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Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr

The moral law makes it the duty of every person to speak the truth. We are told in Proverbs 13:5 - "a righteous man hateth lying." In Proverbs 12:22 - "Lying lips are an abomination unto the Lord." (Some thing that makes Him want to "throw up.") The moral law forbids lying, deceit and "dissembling" (disguising things), concealing them under false pretenses whether by words or actions. No class of men are exempt from this obligation.

But in Masonry, as in Judaism, their followers do not follow the same law as that laid down for Christians. As a result, a Mason is allowed to lie, if it will help a fellow

Mason; just as a Jew is allowed to lie in order to cheat a hated "goyim." The very fact that Freemasonry is so secret, fosters the desire to deceive others. The whole international organization is based on a lie, teaches it, and encourages its disciples to lie also. The entire system of Masonic rites, lectures and symbolism is for the purpose of deceiving others as to their true meaning.

The candidate solemnly swears that he will "forever conceal and never reveal the (false) secrets of "Masonry." He swears never to reveal the secrets of a brother Mason which are entrusted to him, even though by this act, he may become implicated in a crime. In the case of murder or treason, he may act at his discretion, but in the higher degrees, even murder and treason are not revealed.

Logically, this means, that in order to be a Mason, and keep your promise to Masonry, you must be willing to lie, deceive and dissemble if it is for the good of Masonry.

Sickle says: "Temperance is enjoined, not for its own sake, but for the reason that when a Mason is intoxicated, he might reveal unwittingly, the secrets of Masonry."

The Masonic fraternity teaches and encourages its members to perjure themselves as to their civil oaths, if this becomes necessary for the honor and protection of the Lodge.

The oath of a Mason takes precedence over everything else in his life. It teaches him that violations of this oath as a witness or as a citizen, is not perjury, as long as it is for the good of the Lodge. So just as a Jew may lie, to convict a Gentile, so a Mason may lie 'with impunity, to protect another Mason or his Lodge. The moral standards of Judaism and Freemasonry are so similar, because they come from the same un-Godly source.

One of the best examples I can think of' to show how Jews will lie to convict Christians, can be seen in the recent Canadian trial of Ernst Zundel, a Canadian of German descent, who has been on trial in Canadian courts, under their infamous "hate law." They have accused Zundel of deliberately lying, when he wrote a booklet questioning whether 6-million Jews really died in Germany during World War II.

Many Jewish witnesses brought by the prosecution, who were supposed to be victims of German concentration camps, so obviously lied, that their stories could only be called absurd. For instance, a Polish Jew, who was an atheist, testified for the defense of Mr. Zundel. He told the court that if the Jewish witnesses who were testifying against Zundel, were required to take the oath before a Jewish Rabbi, rather than a "Gentile" judge, every one would be required to change their story. But because their oath had been taken before a non-Jew judge, they were free to lie. This is the plain teaching of the TALMUD. In Volume BABA KAMA (1 13a) we read: 'Jews must always try and deceive Christians." In Volume ZOHAR (I,106a) it says: 'A Jew may lie and perjure himself to condemn a Christian." Again in Volume BABA KAMA (I 13a) it says: "a Jew may lie in court to condemn a Christian."

This is the same type of deception practiced by Freemasonry. If a Mason is required to testify in court, and his testimony conflicts with his duty as a Mason, his MASONIC DUTY MUST ALWAYS COME FIRST! When we see the truth of this, then we need to ask a very important quest- ion: "How can we trust any Jewish or Freemasonic judge or lawyer, to tell the truth, even when they are under oath?"

The statements of Freemasonry pertaining to the "lambskin apron;" the "middle chamber of King Solomon's Temple; of "Hiram Abiff;" of the "pillars" and a host of other things, are all falsehoods, palmed off on the unsuspecting initiate. Freemasonry, just as Judaism, is based on a foundation of lies."

Freemasonry binds its members to be true to each other, even while it lies to them in its innermost secrets. The exotic language it employs is for the purpose of deception, but the candidate does not know this, and so is deceived.

Masons say that to expose the secrets of Masonry, is perjury, while at the same time say that these exposures are not Masonic secrets. It is similar to the Zionists, who rage and scream against the PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION, while they follow them like a "blueprint."

Something seems to be lacking, when an organization constantly contradicts itself. If from the Masonic viewpoint, those who secede from and expose the Masonic ritual are perjurers, then what they publish about Masonry must of necessity be fact.

Much of what you have read in this book, comes from men who have held high positions in Freemasonry. They have no bone to pick with their fellow Masons, other than the deception which is being perpetrated on millions of men, by their leaders. My heart goes out to the millions of men in the Blue Lodge, who have been completely "hoodwinked" by the hierarchy of Freemasonry, so that "they believe Masonic lies."

Hectethorn, in his (Vol. 2:17) says: "Since the objects that modern Masonry professes to pursue, are brotherly love, relief and truth, surely the pursuits of these objects cannot need secret rites, traditions and ceremonies." In (Vol. 2:18), he goes on to say: "The true regeneration of mankind needs neither secret signs nor passwords to recognize each other. True liberty consists in publicity." In (Vol. 2:109), he states: "Masons have been very indignant with me for making these statements, but honest members of the craft know, and occasionally admit, that I am right." In (Vol. 2:106): "The more I study Freemasonry, the more I am repelled by its pretenses. Are not all its pretenses groundless? Is not its present existence a delusion and the imposition of childish oaths a farce?"

This is what can be termed the "morality of language." To use names and words which do not not convey their true meaning, is dishonest in itself. It is the same underhanded essence we see used by the KGB, the CIA, and the Israeli MOSSAD in international intrigue.

It is because of this trickery, that Freemasons and Jews have been able to insinuate themselves into, and practically control, the Lawyers Guild of this country. They control the laws of America, through their control in Congress, on the President's Cabinet, as members of the Supreme Court. In other words, what I am trying to tell you, is that Canada and the United States are controlled by Jews and Freemasons, both working for the same purpose, to cause us to give up our sovereignty, and merge our countries into a One-World system, controlled by Jews and Freemasons. These men, have an absolute hatred for those in America and Canada who can honestly be termed as "Christian Patriots,', and are doing everything in their power to destroy them.

I can give one example with which I am familiar. A few years ago, a man I knew rather well, shot and killed a State trooper, after he had received merciless harassment at the hands of the police, not because of criminal activities, but because he was speaking up against government injustices and had to be silenced. When the local sheriff investigated the incident, he contacted the man's wife and said: "Mrs. ____ before I begin this investigation, there is something which is absolutely essential that I know. Was your husband a Mason?" Why do you suppose he would ask a question such as this, unless if this man had been a Mason, he might have been spared much of the grief that the law brought on him and his family. This is not an isolated incident by any means!

Masons are urged by their superiors, to perjurer themselves in court in order to protect their fellow Masons. It is all part of the oath they take, when they join.

Many Masons, and most non-Masons, do not realize that Masonry uses a special language to convey Masonic values. It often calls things by their opposites. It substitutes Masonic legends for facts, and palms them off as being true historical events. It expresses its pagan ideals and legendary lore in Scriptural terminology in order to fool the unsuspecting public as well as its own members.

It calls heathen deities by the Biblical name of God, and heathen rites by their Christian phrases. It couches its Masonic doctrine in the terms of Christian theology. This deception in itself' should turn honest men against it.

Its entire system is based on pretense, delusion and fraud. It hides its pagan moral and religious ideas under the veil of artful speech, emblems and types. It inculcates in its members moral and religious ideals which are completely contrary to the Christian viewpoint and which are actually viciously immoral. It enjoins practices, which from a Scriptural standpoint are damnable. It makes the crime, the vice, and the sin inherent in Freemasonry, not in the act of being exposed.

What can be more immoral than the pretense that membership in this international order, gives one the license to live his life as a lie? From the viewpoint of Biblical Christian ethics, Freemasonry must be looked on as a stupendous organized falsehood.

Over against the undisputed facts of its falsehood, the Lodge solemnly professes to be guided solely by truth, even as it admits that it lies to its disciples.

When a charge of deception is brought against the Lodge, its defenders often reply: "Our statements cannot be understood by the profane (those outside the Lodge); there is a secret meaning conveyed by our expressions that only the craftsmen can discern." So it attempts to evade the charges of falsehood, by hiding under an esoteric smoke screen.

One of the greatest prophets of Freemasonry, a man named Pythagoras, instituted an esoteric system of outright deceit and taught his disciples that "it was not only lawful, but praiseworthy to deceive, and use the expedient lie to further the cause of truth and piety." 1

The sacred books of Buddha, a religion which is welcomed in Freemasonry, defines falsehood as: "A statement consists of a lie when discovered by the person to whom it is told as being untrue." In other words, it is not a falsehood, as long as this fact is not discovered.

So statements made by the hierarchy of Masonry are to be considered true, until someone discovers they are lies. This idea keeps the lower degree Mason from prying into the esoteric secrets off the higher degrees.

Most decent people see the need of honesty in dealing with others. In the Christian life, it is an absolute necessity and an important part of his religion. But to the Jew and the Mason, it becomes a means of deceiving and cheating those who disagree with them. In the Jew, this pertains mainly to the "goyim, non-Jew animal he calls a Gentile."

The well-known Jewish businessman and author, Samuel Roth, in his startling book, JEWS MUST LIVE (Secrets of Sharp Jewish Business Practices Revealed), Chap. VI, p.63, says:

"It is my honest belief that nothing the Jew does is subversive to America's best interests. Like his creature JEHOVAH, a teacher he never tires of imitating, the Jew is forever engaged in the fascinating pursuit of creating everything he needs out of nothing. He is actually a parasite who could not exist without a Gentile host on which to feed."

The present Jewish State of the Israeli in Palestine is an excellent example of this. According to Israeli leaders, their country would collapse within six months, if it were not for the largesse of the American people, especially its "brainwashed" Judeo-Christian population.

The Jew is taught from youth that it is ethical to "skin the goyim; to cheat him and steal from him." After all, he is told, only Jews are human and the world belongs to them.

Every year on the Day of Atonement (a day which is now being celebrated in many Christian churches with the ringing of their church bells), Jews around the world gather to recite the KOL NIDRE. In English this means 'All Vows Prayer." It is recited three times in the Jewish synagogue with the congregation standing, while the Rabbis chant from the altar. Immediately following the recital of this Vow, the religious ceremonies of the Day of Atonement begin. This is the holiest "holy day" of the Jewish year and is celebrated by Jews, worldwide. Even liberal and atheistic Jews, who rarely if ever attend the synagogue services, make it a point to attend on this day. Why is this KOL NIDRE OATH so important to Jews, worldwide? Look at the translation and see. Here is the official English translation of the KOL NIDRE:

"All vows, obligations, oaths, anathemas, whether called 'kona' or 'konas,' or by any other name which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound from this DAY OF ATONEMENT until the next, whose happy coming we await, we do repent! May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled and void, and made of none effect. They shall not bind us nor have any power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned as vows; the obligations as obligations, nor the oaths as oaths."

By taking this oath, the Jew is absolved from any agreement he makes under oath, even if it is taken in a court of law. He is not obliged by his god, (who by the way, is not the God of Abraham, he claims to serve) to keep his sworn word, especially to a "Gentile." None of his vows are valid.

With this in mind, how can we expect a Jewish Congressman, who takes this KOL NIDRE oath, to fulfill his sworn duty to protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic?" How can we expect a Jewish judge or lawyer to fulfill his sworn duty, when we know his oath is no good? We cannot! Neither can we expect honesty from a Mason, for they too are absolved from telling the truth, if it is to the detriment of the Lodge.

Having shown the foundation of Freemasonry in Judaism, do you suppose that some of the Jewish deceit used by Jews against "gentiles," may have rubbed off on Masons? I think it is very possible. Notice this oath, taken by the Master Mason (Rit. 149):

"I solemnly promise and swear that I will not cheat, wrong, or defraud a Lodge of Masons, or a brother of this rank, knowing them to be such, but will give them due and timely notice that they may ward off all approaching danger."

This simply means that a Master Mason may not only cheat non-Masons with impunity, but that he can also cheat Masons who are of a lower rank than himself. All others are lawful prey to him. This is almost identical to the Jewish KOL NIDRE and has the same effect.

When we look at the Ninth Commandment (see Exodus 20), which reads: "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor," and Number Eight which says: "Thou shalt not steal!", it would appear that we are to so fear and love God, that we would never defraud our fellowmen, whether they are members of our Lodge or not. But a Master Mason, by reason of his oath, may use any unfair, unscrupulous, fraudulent means to gain advantage and wealth, so long as he does not hurt members of his own, or higher ranks in Freemasonry. The sin is not in the sinning, in Masonry, but in being caught and bringing disgrace to the Lodge!


1. See Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History, Vol. 1, p. 198

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