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Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr

The Seventh Commandment clearly states: "Thou shalt not commit adultery!" There is no equivocation here, there is no way we who love God can by-pass this with impunity. It means that if we fear and love God, we will remain chaste and pure in our thoughts, words and deeds, each man honoring his own wife, and that of his fellowman. Being a man, I know that it is not always easy to avoid impure thoughts, but our Lord taught that "adultery lies in the heart of men, rather than in the outward act itself." Men are prone to look on the outward act, while God judges the heart. The Christian system strives to purify the hearts and thoughts of both men and women. There is no way a man or woman who loves God, can escape the finality of this Commandment. But it is quite different in the Masonic system. Instead of aiming at purifying the thoughts of a man's heart, Masonry aims to legalize the sin of lust and find accommodation for the indulgence of the individual within the framework of the Lodge. No wonder Freemasonry is so popular with so many men.

The essence of vice in the Masonic system is not in the indulgence itself, but in failing to keep it concealed from the profane (non-member). As long as the indulgence is concealed, to the Mason it is a virtue. It is a vice only to the Christians, whom they claim are too stupid to realize all the fun they are missing.

What makes things "vices" in the estimation of the Christian, is their erroneous position on morals, according to Freemasonry. This makes the ethics of Masonry irreconcilable with those of Christianity. This is why a Christian, who professes to have turned his life over to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, has no business being a Lodge member. (Now I realize I will be stepping on a lot of toes by making this statement, since there are many professing Christians in the Lodge. In fact many of the clergy of the Southern Baptist Church are Masons. Once they see the inner workings of the Lodge, they should know better. But whether they like it or not, this does not change the truth).

Perhaps, it might be well for me to quote to these brethren, the words of the Apostle Paul to the church at Galatia: 'Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" (Galatians 4:16).

To find the truth regarding Masonic ideas of chastity, we need to go to the Masonic Covenant, since this in essence is what makes a Mason. There is something in that Covenant which when taken, or entered into, changes a man into a different "moral order," and marks him as guided by a system of ethical principles and precepts which are not found in the Christian system. The Mason becomes a "different order of man," bound by his covenant to Freemasonry and a different system of ethics. He now has, in the eyes of the Lodge, certain rights and liberties, which the Law of God does not give him.

The Masonic devotee enters into a new and unique religious and moral realm, by having renounced the God of revelation, to covenant and make the "generative principle," under the name of THE GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE, his god, and the "law of nature," his ethical standard!

As we examine the Masonic teachings concerning chastity, we need to look at the Master Mason's Oath relating to virtue (Rit. 149) - "I solemnly promise and swear that I will not violate the chastity of a Master Mason's wife, mother, sister or daughter, knowing her as such."

God's law says: "Thou shalt not commit adultery!" It speaks to all men and women, married and single. It speaks to the Mason and it does not say: "You may violate this law, as long as you do not violate it with a Master Mason's females.

But this is a "narrow moral code" which the natural man does not like. It was given by Almighty God for our protection. In Matthew 7:13, 14 we read where two roads are open to mankind, one is broad and easy and leads to destruction. The majority opt to follow this road. The Christian way is narrow and difficult to follow," because it means we MUST control our illicit desires. Therefore few people want to follow it, even though it leads to "Eternal Life."

The Masonic teaching follows the "broad road to destruction," because men would have it so. The Masonic oath insists on chastity within the rank of Master Mason, but it hedges and "beats around the bush," as far as the major question goes. It even allows him to have illicit relations with the females of a fellow Master Mason, as long as he does not know they belong to him.


1.- It forbids adultery with the chaste female members of another Master Mason's family.

2.- Since even this prohibition is "too narrow" for Masonic liberalism, a qualifying phrase is added: "knowing her to be such." "Ignorance is bliss," according to the Masonic way of thinking and the Seventh Commandment should really be interpreted to read: "Thou, a Master Mason, shall not commit adultery with a female member of a Master Mason's family, as long as you know she is chaste."

3.- Assuming the Master Mason respects his Covenant, is it because of his respect for chastity or because the "holiness" of Masonry demands it? To all these questions we must give a resounding "NO!" answer.

The Master Mason respects the chastity of a female relative of his brother Master Mason, because his oath tells him he must. Here again we see the Jewish influence in Freemasonry, for in Judaism, according to the TALMUD, a Jewish man may violate a Gentile woman, because she is looked on as a "piece of fresh meat." This same spiritual authority (TALMUD) gives him the right to violate a baby girl under the age of three and to sodomize a boy under the age of nine. You don't have to go very far in Freemasonry, to see the evil influence of Judaism in their morals. In Masonry, as in Judaism, fear, love and trust in God has nothing to do with their moral standards.

If there is virtue in obedience to a man-made covenant, it is the same virtue and honor known among thieves and cut throats, when they swear to be true to their fellows, for fear of the punishment which may befall them, if they break their contract.

This is the same kind of "virtue" King Herod showed in Matthew 14:6-11, when for the sake of a stupid promise he made to a prostitute, and for public appearance sake, he had John the Baptist executed.

Christians believe in obeying God's Law because it proves their fear of His majesty, and their love for His mercy and love. Christ said: 'if ye love me, keep my commandments." We show our love for Him, by the way we obey Him (John 14:15). The Mason obeys the Masonic laws, even when they conflict with those of God, because that is the nature of the "Masonic beast." They view the Ten Commandments as another form of "moral law," which is too narrow for them to keep.

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