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masonry dissected


chapter II

Samuel Prichard

Q. Are you a Fellow-Craft? 

A. I am.

Q. Why was you made a Fellow-Craft? 

A. For the sake of the Letter G. 

Q. What does the G denote? 

A. Geometry, or the fifth Science. 

Q. Did you ever travel? 

A. Yes. East and West. 

Q. Did you ever work? 

A. Yes, in the Building of the Temple. 

Q. Where did you receive your Wages? 

A. In the middle Chamber. 

Q. How came you to the middle Chamber? 

A. Through the Porch. 

Q. When you came through the Porch, what did you see? 

A. Two great Pillars. 

Q. What are they called? 

A. J. B. Jachim and Boaz. 

Q. How high are they? 

A. Eighteen Cubits. 

Q. How much in Circumference? 

A. Twelve Cubits. 

Q. What were they adorn'd with? 

A. Two Chapiters. 

Q. How high were the Chapiters? 

A. Five Cubits. 

Q. What were they adorn'd with? 

A. Net-Work and Pomegranates. 

Q. How came you to the middle Chamber? 

A. By a winding Pair of Stairs. 

Q. How many? 

A. Seven or more. 

Q. Why Seven or more? 

A. Because Seven or more makes a Just and Perfect Lodge. 

Q. When you came to the door of the middle Chamber, who did you see? 

A. A Warden. 

Q. What did he demand of you? 

A. Three Things. 

Q. What were they? 

A. Sign, Token and a Word. 

N.B. The Sign is placing the Right Hand on the Left Breast, the Token is by joining you Right Hand to the Person that demands it, and squeezing him with the Ball of your Thumb on the first Knuckle of the middle Finger, and the Word is Jachin. 

Q. How high was the Door of the middle Chamber? 

A. So high that a Cowan could not reach to stick a Pin in. 

Q. When you came into the middle, what did you see? 

A. The Resemblance of the Letter G. 

Q. Who doth that G denote? 

A. Vide I Kings, Chap. 7.One that's greater than you. 

Q. Who's greater than I, That am a Free and Accepted Mason, the Master of a Lodge. 

A. The Grand Architect and Contriver of the Universe, or He that was taken up to the top of the Pinnacle of the Holy Temple. 

Q. Can you repeat the Letter G? 

A. I'll do my Endeavour. 


Resp. In the midst of Solomon's Temple there stands a G, A Letter fair for all to read and see, But few there be that understands What means that Letter G. 

Ex. My Fiend, if you pretend to be Of this Fraternity, You can forthwith and rightly tell What means that Letter G. 

Resp. By Sciences are brought to Light Bodies of various Kinds, Which do appear to perfect Sight; But none but Males shall know my Mind. 

Ex. The Right shall.

Resp. If Worshipful. 

Ex. Both Right and Worshipful I am, To Hail you I have Command, That you do forthwith let me know, As I you may understand. 

Resp. By Letters Four and Science Five This G aright doth stand, In a due Art and Proportion, You have your Answer, Friend. 

N.B. Four Letters are Boaz. Fifth Science Geometry. 

Ex. My Friend, you answer well, If Right and Free Principles you discover, I'll change your Name from Friend, And henceforth call you Brother. 

Resp. The Sciences are well compos'd Of noble Structure's Verse, A Point, a Line, and an Outside; But a Solid is the last. 

Ex. God's good Greeting be to this our happy Meeting. 

Resp. And all the Right Worshipful Brothers and Fellows. 

Ex. Of the Right Worshipful and Holy Lodge of St. John's. 

Resp. From whence I came. 

Ex. Greet you, greet you, greet you thrice, heartily well, craving your Name. 

Resp. Timothy Ridicule. 

Exam. Welcome, Brother, by the Grace of God. 

N.B. The Reason why they Denominate Themselves of the Holy Lodge of St. John's, is, Because he was the Fore-runner of our Saviour, and laid the first Parallel Line to the Gospel (others do assert, that our Saviour himself was accepted a Free-Mason whilst he was in the Flesh) but how ridiculous and prophane it seems, I leave to judicious Readers to consider. 

The End of the Fellow-Craft Part.

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