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the principles of masonic law
Albert Gallatin Mackey


Accused, to what he is entitled
Act passed in the reign of Henry VI., anno 1425
    "        "        "               it was never enforced
Actual Past Master, term defined
Adjournment, a term not recognized in Masonry
     "       motion for, cannot be entertained
Affiliated Masons only, can visit lodges
Affiliation, what it is
      "      mode of
      "      requires unanimity
      "      Master Masons only entitled to it
      "      rejected application for, may be renewed in other lodges
      "      may be made with more than one lodge
Age, qualifications of candidates as to
Appeal from Grand Master not permitted
  "    not to be entertained in a lodge
  "    cannot be taken from the chair
  "    doctrine of, discussed
  "    from the Master, must be to the Grand Lodge
  "    every Mason has a right to one, to the Grand Lodge
  "    pending one, the sentence is in abeyance
Apprentices, rights of (see Entered Apprentice)
Arrears, non-payment of
   "     to lodges, history of their origin
   "     do not accrue during suspension
Assembly, general-one held in 287 by St. Alban
     "       "       "     in 926 at York
     "       "      governed the craft for nearly 800 years
     "       "      how organized
Atheist cannot be a Mason
Authorities for masonic law


Balloting for candidates
  every member must take a part in it
  secrecy of, inviolable
  must be unanimous
  Mason irresponsible for it to the lodge
    not disfranchised of it by non-payment of arrears
  mode of
Balloting in each degree
  not actually prescribed in the ancient constitutions, but implied
  must be unanimous
Ballot, reconsideration of
  motion for, out of order
  cannot be granted by dispensation
Black ball is the bulwark of Masonry
Brother, a title to be always used in lodge
Burial, masonic, right of
  must be requested except for strangers
  Master Masons only entitled to it
  dispensation for, not usually required
Business, order of
  may be suspended at any time by the Master
By-laws must be approved and confirmed by Grand Lodge


Calling from labor to refreshment
Censure, a masonic punishment
Certificates, masonic
Chaplain, Grand (see Grand Chaplain)
Charges of accusation, how to be made
Closing lodge is at the discretion of the Master
Committee of investigation on character of candidates
Committees to be appointed by the Master
  Master is chairman of, when present
Communication of a lodge, how terminated
Consecration of a lodge how performed
  meaning of
Constituting a lodge, ceremony of
  meaning of
Constitutions, how to be altered
"  Gothic, adopted in 926,
Corn, wine, and oil, masonic elements of consecration,
"  "  "  why elements,
Crimes, masonic,
"   "  definition of,
"   "  enumeration of


" two in each lodge,
" are appointed officers,
" not removable by Master or Senior Warden
"  Grand (see Grand Deacons)
Dedication of a lodge, how performed
"  to whom, and why,
"  meaning of
Definite suspension
"     "     restoration from
Degrees, no candidate can receive more than two at one communication
"  right of, not denied until recently,
"  regulations concerning
"  of many at one time may be refused
Deputy Grand Master, duties and prerogatives of
"  " office of, not very ancient
"  " exercises prerogatives of Grand Master in his absence
"" cannot be more than one
"" originally appointed by Grand Master
Discussions, how to be conducted in lodge,
Dispensation what and where to be granted
"for a lodge
"" " tenure of its duration
"" " difference from a Warrant
District Deputy Grand Master, a modern invention
Dotage a disqualification of candidates
" meaning of the term
Dues to lodges, a modern usage
" non-payment of, does not disqualify from voting for candidates


Emergency, rule upon the subject
Entered Apprentice, rights of
  formerly a member of his lodge
  formerly permitted to attend the Grand Communications
  may sit in a lodge of his degree
  cannot speak or vote
  cannot be deprived of his rights without trial
  after trial may appeal to the Grand Lodge
Erasure from lodge, a masonic punishment
Evidence in masonic trials
Examination of visitors
  how to be conducted
Exclusion, a masonic punishment
Executive powers of a Grand Lodge
Expulsion is masonic death
Expulsion, a masonic punishment
  should be inflicted by Grand Lodge or with its approval
  from higher degrees, its effect
  restoration from
Extinct lodges, funds of, revert to the Grand Lodge


Family distressed, of a Mason, entitled to relief
Fellow Craft, rights of
  they formerly constituted the great body of the Fraternity
  formerly permitted to speak, but not vote
Finishing candidates of one lodge in another
Fool cannot be a Mason
Free, a candidate must be, at the time of making
Free-born, a Mason must be
  reason for the rule
Funds of extinct lodges revert to the Grand Lodge


General Assembly. (See Assembly, General.)
God, belief in, a qualification of a candidate
Gothic constitutions adopted in 926
Grand Chaplain,
  office established in 1775
  duties of
Grand Deacons
  office more ancient than Oliver supposes
  duties of
  how appointed
Grand Lodge held in 1717
  mode of organizing one
  three lodges necessary to organize one
  dormant may be revived if a Grand Officer remains,
  all the Craft formerly members of
  Masters and Wardens of lodges are members
  Grand Officers are also members
  Past Masters are not members by inherent right
  its powers and prerogatives
  may make new regulations
  must observe the landmarks
Grand Lodges, historical sketch of
  are comparatively modern institutions
Grand Marshal
  appointed by the Grand Master
  duties of
Grand Master, duties and prerogatives of
  office of has existed since the origin of Masonry
  an elective officer
  by whom to be installed
  prerogatives of, derived from two sources
  no appeal from his decision
  may convene Grand Lodge when he chooses
  entitled to two votes
  how to be punished
  may grant dispensations
Grand Master may make Masons at sight
  may constitute new lodges
  cannot dispense with requisite forms in making Masons
  his own lodge cannot exercise jurisdiction over him
Grand Pursuivant
Grand Secretary
  office of established in 1723
  duties of
Grand Secretary, may appoint an assistant
Grand Stewards
  "      "     first mentioned in 1721
  "      "     duties of
  "      "     appointed by Junior Grand Warden
Grand Stewards' Lodge
Grand Sword-Bearer
  "      "     duties of
  "      "     office of, constituted in 1731
Grand Tiler
"      "     office of, must have existed from the earliest times
"      "     must not be a member of the Grand Lodge
"      "     sometimes appointed, and sometimes elected
Grand Treasurer
"      "     office of, established in 1724
"      "     duties of
"      "     has always been elected
Grand Wardens
"      "     originally appointed by the Grand Master
"      "     succeed the Grand Master and Deputy


Heresy not a masonic crime
Higher degrees, effect of expulsion from
Historical sketch


Idiot cannot be made a Mason
Impostor, how to be treated in examination
Incompetent witnesses, who they are
Indefinite suspension
"            "     restoration from
Innovations cannot be made in the body of Masonry
Insanity, if perfectly cured, no disqualification of a candidate
      "      whence the term derived
      "      necessary to legal existence of an officer
      "      of a Master of a lodge
      "      of the Grand Master
Instruction of representatives, right of, is vested in a lodge
Investigation of character must be by a committee
Irreligious libertine cannot be a Mason
  "  "  definition of the term


Judicial powers of a Grand Lodge,
Junior Grand Warden
Junior Warden,
  "  "  presides in absence of Master and Senior Warden,
  "  "  does not take the West in absence of Senior Warden,
  "  "  presides over the craft during refreshment
  "  "  appoints the stewards
Jurisdiction of a lodge
  "  geographical or personal
  "  is over all its members
  "  "  "  unaffiliated Masons in its vicinity
  "  cannot extend beyond State lines,
  "  none over its Master


Knowledge of reading and writing necessary to a Mason


Labor, calling from, to refreshment
Landmarks, what they are,
  "  ritual and legislative
  "  must be observed by the Grand Lodge
Law of Grand Lodges
  "  subordinate lodges
  "  individuals
Lawful information, what it is
Laws, how to be interpreted
  "  of Masonry are of two kinds—written and unwritten
  "  written, whence derived
  "  unwritten, whence derived
  "  "  same as ancient usage
Legislative powers of a Grand Lodge
Libertine, irreligious, cannot be a Mason
  meaning of the term
Lodge, subordinate
  definition of
  how organized
  must have been congregated by some superior authority
Lodge, under dispensation
  definition of
  generally precedes a warranted lodge
  how formed
  cannot make by-laws
  cannot elect officers
  cannot install officers
  cannot elect members
Lodge, warranted
  its powers and rights
  must be consecrated
  must be dedicated
  must be constituted
  its officers must be installed
  ceremony of installation in
  its powers are inherent in it
  its reserved rights are secured by the regulations
  an assembly of the craft in their primary capacity
  may select its own members
  elects its own officers
  what officers of, are elected in England
  may install its officers
  Master of, must be installed by a past Master
  may be represented in the Grand Lodge
  representatives of
  may instruct its representatives
  may frame by-laws
  may suspend or exclude a member
  may declare a member expelled, the sentence to be approved by the Grand Lodge
  may levy annual contributions
  may select its name
  cannot select its number
  duties of
  cannot alter the ritual
  must elect officers at a particular time
Lodge, warranted, cannot interfere with business of another lodge
  "       "       cannot initiate without previous notice
  "       "       cannot confer more than two degrees on the same candidate at one time
  "       "       cannot make more than five new Brothers at the same time
  "       "       must meet once a month
  "       "       neglecting to meet forfeits its warrant
  "       "       cannot remove from the town, without the consent of the Grand Lodge
  "       "       may remove from one part of the town to another, under restrictions
  "       "       officers of


Madmen cannot be Masons
Maims, how far disqualifying candidates
  "    reason for the rule relating to
Mass meeting of the craft cannot organize a Grand Lodge
Master, Grand. (See Grand Master.)
Master Mason, rights of
  "      "    becomes a member by signing the by-laws
  "      "    how this right is forfeited
  "      "    may apply to any lodge for membership
  "      "    to whom subject for discipline
  "      "    may speak and vote on all questions
  "      "    may hold any office to which elected
  "      "    but to serve as Master must have been a Warden
  "      "    may appeal to the Grand Lodge
  "      "    may visit any lodge, after examination
Master of a lodge
  "     "      "  must have previously served as Warden
  "     "      "  must see Grand Lodge regulations enforced
  "     "      "  must be installed by a Past Master
  "     "      "  has the warrant in charge
  "     "      "  may call special meetings of his lodge
  "     "      "  may close his lodge at any time
  "     "      "  presides over business as well as labor
  "     "      "  is supreme in his lodge
Master of a lodge, no appeal from his decision except to Grand
  moral qualifications of
  intellectual qualifications of
  who is to judge of them
  is a member of the Grand Lodge
  may exclude a member temporarily
Membership, right of
Members of Grand Lodge are Masters and Wardens with the Grand Officers
Minutes, when to be read
  how to be amended
  not to be read at special communications
  formula for keeping
Moral law, what it is
   a Mason must obey it
Motions, when to be entertained


Name of a lodge to be selected by itself
Non-residents, initiation of
Number of a lodge regulates its precedency
  of candidates to be initiated at one communication


Office, can be vacated only by death, removal, or expulsion
  not vacated by suspension
Officers of a Grand Lodge
    subordinate lodge
    warranted lodge must be installed
      how to be installed
  time of election determined by Grand Lodge
  elected annually
  vacancies in, how to be supplied
  cannot resign
Order, rules of
      whence derived


Parliamentary law not applicable to Masonry
Past Masters
  rights of
  not members of the Grand Lodge by inherent right
  may install their successors
  of two kinds—actual and virtual
  may preside in a lodge
  eligible to election to the chair
  entitled to a seat in the East
  eligible to be elected Deputy Grand Master, or Grand Warden
  virtual, cannot be present at installing a Master
Penal jurisdiction of a lodge
Perfect youth, meaning of the term
Perfection, physical, why required of a candidate
Petition of candidate
  must be read at a regular communication
  referred to a committee of three
  reported on at next regular communication
  report on, cannot be made at a special communication
  renewal of, in case of rejection
  how to be renewed, if rejected
  for advancement to a higher degree
  if rejected, how to be renewed
Petitioners, not less than seven to form a lodge
  what they must set forth
  must be recommended by nearest lodge
Political offenses not cognizable by a lodge
Political qualifications of candidates
Postponed business, when to be called up
Precedency of lodges, regulated by their numbers
Presiding in a lodge, who has the right of
  officer, has the prerogatives of the Master, for the time
Previous question, unknown in Masonry
Probation of candidates
  for initiation
  for advancement
Proceedings of a regular communication cannot be amended at a special one
Profanes, testimony of, how to be taken in trials
Proficiency of candidates
Proficiency of candidates, must be suitable
Punishments, masonic
Pursuivant, a title equivalent to Sword-Bearer


Qualifications of a Master of a lodge
  of candidates,
  political, 184
Quarterly communications of Grand Lodge, ordered in 1717
Question, how to be taken on a motion


Reading, a qualification of candidates
Recommendation of nearest lodge, necessary to form a new one
  of candidate, must be by two members
Reconsideration of ballot
  motion for, is out of order,
  cannot be granted by dispensation
Rejected candidate cannot apply to any other lodge
  renewed petition of, when to be made,
Relief, right of claiming it
  unworthy Masons not entitled to it
Religion of a Mason, what it is required to be
Religious offenses not cognizable by a lodge
Removal of a lodge, rule on the subject of
Representatives of a lodge, who they are
Reprimand, a masonic punishment
  from definite suspension
    indefinite supension
  must be at a stated communication
  may be by Grand Lodge
  requires a unanimous vote
  to membership discussed


Secretary, Grand. (See Grand Secretary.)
  of a lodge
  his duty
  is a recording, corresponding, and receiving officer
  is a check upon the treasurer
  often receives compensation
  in case of death, or expulsion, a successor may be elected
  but not in case of removal, or sickness
Senior Grand Warden. (See Grand Wardens.)
Senior Warden
  presides in absence of Master
  may invite a Past Master to preside
  presides over the craft during labor
  appoints the Junior Deacon
Sentence in trials, how to be obtained
  —— is in abeyance pending an appeal
Stewards, Grand. (See Grand Stewards.)
  of a lodge
  appointed by Junior Warden
  duties of
  not removable by Junior Warden
Stranger, initiation of
Sword Bearer, Grand. (See Grand Sword Bearer.)


Testimony, how to be taken on masonic trials
Tiler, Grand. (See Grand Tiler.)
  of a lodge
  office existed from beginning of the institution
  no lodge can be without one
  must be a worthy Master Mason
  if a member, the office does not disfranchise him
  when voting, Junior Deacon takes his place
  may be removed for misconduct
Tiler's obligation, form of it
Transient persons, initiation of
Treasurer, Grand. (See Grand Treasurer.)
    "        "    of a lodge
    "        "    duties of
    "        "    is the only banker of the lodge
    "        "    is a disbursing officer
    "        "    a Brother of worldly substance usually selected
    "        "    in case of death, a successor may be elected
    "        "    but not in case of sickness, or removal
Trials, masonic
   "       "    form of
   "       "    evidence in


Unaffiliated Masons
     "         "    tax sometimes levied on
     "         "    position, rights, and duties of
Unaffiliation, contrary to the spirit of Masonry
     "         effect of, on a Mason
Unanimity in the ballot required by the ancient constitutions
Uneducated candidates not forbidden by positive enactment
     "         "   their admission opposed to the spirit of the institution


Virtual Past Masters, who they are
Visit, right of
  "    only affiliated Mason entitled to it
  "    must be preceded by an examination
  "    requires a certificate to insure it
Visitors, examination of, described
    "     must take the Tiler's obligation
Voting must always be by a show of hands
Voting in trials, obligatory on all members present
Voucher must be a competent Mason
Vouching for a visitor


Wardens, Grand. (See Grand Wardens.)
  of a lodge are assistants of the Master
  entitled to membership in Grand Lodge
Warden, Senior. (See Senior Warden.)
Warden, Junior. (See Junior Warden.)
Warrant of constitution
  what it is
  its difference from a dispensation
  can be revoked only by the Grand Lodge
  confers powers of installation and succession
  not necessary before 1717
  cannot be resigned by a majority of the lodge
Warranted lodges. (See Lodges, Warranted.)
Witnesses in masonic trials, qualifications of
  definition of incompetent ones
Woman cannot be made a Mason
Writing, a qualification of candidates


Yeas and nays, calling for, unmasonic
Young man under age cannot be made a Mason
Youth, perfect, meaning of the term

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