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Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr

Before we get into our in-depth discussion of the Masonic Lodge and its connection with Zionist Talmudism, I believe it would be beneficial for us to look at some of the multitude of symbols which are used in worldwide FREEMASONRY and discuss their implication.

A great deal of the information in this chapter comes from Dr. Shepherd, a Mason for many years, who rose to a high degree before he became a Christian and saw the desperate need of exposing the Lodge. Dr. Shepherd is one of those rare, brave men, to whom God and country mean more than populof ty and personal safety. He has literally put his life on the line in order to expose this evil which has crept into our midst, in the "guise of sheep's clothing."

What I will share with you in this chapter, is a series of letters he wrote to me regarding FREEMASONRY and their ZIONIST CONNECTIONS. These letters may seem to be somewhat disconnected, but if you read them all, I believe you will see the underlying message.

Both TALMUDISM and FREEMASONRY are awash in animal symbolism. Each has its place in the ritual worship of the Talmudic and Masonic god.

First Letter: "The Masonic Lodge is the Jew-lodge and every lodge is - no matter what name they use, Masonic or Jew. The fact which deceives so many, is that various names, titles, and lodges are given, but when you get to their roots you will see; First that a Jew started it; second, a Jew will be its Supreme Commander, or Grand Dragon as the Jews call them. Jacobites, Rosicrucians, Knights Templer, Knights of Columbus, Elks, Moose,

NOTE. The lion figure below adorned the wall of the throne-room in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar at Babylon (pg. 86). It is made of glazed brick in the brightest colors, which produced a gorgeous effect as architectural adornment. This art arose in Egypt, passed thence to Assyria and Babylonia, and was then adopted by the Persians.

Eastern Star, Shriners, are for all intents and purposes all FREEMASONS. These have fought my attempts to expose them and four attempts have been made against my life. Why? Because I know too much about them and try and alert others. In this first letter, I intend to show you who the Great Beast of Revelation 13 is and when I point this out, you will probably say: "Why didn't I see this. before?"

Revelation 13:1 and 2
"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea ... and the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were the feet of a bear, and his mouth the mouth of a lion."

The word CUSH is used many times in the Bible to represent peoples from Africa and means LEOPARD to many people. When Jacob prophesied concerning his family in Genesis 49:9, he said of Judah:

"Judah is a lion's whelp: from the prey, my son thou art gone up; he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?"

The modern Ethiopians called themselves CUSHITES, or LEOPARDS In Revelation 11:8, we read about "that great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and EGYPT." The Great image of the SPHINX is found in Egypt, near Cairo and is known in that part of the world as THE GREAT CAT! In the Egyptian BOOK OF THE DEAD the great god Toth says: "I am RE, the MAUMAU" MAU and LEOPARD have the same meaning!

In Genesis 4:7, when God spoke to Cain, after Cain became angry because God did not accept his offering, God said: "... sin lieth at the door." The Jews who translated this deliberately changed the meaning of this verse, for the Chaldean word for SIN, as used here is CHATTAH or CHEETAH or LEOPARD. The word "lieth" should be "couches," and is the act of the female cat as she prepares to breed. In other words, this verse should have read: "The leopardess couches before you."

When the question arises as to who was Cain's wife, the answer of course was she was the LEOPARDESS, NOT THE ANIMAL CAT, BUT A HUMAN WITCH.

Not how closely the HOLYCAT (CATholic)is bound up in these verses. Don't say: "That's Rome," since Rome is only a small part of it. All seven churches in the book of Revelation claim to be catholic. The Apostle's Creed in its original form read: "I believe in the holy catholic (universal)

church." CATHOLIC goes back to the Garden of Eden and Genesis 3. In Numbers 26:44, we read about the JESUITS Have you ever heard that name before? Of course you have! The JESUITS are the HOLY-CATS (CATholics) Old Cain was a CATholic who sacrificed the EU-CHRIST.

In the above picture of Herod's coin, 37 - 4 B.C., it had no connection with Rome
but was of Jewish origin. A close perusal of Albert Pike's monumental work on

Second Letter: Surprising enough, I begin my discussion of FREEMASONRY with Genesis 3:1. This serpent was not a snake. The Hebrew word under here is NAHASH The Navajo Indians still use this word today, it is pronounced NAH-GAH-OSHEE and means: "witch doctor; guru; voodoo; sorcerer." That's what Cain was!

In Genesis 3, the Creator said to the "serpent," "on thy belly you shall go." But the word "BELLY," should have read: "On all fours shall you go." A cat travels on all fours doesn't it? Since NAHASH IS A WITCH, AND A CAT IS ALWAYS ASSOCIATED WITH WITCHES AND WITCHCRAFT, I believe the serpent was a CAT.

For further proof - What did Adam and Eve do when they disobeyed God by eating of the forbidden fruit? The Bible says they hid themselves among the trees of the garden, this is a characteristic of the CAT.

The LEOPARD, LEO (Lion), PAN (PANther) all come from the same word. Here are words with a similar meaning: PARD; panther; panthera; (PANTHERA is "female); MAU; PUMA; CHATTAH; CHEETAH; CUSH; NIMROD. Each of these were HOLY CATS and were worshiped in their area and today, the cat is worshiped worldwide. In Central and South America it is the JAGUAR. But note carefully that the CAT is named after CUS H. This is what the Jews call "transmigration of the soul." The cat, according to them, is actually CUSH living in the CAT. This is why many Africans call themselves CUSHITES.

(When I was a Game Warden in Ethiopia, 1958-62, I was impressed by the reverence the animist [worshipers of the spirits of nature] natives had for the Hyena, called "fisi," which is one of the most horrible of the animals God created. In this part of the country, when a man or woman becomes too old to work, or benefit the family, they are often left outside the village fence and become living prey for the hyenas. The natives themselves, will not kill these horrible animals, although they prey on both human and cattle, because they believe the spirits of their ancestors, who the hyenas have devoured, live on in the animal - ED.)

The big CAT is the LION. The mouth of the LION is its most dangerous part and the MOUTH of the ancient family was called the PATRIARCH.

This opens a fact which has been hidden for thousands of years. We know that Catholics literally worship ST. PETER, he his called PATRA-arch, which means ANCIENT STONE.

It is interesting to note that the word HAM is HA'MER or STONE. The PATRA-arch of the family is the ANCIENT STONE of the family. Since the head of the family, HAM was called the LION, therefore the church calls itself CATholic.

If you will look closely at any picture of the Great CAThedral of Babylon, some call it the TEMPLE you will notice on each side of the entrance, a large stone lion with a man's head. The word "HEDRA," from which the last part of the word CAT-HEDRAL comes, means "head," orin most cases "cat's head." This does not refer to leopards or cheetah's but to the King of Beasts, the LION. Thus the head of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, St. Peter, is known in Egypt as PTAH, which means "Ancient Stone."

In the Egyptian BOOK OF THE DEAD, the word mouth is the LION. PTAH was Egypt's great god. The Bible tells us that Egypt is the land of HAM. You make the connection.

In CHALDEAN the Word BAB also means "mouth." Thus again "the LION'S MOUTH." The LEOPARD also has a mouth like a LION and the native word for him is PARD. What is a PARD? It is a PANTHER LION-LEOPARD the mouth or religion. In the U.S. the religion of the Beast is LIONISM or HAMISM or more commonly known as BABYLONIANISM Revelation 11:8 refers to "That great city Babylon in Egypt." It is symbolic, since there was no great city in Egypt called BABYLON

It is interesting to note, that when you travel to Egypt and see the great SPHINX, you see a cat body with a human head, the same as in the doorway of the BABYLONIAN TEMPLE.

Many Jews carry a "cat's paw." Twelve LIONS stood on the six steps leading to Solomon's throne and Jacob said that JUDAH, representative of the JEWS was a "crouching lion," (Gen. 49:9).

The cat represents a witch, witchcraft and the word "cat" in the ancient tongue meant "whore." This is where the term "cat house" came from. The cat is also called a "Pussy," which is the vulgar term used for a woman's sexual parts. These things, unknown to most Christians, had their beginnings from the time of Cain.

Third Letter: (I am only printing those things which pertain to FREEMASONRY. Dr. Shepherd has sent me much more, dealing with the Seedline theory and other matters, which we will not be covering in this book. This will be the concluding remarks from Dr. Shepherd. If any of my readers would like to contact him, please write me for his address -ED.)

Eve's penalty for eating the "forbidden fruit" was "death." (Gen. 2:17). When Cain offered his sacrifice to God, it was refused, not because it was a vegetable sacrifice, as some preachers say, but because it was "devil's bread."

The root word for CAIN, or CANA, is "black" and this takes us to the root of FREEMASONRY The MASONIC password is TU-BAL-CAIN (See Gen. 4:20-22). It is CAIN, or the devil himself who admits one into the Masonic Lodge. If you don't want to take my word for it, then take the word of a strict Jew-Mason, who was converted to Christianity and had his life completely changed, the Apostle Paul. In Philippians 3:2 he says: "beware of DOGS, beware of EVIL WORKERS, BEWARE OF THE CONCISION." (The Greek word for "concision" is "karatome" which means: "to mutilate." Like in ''circumcision.'') Masons call themselves DOGS.

In Isaiah 56:10 we read about "...dumb dogs that cannot (or will not) bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Yea, they are greedy DOGS which can never have enough (are never satisfied) ..." In John 8:44 they are called: "Of their father the devil," an apt description for Masons and Jews alike.

The MAFIA, KGB, CIA, MOSSAD, the spies of MASONRY are the DOGS or DEVILS of FREEMASONRY. There is not a place on earth which is free from their spies. On every continent, in every country, city and town, these spies are present.

Albert Pike, the chief "guru" of MASONRY, says that Masons call their god THE GREAT ARCHITECT. If you read Genesis 4:17, you will find the name of the first Mason, CAIN, the builder, the architect.

Archaeologists do not know who built the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the greatest building project the world has ever known. They do not know who erected the mammoth images on Easter Island or the monoliths of Stonehenge, or the pyramids in Mexico on this continent.

Could CAIN have been called THE GREAT ARCHITECT, because he built the first recorded city? Could the builder of the Egyptian pyramids have been called THE GREAT ARCHITECT? Do you doubt that Masons are builders? Jesus hints at this when He spoke to the JEW-MASON Sin Matthew 21:42 and told them: "... The stone which the builders (masons) rejected, the same is become the head of the corner.

If Masons worship Lucifer, as Albert Pike affirms, then THE GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE must of necessity be the devil - the BLACKDOG.

No one has ever been able to figure how the mammoth stones of the Great Pyramid, many weighing a hundred tons or more, were lifted 490 feet to be fitted in place. We have no modern machinery that can accomplish this. Could it have been done by demonic power?

(When I was in Ethiopia, I became acquainted with a Coptic priest who was a graduate of Cambridge University. He showed me the massive obelisk at Axum, the ancient capital of the Queen of Sheba's Empire. This huge stone is 97 feet tall, by 24 feet at the base and is estimated to weigh about 2700 tons. It is hewn from a solid piece of black granite, the closest quarries of which are in Yemen, across 400 miles of land and the Red Sea. This monument, which is over 5,000 years old, was erected on a mountain plateau, about 7,000 feet elevation, which means this huge stone would have had to be moved up an almost perpendicular cliff, some 2,000 feet from the valley below. Again, modern engineers marvel at how this was done. This Coptic priest told me that the ancients had the power of "levitation." They were able to overcome gravity, he told me, through "spirit power." Is this how the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt was erected? - ED)

Could it have been demonic power that made these feats possible? The Apostle Paul tells us in 2 Thes. 2:9 about one whose coming would be "after the working of Satan, with ALL POWER ... " Does Satan have the power to move huge stones?

There is an authentic account of a scientist who was in the Amazon in 1987 and watched as natives erected a pyramid, moving huge stones into position through "spirit power." No, my skeptical friends, there is little doubt that Satan can lift huge stones and that the builder of the Great Pyramid was the GREAT ARCHITECT.


1 - In Arabic, the word CAIN, or CANA means "devil." In Revelation 18:2, we are told that great BABYLON has "become the habitation (dwelling place) of devils, and the hold (cage) of every foul spirit ... " The first city, built by CAIN, was a "city of devils."

2 - ENOS, or ENOCH, after whom this first city was named, was the son of CAIN. This city was utterly depraved.

3 - LAMECH - the great-great-great (I think I have this right) grandson of CAIN married a woman whose name was ADAH. It is interesting to note that in India today, ADA or ADAH, is one of their most feared goddesses. She can cast deadly diseases on persons, they believe, on animals and even fish and crops and has been known to have her adherents burn the houses of those who refuse to sacrifice to her. ZILLAH, LAMECH'S second wife, means "shade," "ghost," or "demon." The question might be asked: "Is it possible for a man to live with a demon in a woman's form?" I believe it is and that demons can take any form they desire. There are documented reports of men who had lived with demons in human form. (Unfortunately, Dr. Shepherd does not give us this documentation -ED.)

4 - GIANTS - Genesis 6:4. The word used here for GIANTS is GIGANTE which does not refer to men of great size but to "demon possessed men." Could this be the meaning of verse 5 which says:

"And God saw the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually."

In other words, these men were "devils; witches; swamies; Masons."

5 - HAM was the founder of the city of SODOM after the Flood. Would you call this a "city of devils?"

6 - The TOWER OF BABEL (Gen. 11:1-5) was built by CUSH the "Great Cat," and NIMROD, the "hunter of men." Would you call this tower an evil place? All these places mentioned, were built by the Masonic god, THE GREAT ARCHITECT.

7 - The PYRAMIDS were probably built by the same god.

8 - SOLOMON'S TEMPLE, which many people believe was built for the glory of God, was a "temple of the devil.." It was erected for the worship of Lucifer, the Masonic god and this is why it is so important in Masonry.

9 - JEZEBEL -this evil woman, who led her husband, the king of Israel and the Israel people into idolatry, was a witch. We see her mentioned in the "end times" as seducing the church at Thyatira (see Rev. 2:20).

10 - JERUSALEM - Many false religious prophets have taught that this was the "holy city." Not so! There is no letter "3" in the Hebrew language, so the name of this city in Palestine is GURU-SALEM "OU" means "black," "RU" means "stones." Why do the Jews and Masons want that place in Palestine? Because it was and is the BABYLONIAN SYSTEM. In Isaiah 57:3, 6 we read:

"But draw near hither, ye sons of the sorcerers (witches) among the smooth stones of the stream is thy portion ..."

The "smooth stones" represent the high gurus, witches, sorcerers, and officials of JUDAISM and FREEMASONRY.

11- MYSTERY BABYLON - Called in Revelation 18:2 "the home of devils ..."

Masonry, my dear brothers, is of the devil. It is the city of the devil. It is:

a. -The "great hypocrisy."
b. -The "great conspiracy."
c. -The "great beast."
d. -The "great whore."
e. -The "great sorceress."

LETTER #5 - When Adam and Eve sinned, God made them coats of skin. Our pastors have told us these were sheep skins. I believe they were the skins of the lion and leopard and this is the reason why heathen high priests still use these skins as a sign of their high office.

In their KABALLAH, the Jewish TALMUD-MISHNA, the Jewish rabbis say: "Ham smuggled and hid the coat of Adam in the ark and used it after the Flood to gain power." Could this have been the same garment that Achan took at Jericho (Joshua 7:21), some believe it was. The TALMUD says that NIMROD had received this garment which gave him great power and that this was stolen by ESAU, when he assassinated NIMROD. This is the reason, they claim, that Esau was so exhausted the day he sold his birthright to his brother Jacob (see Gen. 25:30-32). The story goes that he had been fleeing from NIMROD'S MEN, after he had killed their king.

The NEW AGE of FREEMASONRY is nothing new. It is the same old demonism, Satanism and voodooism which has been practiced worldwide since the Garden of Eden.

The god that Masons demand their "proselytes," or initiates" worship is Satan or Lucifer (see Matt. 23:15). This is confirmed by Albert Pike in his MORALS AND DOGAM. Masons believe there are two gods - brothers, if you will. There is LUCIFER, the "good guy," whom they worship, and ADONAY-JESUS Christ, who is the "bad guy." A constant warfare is going on between these forces of "good" and "evil." But of this you can be sure, THE GREAT ARCHITECT OF MASONRY is not the God of the Bible, or Christianity. Their symbol worldwide is that of the CAT.

It is interesting also to note that God calls PHARAOH, the king of Egypt, "the great dragon," (Ezek. 29:3). This is the same term used in Rev. 12:9. It does not refer to a man. You no doubt have heard Egypt called the "land of the PHARAOHS?" But in all actuality, it should be called "the land of the devil."

Ignorance of facts is the destruction of our white, Christian people. Hosea 4:6 tells us that "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Not "lack of education," but "lack of knowledge." -THE END-

I would like to thank Dr, Shepherd for his contribution. Many of you, no doubt will not agree with him and if you would like to contact him, please let me know.

* * * * * * *

In the next few pages, we will look at some of the occult symbols and advertisements which appear daily in American newspapers and magazines. Our country has literally been taken over by Satanism and the occult and both JUDAISM and FREEMASONRY has given their consent.



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