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beyond the northeast corner

Possible Answers to Test Questions On “…And Then There Was Light!”

appendix a

Richard h. sands


We work in Speculative Freemasonry. This means that we need to speculate about most any question on topics of Masonic interest. Hence, for the most part, we cannot expect there to be but one answer to a given question but rather a spectrum of answers, all generally related. These answers are intended only to demonstrate possible answers to the questions asked in the hope that they may stimulate you to think further.

Test Questions and Possible Answers on “…And Then There Was Light!”

1.       Who are Masons?

Members of a fraternity who believe in a set of basic truths, taught by symbols and allegories, designed to better themselves and their communities.

2.       What is the definition of modern Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is an organized society of men, symbolically applying the principles of Operative Masonry and architecture to the science and art of character building.

3.       What does the 24-inch gauge remind a Mason to do?

To divide his time so that he has a portion for the worship of God, a portion for his usual vocations and the assistance of others, and a portion for refreshment and sleep.

4.       To what use does a Mason put the square? _________ the compasses?

To test each and everyone of his actions by the standard of virtue, then to change them if needed. To remind him to stay within due bounds in all of his interactions with his fellowman.

5.       To what use does the speculative Mason put the gavel?

To chip off the rough edges of his character, the better to prepare him ads a living stone for that spiritual building, eternal in the heavens.

6.       How does Freemasonry help a man to become a better man?

By giving him opportunities to converse on issues of morality with like-minded men, to practice brotherly love and relief to the needy, and to work side-by-side with his Brothers for the betterment of others.

7.       What is a Lodge?

A Lodge is a constitutional number of masons, meeting in a Temple or Center.

8. What is the name of the local Lodge Officer responsible for presenting five-to-ten minute programs in Lodge to teach Freemasonry?

A Lodge Education Officer

9.       How does a man develop his character?

By conversing with others on issues of morality, meeting different situations and being tested.

10.   What is a symbol?

Something which stands for or suggests something else by virtue of accidental resemblance, relationship, association, or convention.

11.   What is an allegory?

An expression by means of symbolic figures and actions of truths or generalizations about human nature.

12.   Which Presidents of the United States were Grand Masters in their lifetimes?

Andrew Jackson and Harry S. Truman.

13.   Name several Masons who were among the Patriots in the struggle for independence.

Ethan Allen, Benjamin Franklin, Nathaniel Greene, John Hancock, Marquis de Lafayette, Israel Putnam, Paul Revere, Baron von Steuben, Joseph Warren and George Washington – to name but a few.

14.   Does honor have a future?

Only if we continue to honor and esteem it – no pun intended!

15.   What is the mission of Freemasonry?

To provide an environment to help each member become a better person, and by the improvement and strengthening of the character of the individual man, to improve the community.

16.   What is your primary responsibility as a Freemason?

To preserve the reputation of the Fraternity unsullied and to become the best man and Mason that you can possibly be!

17.   Explain the difference between a “secret society” and a “society with secrets.”

A secret society does not publicize its meeting times and places, nor do its members make their membership known to outsiders, nor does the secret society disclose its motives. Freemasonry is a society with secrets; namely, the modes of recognition and the verbatim ritual – that is all! It is no different than a college fraternity in this regard.

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