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Mrs. Inge Baum, retired Librarian of the Supreme Council 33º, S.J., for her always gracious assistance.

Bro. David Blackey Board, for his detailed research on and bibliography of Léo Taxil.

Bro. John W. Boettjer, for his permission to use the articles "Garden of Evil?" and "Stones of Evil."

Bro. Roger Kessinger, Kessinger Publishing Co., for permission to use extended quotations from The Cloud of Prejudice: A Study in Anti-Masonry, by Art deHoyos.

Bro. Irwin Kirby, General Secretary, Valley of Miami, A.&A.S.R., for information on Rev. James D. Shaw's Scottish Rite membership in Florida.

Ms. Joan Kleinknecht, Librarian of the Supreme Council 33º, S.J., for her kind assistance.

Bro. Rollin O. Simpson, Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of Indiana, F.&A.M., for information on Rev. James D. Shaw's Masonic membership in Indiana.

Bro. Eric Serejski, for his assistance in translating passages from Le Femme et L'Enfant dans le Franc-Maçonnerie Universelle.

Bro. Arthur Schechner, Secretary, West Dade Lodge No. 388, for information on Rev. James D. Shaw's membership in Allapattah Lodge No. 271.

Bro. William G. Wolf, Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of Florida, F.&.A.M., for information on Rev. James D. Shaw's Masonic membership in Florida.

Bros. Sidney Baxter, John W. Boettjer, Richard Curtis, Richard E. Fletcher, Wallace McLeod, Pete Normand, James T. Tresner, II, and Thomas E. Weir for their invaluable textual corrections and suggestions.

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It is not an unmixed blessing, being asked to write a foreword for this book.

On the one hand, it is a high honor to be asked to contribute a few words to the work of Masons I so greatly respect. Art deHoyos and Brent Morris are two of the very best Masonic writers Freemasonry has produced in a long time.

On the other hand, some tasks are simply distasteful, no matter how exalted the company in which they are done. (Unstopping a clogged toilet springs to mind as an example.) Dealing with the attacks of anti-Masons is a similarly distasteful task, for similar reasons.

It is a sense of betrayal which makes me so personally angry with some of these individuals. I came of age in a time when policemen were your friends, your father knew best, and ministers lived by high moral codes. And I still believe that.

But it's getting harder.

St. Luke says (16:10) "Whoever is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much; and whoever is dishonest in a very little is dishonest also in much."

As you will see in this book, anti-Masons are often dishonest in both little and much.

That's the betrayal! I don't expect a banker to steal my money, I don't expect a physician to prescribe poison, and I don't expect a minister to lie to me.

And these men do lie. They are not innocently mistaken; they are not led into error; they are not merely confused. They lie.

Suppose Brent Morris writes a letter to me, and he writes, "I don't think Art deHoyos is stupid." And, later in the letter, he writes, "I was watching one of our local politicians on television last night, and I was strongly reminded of the line by the ancient poet-philosopher, Sadi, 'Verily, he is like a jack-ass among men, a calf, a body which is bleating.'"

Then I sit down and write a letter to Art deHoyos, with Brent's letter in front of me, and I write, "Dear Brother deHoyos, I got a letter today in which Brent Morris wrote, 'I . . . think Art is stupid.' 'He is like a jack-ass among men.'"

If I do that, I have told deliberate, malicious lies. And if I add to my letter, "so you can see what Brent really thinks about you," I have lied again.

Bear that in mind as you read the examples of what anti-Masons do when "quoting" Masonic writers.

Dishonest in little-dishonest in much.

To sell a book, or a tape, claiming it reveals truth while knowing it to contain lies is cheating. Soliciting or accepting contributions in the name of truth while telling a lie is stealing.

It's hard for us to believe that of men of the cloth. But when a man presents us, in writing, with repeated proof of his deceit, we ultimately must conclude that he is deceitful.

This book is not intended to be an exhaustive defense of Freemasonry. None is needed. It is intended to show, by example, just what anti-Masons are capable of doing.

There may be some readers who, in spite of the proof of the lies told by the anti-Masons examined in this book (and in spite of the fact that they can get the original sources themselves and check them out if they doubt the integrity of Brothers deHoyos and Morris), still continue to believe in the honor and integrity of the anti-Masons. If so, there is little that can be said to them.

But for readers who resent being lied to and resent even more the implication that they are too stupid to know the difference, this book will come as something of a revelation.

What motivates such men? Part of it may simply be unreasoning hatred. But a very large part of it can be explained in financial terms. Anti-Masons are fond of selling audio and video tapes. One can do a video tape, even in fairly small quantities, for about $5, and that includes the cost of the tape, its reproduction, a sturdy hinged plastic case, and a color title card for the box; an audio tape costs about $1.25. Since these earnest entrepreneurs sell their video tapes for $20­30 and their audio tapes for $5­6, there is a useful bit of change left over.

Freemasonry, therefore, is a profitable target.

It is not that Freemasonry considers itself above criticism. It is a human institution and, like all such institutions, imperfect and open to improvement. Criticize us if you wish--most Masons do. Examine us in depth--we have nothing to hide.

But do not lie about us.

And, especially, do not lie about us and then dare to claim you are doing the work of God.

James T. Tresner, II
Master Mason

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In the three short years since the first edition of this work was published we have received an overwhelmingly positive response from the majority of our readers, to whom we extend our sincere appreciation. We have also heard from a few anti-Masonic detractors who have accused us of both insincerity and a motivation to write this work for personal financial gain. These charges are completely unfounded. As we wrote in the first edition, we are willing to admit to and correct any verifiable errors if provided with proper documentation. We also hasten to add that neither of the authors receives any royalties or financial remuneration in consideration of this work.

This second, enlarged edition includes updates, new material and several new chapters.

One of the most contested matters relative to the first edition concerns the allegations of the late Rev. James D. Shaw. Among the many claims in his anti-Masonic book The Deadly Deception, was his alleged reception of an Honorary Thirty-third Degree from the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction. As will be seen, co-author Tom McKenney now admits that the emphasis on Rev. Shaw's alleged status as a "top leader" was a marketing ploy. We will provide additional documentation and evidence demonstrating that Rev. Shaw lied about this, as well as other aspects of his Masonic standing and career. A lengthy correspondence related to the matter is also included.

The increased popularity of the Internet and the World Wide Web has not only provided Freemasonry with a ready medium to disseminate information, but also allows anti-Masons the opportunity of spreading misinformation. It is notable that most of Freemasonry's critics prefer to hide under a cloak anonymity on the Internet, such as Enchanter!, an anti-Mason whose criticisms are also herein addressed.

This edition includes a more detailed examination of the tactics used by John Ankerberg and John Weldon in their anti-Masonic book, The Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge: A Christian Perspective. Since our first edition was published they have made some alterations to their book, but failed to publicly acknowledge their errors.

A sad and distressing example of the "fruits" of anti-Masonry appears in the epilogue which contains two articles, "The Garden of Evil?" and "Stones of Evil," kindly provided by Bro. John Boettjer. These articles are a poignant reminder that the innocent are most often the victims of brutal, ignorant and superstitious fanaticism.

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Freemasonry is a unique human institution, generating deep loyalty in its members and great misunderstandings among its detractors. It is difficult for some people to imagine that a group of men meeting behind closed doors could be doing anything good, much less encouraging each other to live lives of greater religious, family, and civic service. And yet this is what Freemasons have done since at least 1717, when the premier grand lodge was formed in London.

Recent critics, however, have gone beyond stating their differences with the Craft to fabricating vicious lies to defame the fraternity and its members. These detractors have convinced themselves that Freemasonry is the work of the devil. Thus they apparently justify their perversions of truth with the thought that they are doing the Lord's work--saving an unsuspecting world from Satan. No misquotation, no distortion, no lie is too great to accomplish what they perceive as their holy mission. All this is done in the name of Him who said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life" (John 14:18).

Freemasonry teaches its members tolerance, even of its assailants. The normal Masonic response to detractors has been to turn the other cheek, letting them wallow in their own ignorance. The maliciousness and deceitfulness of current attacks have grown to the point, however, that some reasoned reply is needed. It is not too demanding to expect the critics of Freemasonry to state their credentials accurately or to quote Masonic authors correctly and in context. Surely that is being faithful in very little. The hatred of some anti-Masons is so great, however, that even this little faithfulness is too much.

This book points out several common misrepresentations made about Freemasonry and shows specific examples of willful fraud. We do not attempt to answer every charge, because this is an ultimately fruitless task. Anyone willing to overlook the easily verified lies presented here can just as easily rationalize away whatever other corruption they might encounter.

We have tried to be scrupulous in citing our sources and in accurately representing the exact words and context of quotations. Despite our best efforts, it will not surprise us if inadvertent errors have crept into our text. All mistakes of quotation and citation will be acknowledged and will be corrected in subsequent editions of this work. Please send such errors to the Masonic Service Association of the U.S., 8120 Fenton St., Silver Spring, MD 20910-4785.

We hope this book will give pause to fair-minded readers who may be caught in the headlong rush to condemn Freemasonry. The evidence presented here calls into question the research abilities of many Masonic critics as well as their integrity.

A.H. & S.B.M.

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