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Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr

Most of the information in this chapter will be taken from COUNTERBIAS No. 5, published by the SACRED SURVIVORS OF THE JEWISH HOLOCAUST, P.O. Box 381, Waterloo, NSW 2017, Australia (Every thing you wanted to know about the Zionists but were afraid to ask!)

Whether directly or indirectly, the Khazar tribesmen who falsely call themselves "Jews" are collectively guilty of over one hundred million wilfully committed murders during the Judeo-Communist rule of terror, the Judeo-Masonic World Wars and the present Zionist occupation of Palestine. (For the Bible definition of "pseudo-Jews" see Rev. 2:9; 3:9).

Falsified history books which are peddled far and wide by Mossad agents and the prostitute-historians in their employ, "war action thrillers" and so-called "War documentaries," in the movies and on TV have all churned out dozens of Judeo-Masonic fantasies. They would have the gullible American public believe that we won World War II, just as the Zionist Jew, Henry Kissinger, called our withdrawal from Viet Nam, a "victory with honor." The truth of the matter is that we, the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian peoples, lost both World Wars, which were fought with brother Israel nations, and have lost every "brush fire" war into which we have been sucked by the Jew-Mason dominated United Nations.

While Stalin's "red horde" was conquering Eastern Europe, with the help of men such as Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, the Zionist-Masonic shysters were reclaiming with a vengeance the western part of the continent, not merely reestablishing, but multiplying a hundred fold their ownership and control of commerce, industries, education, the media, and the "goyim" governments. The truth is that World War II was prolonged for two years, with the loss of millions of extra lives, while the Jew internationalists hoarded billions more of Christian money. Both General Patton, and British General Montgomery wanted to invade Europe in 1944, through the "soft underbelly of Europe." This would have liberated all the Eastern European countries which are now under Communist Control. But Gen. Eisenhower, egged on by his boss, Franklin Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill, the drunken Premier of Great Britain, backed the "red murderer" Stalin and the war was extended for two more years, while Stalin consolidated his hold on all of Eastern Europe; a hold which has not been relinquished to this day. It was fear of Patton's exposure of this plot, which led to his assassination, although the official version of his death will not admit this.

World War II was provoked by the International Jewish-Masonic shysters in the first place, solely out of pathological greed and plain racial spite, not because of their "love for dear little Poland." The National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler, whatever may be said against it, had practically eliminated crime and corruption, and had brought about economic and social reforms, which provided jobs and low-interest loans for all. This had practically put the "usurers, stock exchange speculators, all manner of pimps, all slumlords and other parasites completely out of business."

No one in the West denies that the Soviets either annexed or colonized nearly a dozen independent European countries, which they had liberated (7) during World War II, and then proceeded to introduce them to a "blood bath, ala Stalin style," a class struggle with its obligatory "liquidation of all hostile elements," which meant principally Christians and near starvation for the rest. How can this be described as a "victory for Democracy?"

Hitler's invasion of Poland was used as a pretext for the war in Europe, which the International Judeo-Masonic leaders had been planning since 1918. Curiously enough, when Stalin invaded the Baltic states, the western press did not consider this as an invasion, it was called "liberation of Western Ukraine." (West Ukrainians have yet to be convinced of this). At the Yalta Conference, a dying American President, controlled by his Communist advisor Alger Hiss, and a vacillating drunkard of a British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, sold out all of Eastern Europe to the murderer from Russia. In fact, they handed this area to Stalin "on a platter," possibly as a reward for his having exterminated 15,000 Polish officers at the Katyn Forest Massacre.

While attending the Yalta Conference, Winston Churchill, accompanied by his equally alcoholic daughter, was treated to frequent excursions of the numerous Crimean wineries liberated by the KGB. He was hardly ever sober, according to eye witness accounts. Having prostituted himself at Yalta, he later went on to speechify, with great "crocodile tears" in his bloodshot eyes, about the "Iron Curtain" which had descended over Eastern Europe.

Being a Freemason, as well as an agent of the richest Jewish financiers, Churchill, like Franklin Roosevelt, did everything possible to instigate the world war, and drag the United States into it and later on, to arm Stalin's legions to the teeth to assure victory. It was during the early days of 1942-43, when American troops were dying on the atolls of the Pacific for lack of military supplies, that we were sending the Russians $11-billion in Lend Lease, with priority of shipment to the Communists. This was one of the reasons that Rudolf Hess, who was I believe a sincere messenger for peace, was kept incommunicado for the duration of the war. If the British people had been allowed to hear what Hess had to say, the war could have been over by the end of 1943. It is strange to see how Churchill vacillated in his intentions towards Germany. In 1933, on the wake of Hitler's being appointed Chancellor of the Reich, Churchill spoke with admiration of "Germany's splendid clear-eyed youth, burning to die for their fatherland." At that time his interests lay with Germany. But when he was hired secretly, as an agent of influence for the Board of Deputies of British Zionists, he started going on about the "Huns" and the "Barbarians" who were ruling Germany. He was a perfect example of a "double-minded man," and the Apostle James says of such: "A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways" (James 1:8).

Having stormed into the Judeo-Masonic trap of the Anglo-French "guarantees" to Poland, which were laid for him in 1939, Hitler would have certainly crashed through, if it had not been for the machinations of this Masonic drunkard from England.

Hitler soon found himself at war, not only with his old enemy from Russia, but with Britain, the old bastion of the Grand Orient Lodge of Freemasonry and with the United States which had become the Judeo-Masonic "arsenal of democracy."

In the late 1930's the Soviet Union was described by many noted historians as the "colossus on feet of clay." Most of its infantry soldiers had never seen a semi-automatic rifle. All of its plywood and canvas covered aircraft were almost as useless in the air as they were on the ground - it was on the ground where the Soviet Air force was almost wiped out on the opening day of the war. Most of their tanks would not move and the mechanics knew little about their upkeep. It was only the Russian winter, which kept Hitler from overrunning Moscow and ending once and for all, for all time, the Communist-Masonic danger to the world. But it was not to be. This is when the "Evil Empire" was at its weakest, and when the Judeo-Masonic forces set out to bolster her. One wonders where the "latter day fire-and-brimstone" anti-communists were in those days. Ronald Reagan, for example, was a class B movie player in Jew-run Hollywood, and a registered Democrat no less.

Hitler, who was a self-confessed admirer of Great Britain, never sought a war with the West. That is why he allowed the defeated British Expeditionary Force at Dunkirk to slip across the channel. Instead of subjecting them to humiliating surrender, or hopeless massacre, Hitler's naive racial sentiments concerning "Aryan Brotherhood" made him blind to the fact that its destruction would have possibly saved the war for Germany. Of course the Judeo-Masonic rulers of Britain - its mercenary middle-class, its tainted low-degree Masons included, were always "replaceable resources," for the alcoholic Churchill and his ambitions to please his Zionist masters.

The drunkard prime minister of England, became the greatest undertaker of all times, as he sacrificed millions of his people, in order to win the praise and backing of his Jewish masters.

He was undoubtedly the most boisterous political prostitute of the Twentieth Century, exceeding even Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and that's saying a lot. As a member of the British Parliament and a paid agent of the Jewish Board of Deputies, he went in for a great deal of anti-German war mongering, readily forgetting about the "international Jewish Bolsheviks" he used to rail against. His Zionist paymasters finally "hit the jackpot" when Churchill finally bullied his way into 10 Downing Street in 1940. Every pound of "human flesh" sacrificed by the British Commonwealth of Nations and the United States, was at the disposal of the "Shylocks" of International Zionism. About to begin was the most sacred and mysterious Kabbalistic ritual; a miraculous transfiguration of tens of millions of "goyim" corpses into giant piles of Jewish dead, which led to more money for the Zionists and wider avenues of Zionist world power.

Here is what Churchill said about the Zionists in 1920, as reported in a Feb. 8, 1920 issue of the ILLUSTRATED SUNDAY HERALD:

"There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism ... by these international and... atheistical Jews ... the majority of the leading figures are Jews ... the principle inspiration and driving power comes from the Jews. The predominance of the Jews in the Soviet institutions is even more astonishing. And, ...the principal part of the system of terrorism applied by the CHEKA (KGB) has been taken by the Jews... The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews during the period of terror during which Bela Kuhn ruled Hungry. The same phenomenon has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people... The fact that in many cases Jewish interests and Jewish places of worship are expected by the Bolsheviks from their hostility, has tended more and more to associate the Jewish race ... with the villainies which are being perpetrated."

Not unlike Churchill, and, indeed, not unlike almost all the American Presidents from George Washington to George Bush, President Franklin Roosevelt was a Freemason whose prior allegiance was owed to that nefarious brotherhood, not to America. The Jewish "Usurer" Bernard Baruch, also a high-degree Mason, was an advisor to FIVE AMERICAN Presidents and was one of the close associates of FDR. The dissolution of Freemasonry, the expropriation of the parasitic Jewish finance capital in Germany by the National-Socialist government and the newly-won economic independence from the international usurers-bankers put the whole of Germany on the Judeo-Masonic "hit list."

The all too noticeable prosperity of the German people under the new populist government was bad news for the usurers; and President Roosevelt came from a long line of bankers and Stock Exchange crooks to whom a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" was bad for business. As far back as September 1938, Harold L. Ickes, FDR's Secretary of the Interior asked Roosevelt: "Is this Munich crisis good or bad for us in the United States?" According to Ickes private diary, Sept. 13, 1938, Roosevelt replied: "Every European nation is going to have to buy guns and arms and ammunition from us! Already the gold of Europe is flooding across the Atlantic at a rate so fast we haven't got enough warships to bring it over! Any crisis in Europe can do only good." (Of course he was referring to "good for his Zionist masters.")

It has been pretty well established that Roosevelt willfully committed high treason and consented to premeditated murder of American citizens at Pearl Harbor. This moribund paraplegic desperately sought "Casus belli." He was no doubt, ably advised by his Jewish financiers, Bernard Baruch and Henry Morgenthau. Sure enough, the planned sacrifice of thousands of American servicemen was the pound of flesh which was well invested with the international Judeo-Masonic bankers. If a common name for traitor in America is Benedict Arnold, since World War II it should have been Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Instead, he is held up to the praise of our people as one of our greatest presidents. If the argument is used that this treason was necessary to defeat "fascism," it might be well to recall that the worst kind of "fascism" ever known, was the Judeo-Masonic Stalinism of the Soviet Union.

The Churchill imposed war in Europe and the Roosevelt staged fiasco at Pearl Harbor, led to the fall of Singapore, the Pacific Islands, as well as the whole of South East Asia.

Thousands of Allied soldiers died in the fighting and millions of civilians were needlessly killed. Some 27-million Russian slaves were killed from 1939-45, as they saved the hides of their not-so-Russian slave drivers from extermination at the hands of the Nazis.

That was the real "New Deal" which the American people were never told about by their Judeo-Masonic media. There were many things which we were not told, which are just beginning to surface. As they do, more and more Americans are beginning to burn with "righteous indignation" against a government which has become so subservient to a foreign anti-Christ power, that it will abandon the welfare of its own people.

Although facts prove that the Nations of Christendom, betrayed by the Judeo-Masonic plutocrnto lost the war in Europe, the prostitute-historians whose cushy appointments in academia are controlled by these same plutocrats, have remained conveniently silent, while the Judeo-homosexual Hollywood and Judeo-Masonic TV networks keep trumpeting, as if it happened yesterday, that it was Germany who started the war, that it was Germany who wanted to conquer the world, when all facts point otherwise. If the invasion of Poland was the real cause of World War II, which of course it obviously wasn't, then both the National Socialist regime of Germany and the Judeo-Communist dictatorship of Russia, must be regarded as being equally responsibility for this "holocaust,"

While we have heard a great deal about the plight of the poor Jew in the Soviet Union, the fact still remains that many of the Jews in the Soviet Union, still hold important, well-paying jobs and have standards of living and education, much higher than that of the ethnic Russian.

Of course, it is natural, that in the ongoing "superpower rivalry," a great deal of fuss is being made by the Jew megalomaniacs about the fact that the Jews in Russia are no longer in control of the Soviet Empire; but are instead in control of Russian natives, who were converted to their Judeo-Marxist dogma by the Jewish leaders in the first place. The Jews don't really mind, that the regime they set up in Russia, turned into something infinitely more repressive than anything under the Tsar. Gorbachev not excepted. What the Jews are really upset with, is that more and more native Russians are getting into positions of power and that they can no longer be considered High Priests of the Communist Cult. To their way of thinking, this is "anti-Semitism," although not one in ten of them has any claim to being a Semite. Menachem Begin put this thought into words a number of years ago, when speaking in New York to a group of Jewish millionaires, he said: "There would be nothing wrong with Communism, if we were still running it!" A few million dead "goyim" means nothing to this Judeo-Masonic crowd!

However, in spite of all those make-believe "anti-Soviet" wailings of the crypto-Communist New York Jews, the under-the-table dealings between the Zionists and the Soviets are just as cozy as those which once took place between the Zionists and the Nazis. If you don't want to accept this, then ask yourself why 50,000 Jews are being allowed to enter the United States, and receive hearty contributions from the largesse of the American people, while you hear nothing of Russian Christians being allowed to leave enmasse.

That the Jew-Masonic plutocrats are still in charge of the governments. of Canada, England and the United States is a matter. of fact. Hence the "Jewish immigration" is a "cherry on the pie" of every dealing we have with the Soviet Union. It has become an open invitation for the KGB and the MOSSAD, to send their finest agents to the United States as "poor, harassed immigrants." How many of you would like to make a bet, that a majority of the Jews who come to this country are not trained KGB agents for the not-so-Gentile Soviet Union?

The very subject of the "Jewish immigration" to the United States, is a classic example of the Zionist-Masonic controlled media's ability to exercise mass emotional blackmail on behalf of the MOSSAD and the KGB, in order to persuade the "suckers" of the Christian world," that we need those "poor Jews" here.

This media has become so clever in subterfuge, that they can now sell AIDS as a "new and wonderful human experience," since Rock Hudson had it and Elizabeth Taylor endorsed it - they have even made it sort of "quasi-respectable." When in God's name will we come to our senses?

Whether directly, or indirectly, the Khazar tribesmen who called themselves "Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan" (Rev. 2:9; 3:9), are collectively guilty of over 100-million murders, while they "scream and wail" over 6-million Jews who were supposed to have died during World War II, and who never existed. The role of these Judeo-Masonic gangsters in the economies of the West, is about the same as that of the New York Gypsy card-sharps and fortune-tellers, except that the scale of the Judeo-Masonic "ripoff" is astronomical.

There is little doubt that it is the Jewish financial capital that owns and controls the Western governments of England, Canada and the United States, and who are telling our people how to act and think. Even questioning the authority of Jewish financial and political power is a "horrible thought crime." We will never return to real freedom in America and Canada, until our "brainwashed" people, yes, most of them who go by the name of Christian, are willing to wake up, look facts in the face and recognize who the real enemy is.

Karl Marx put it well when he said:

"What is the real god of the Jews? The bill of exchange. Money is the one jealous god of the Jews, beside which no other god may stand!"

"What is the object of Jew worship? Usury! The organization of society in such a way as to abolish the possibility of usury, would make the Jew impossible."1


1. Both quotations from Karl Marx's book: A World Without Jews!

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