death. The marriage bond may only be broken through the "adultery" of one party or the other, never for incompatibility.'' No man has the authority to break this marriage bond; no judge, no preacher.

The marriage ceremony is a covenant, which imposes on both parties, certain mutual duties and invests both with certain inalienable, God-given rights. These rights must be jealously guarded by both parties. By becoming "one flesh," they have become something special in the eyes of God. The mutual duty of husband and wife is to remain pure and chaste, honoring and loving each other. Neither may lawfully (God's law) join in covenants with others, which will infringe on these conjugal rights.

This Christian Covenant comes into immediate conflict with the Masonic and Judaic Covenants, since both of these protect the man's right to commit adultery. If either of these covenants are accepted in lieu of Christianity, it will doom Christian marriage and the Christian family. Of course, this is the purpose of both Masonry and Judaism.

The wife in a Christian marriage covenant has the inalienable right to know the nature of any contract her husband may enter into with others, especially if this contract might weaken or annul his duty to remain chaste and pure. There is a Divine law involved here, which neither the man nor woman may evade with impunity. Their agreement is a matter of written record and neither has the moral nor spiritual right to overstep the bounds of this contract.

The husband is bound to respect the law of God and follow it, just as he should expect his wife to do. There can be no such thing as a "double-standard" for either of them, as has been so common in both Masonry and Judaism.

In the Masonic contract, the wife is not consulted on the matter of the man's morals, neither by the Lodge, or by her husband. Even if she agrees with him becoming a Mason, she knows nothing about the nature of the covenant he has made with the Lodge and how it may effect her marriage. To all intents and purposes, she has become a "chattel." The Masonic Covenant supersedes any other covenant the Mason may make with God or his fellowmen. He must subordinate everything, even his family, to his Masonic belief.

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