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... to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree ...

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beyond the northeast corner

Possible Answers to Test Questions On the master mason degree

appendix D

Richard h. sands


Once again, these are just possible answers to these questions. They are intended to cause you to think about the various aspects of this sublime degree. By speculating on the answers, we grow in Masonic knowledge.

Test Questions and Possible Answers on the entered apprentice degree 

1.   What is “Sublime” about the Master Mason Degree?

The solemnity of the ceremony and its profound lessons.

2.   What is the message of the Master Mason Degree?

That we will triumph if we lead a virtuous life.

3.   What does the lodge room represent in the third degree?

The Sanctum Sanctorum or Holy of Holies of King Solomon’s Temple.

4.   How were you received into the Lodge and what is the lesson imparted?

Upon the points of the compasses. That the lessons of Freemasonry must be contained in the heart if they are to be useful.

5.   What are the meanings of the words nonage, dotage, clandestine as applied to men and/or Masons?

Nonage refers to someone who has not attained the age of maturity, dotage refers to someone who has become senile and clandestine refers to a Lodge that is not operating without a charter issued by a recognized grand lodge or an individual belonging to such a lodge.

6.   What are the purposes of the signs, tokens and words in Masonry?

They provide a means of recognition.

7.   What are the working tools of a Master Mason and which is singled out for importance to this degree?

All of the tools of Masonry indiscriminately, but more importantly, the trowel, which is used to cement Masonic brotherhood.

8.   According to legend, who were the first three Grand Masters?

Solomon, King of Israel; Hiram, King of Tyre, and Hiram Abif.

9.   King Solomon’s Temple was constructed where and when?

The Temple was built on Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem in 1004 B.C.

10. Who was responsible for building the Temple and why was it built?

King Solomon, as a place for God to dwell in the midst of His people.

11. A man is _initiated_ an Entered Apprentice, _passed_ to a Fellowcraft, and __raised__ a Master Mason.

12. What is the importance of the Five Points of Fellowship?

In addition to the lessons imparted, we need to know how to give them and to communicate the Word in order to visit other lodges.

13. What do the three ruffians represent?

The challenges that we will meet on our passage through this life including the passions within ourselves.

14. What is Low Twelve and what does it represent?

Midnight and death.

15. What is represented by the Lost Word?

Divine Truth.

16. What does “being raised” symbolize?

It represents our Masonic faith in the immortality of the soul?

17. What are the three Grand Masonic Pillars and by whom are they represented?

Wisdom, Strength and Beauty, represented by King Solomon (the Worshipful Master); Hiram, King of Tyre (the Senior Warden) and Hiram Abif (the Junior Warden).

18. What does the Bee Hive symbolize?

It is a symbol of industry.

19. What does the Setting Maul symbolize?

The casualties or diseases by which we may lose our own lives.

20. What does the Sprig of Acacia symbolize and why?

It is symbolizes immortality because if the Acacia be cut down, it simply sprouts again.

21. What moral lesson does the Tyler’s Sword represent?

It teaches us to be guarded in our thoughts and our speech and to control our actions.

22. Draw the 47th Problem of Euclid and describe its importance.

It is a basic theorem of geometry and considered to be the foundation of mathematics.

23. What are we taught by the legend of Hiram Abif?

To betray a trust is a fate worse than death.

Test Questions and Possible Answers on the Master Mason Degree (cont.)

24. What are some of the rights of a Master Mason?

The right to vote in our own Lodge, the rights to Masonic Relief, Masonic Visitation, Masonic Burial and the right to Trial by one’s Peers.

25. What are some of the responsibilities of a Master Mason?

Lodge attendance when possible, balloting, examining visitors, signing petitions, Lodge dues, contributing to Masonic relief and maintaining the reputation of Freemasonry unsullied.

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