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 Masonic quotes by Brothers

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masonry dissected


chapter i

Samuel Prichard

Q. FROM whence came you? A. From the Holy Lodge of St. John's.

Q. What Recommendations brought you from thence?

A. The Recommendations which I brought from the Right Worshipful Brothers andFellows of the Right Worshipful and Holy Lodge of St. John's, from whence I came, and Greet you thrice heartily well.

Q. What do you come here to do?

A. Not to do my own proper Will, But to subdue my Passion still; The Rules of Masonry in hand to take, And daily Progress therein make.

Q. Are you a Mason?

A. I am so taken and Accepted to be amongst Brothers and Fellows.

Q. How shall I know that you are a Mason? 

A. By Signs and Tokens and perfect Points of my Entrance. 

Q. What are Signs? 

A. All Squares, Angles and Perpendiculars. 

Q. What are Tokens? 

A. Certain Regular and Brotherly Gripes. 

Exam. Give me the Points of your Entrance.

Resp. Give me the first, and I'll give you the second. 

Exam. I Hail it.

Resp. I Conceal it. 

Exam. What do you Conceal?

Resp. All Secrets and Secresy of Masons and Masonry, unless to a True and Lawful Brother after due Examination, or in a just and worshipful Lodge of Brothers and Fellows well met. 

Q. Where was you made a Mason? 

A. In a Just and Perfect Lodge. 

Q. What makes a Just and Perfect Lodge? 

A. Seven or more. 

Q. What do they consist of? 

A. One Master, two Wardens, two Fellow-Crafts and two Enter'd 'Prentices. 

Q. What makes a Lodge? 

A. Five. 

Q. What do they consist of? 

A. One Master. Two Wardens, one Fellow-Craft, one Enter'd 'Prentice. 

Q. Who brought you to the Lodge? 

A. An Enter'd 'Prentice. 

Q. How did he bring you? 

A. Neither naked nor cloathed, barefoot nor shod, deprived of all Metal and in aright moving Posture. 

Q. How got you Admittance? 

A. By three great Knocks. 

Q. Who receiv'd you? 

A. A Junior Warden. 

Q. How did he dispose of you? 

A. He carried me up to the North-East Part of the Lodge, and brought me back again to the West and deliver'd me to the Senior Warden. 

Q. What did the Senior Warden do with you? 

A. He presented me, and shew'd me how to walk up (by three Steps) to the Master. 

Q. What did the Master do with you? 

A. He made me a Mason. 

Q. How did he make you a Mason? 

A. With my bare-bended Knee and Body within the Square, the Compass extended to my naked Left Breast, my naked Right Hand on the Holy Bible; there I took the Obligation (or Oath) of a Mason. 

Q. Can you repeat that Obligation. 

A. I'll do my Endeavour. 

(Which is as follows.) I Hereby solemnly Vow and Swear in the Presence of Almighty God and this Right Worshipful Assembly, that I will Hail and Conceal, and never Reveal the Secrets or Secresy of Masons or Masonry, that shall be Revealed unto me; unless to a True and Lawful Brother, after due Examination, or in a Just and Worshipful Lodge of Brothers and Fellows well met. 

I furthermore Promise and Vow, that I will not Write them, Print them, Mark them, Carve them or Engrave them, or cause them to be Written, Printed, Marked, Carved or Engraved on Wood or Stone, so as the Visible Character or Impression of a Letter may appear, whereby it may be unlawfully obtain'd. 

All this under no less Penalty than to have my Throat cut, my Tongue taken from the Roof of my Mouth, my Heart pluck'd from under my Left Breast, them to be buried in the Sands of the Sea, the Length of a Cable-rope from Shore, where the Tide ebbs and flows twice in 24 Hours, my Body to be burnt to Ashes, my Ashes to be be scatter'd upon the Face of the Earth, so that there shall be no more Remembrance of me among Masons. 

So help me God. 

Q. What Form is the Lodge? 

A. A long Square. 

Q. How long? 

A. From East to West. 

Q. How broad? 

A. From North to South. 

Q. How high? 

A. Inches, Feet, and Yards innumerable, as high as the Heavens. 

Q. How deep? 

A. To the Centre of the Earth. 

Q. Where does the Lodge stand? 

A. Upon Holy Ground, or the highest Hill or lowest Vale, or in the Vale of Jehosaphat, or any other secret Place. 

Q. How is it situated? 

A. Due East and West. 

Q. Why so? 

A. Because all Churches and Chappels are or ought to be so. 

Q. What supports a Lodge? 

A. Three great Pillars. 

Q. What are they called? 

A. Wisdom, Strength to support, and Beauty. 

Q. Why so? 

A. Wisdom to contrive, Strength to support, and Beauty to adorn. 

Q. What Covering have you to the Lodge? 

A. A clouded Canopy of divers Colours (or the Clouds.) 

Q. Have you any Furniture in your Lodge? 

A. Yes. 

Q. What is this? 

A. Mosaick Pavement, Blazing Star and Indented Tarsel. 

Q. What are they? 

A. Mosaick Pavement, the Ground Floor of the Lodge, Blazing Star the Centre, and Indented Tarsel the Border round about it. 

Q. What is the other Furniture of a Lodge? 

A. Bible to God, Compass to the Master, and Square to the Fellow-Craft. 

Q. Have you any Jewels in the Lodge? 

A. Yes. 

Q. How many? 

A. Six. Three Moveable, and three Immoveable. 

Q. What are the Moveable Jewels? 

A. Square, Level and Plumb-Rule. 

Q. What are their Uses. 

A. Square to lay down True and Right Lines, Level to try all Horizontals, and the Plumb-Rule to try all Uprights. 

Q. What are the Immoveable Jewels? 

A. Trasel Board, Rough Ashler, and Broach'd Thurnel. 

Q. What are their Uses? 

A. Trasel Board for the aster to draw his Designs upon, Rough Ashler for the Fellow-Craft to try their Jewels upon, and the Broach'd Thurnel for the Enter'd 'Prenticeto learn to work upon. 

Q. Have you any Lights in your Lodge? 

A. Yes, Three. 

Q. What do they represent? 

A. Sun, Moon and Master-Mason.

N.B. These Lights are three large Candles placed on high Candlesticks. 

Q. Why so? 

A. Sun to rule the Day, Moon to the Night, and Master-Mason his Lodge. 

Q. Have you any fix'd Lights in tour Lodge? 

A. Yes. 

Q. How many? 

A. Three.

N.B. These fix'd Lights are Three Windows, suppos'd (tho' vainly) to be in every Room where a Lodge is held, but more properly the four Cardinal Points according to the antique Rules of Masonry. 

Q. How are they situated? 

A. East, South and West. 

Q. What are their Uses? 

A. To light the Men to, at and from their Works. 

Q. Why are there non Lights in the North?

A. Because the Sun darts no Rays fromt hence. 

Q. Where stands your Master? 

A. In the East. 

Q. Why so? 

A. As the Sun rises in the East and opens the Day, so the Master stands in the East [with his Right Hand upon his Left Breast being a Sign, and the Square about his Neck] to open the Lodge and to set his Men at Work. 

Q. Where stands your Wardens?

A. In the West. 

Q. What's their Business? 

A. As the Sun sets in the West to close the Day, so the Wardens stand in the West. [with their Right Hands upon their Laft Breasts being a Sign, and the Level and Plumb-Rule about their Necks] to close the Lodge and dismiss the Men from Labour, paying their Wages. 

Q. Where stands the Senior Enter'd 'Prentice? 

A. In the south. 

Q. What is his Business? 

A. to hear and receive Instructions and welcome strange Brothers. 

Q. Where stands the Junior Enter'd 'Prentice? 

A. In the North. 

Q. What is his Business? 

A. To keep off all Cowans and Evesdroppers. 

Q. If a Cowan (or Listner) is catch'd, how is he to be punished? 

A. To be plac'd under the Eves of the Houses (in rainy Weather) till the Water runs in at his Shoulders and out at his Shoos. 

Q. What are the Secrets of a Mason? 

A. Signs, Tokens and many Words. 

Q. Where do you keep those Secrets? 

A. Under my Left Breast. 

Q. Have you any Key to those Secrets? 

A. Yes. 

Q. Where do you keep it? 

A. In a Bone Bone Box that neither opens nor shuts but with Ivory Keys. 

Q. Does it hang or does it lie? 

A. It hangs. 

Q. What does it hang by? 

A. A Tow-Line 9 Inches or a Span. 

Q. What Metal is ir of? 

A. No manner of Metal at all; but a Tongue of good Report is as good behind a Brother's Back as before his Face. 

N.B. The Key is the Tongue, the Bone Bone Box is the Teeth, the Tow-Line the Roof of the Mouth. 

Q. How many Principles are there in Masonry? 

A. Four. 

Q. What are they? 

A. Point, Line, Superficies and Solid. 

Q. Explain them. 

A. Point the Centre (round which the Master cannot err) Line Length without Breadth, Superficies Length and Breadth, Solid comprehends the whole. 

Q. How many Principle-Signs? 

A. Four. 

Q. What are they? 

A. Guttural, Pectoral, Manual and Pedestal. 

Q. Explain Them. 

A. Guttural the Throat, Pectoral the Breast, Manual the Hand, Pedestal the Feet. 

Q. What do you learn by being a Gentleman-Mason. 

A. Secresy, Morality and Goodfellowship. 

Q. What do you learn by being an Operative Mason? 

A. Hue, Square, Mould-stone, lay a Level and raise a Perpendicular. 

Q. Have you seen your Master to-day? 

A. Yes. 

Q. How was he Cloathed? 

A. In a Yellow Jacket and Blue Pair of Breeches. 

N.B. The Yellow Jacket is the Compasses, and the Blue Breeches the Steel Points. 

Q. How long do you serve your Master? 

A. From Monday Morning to Saturday Night. 

Q. How do you serve him? 

A. With Chalk, Charcoal and Earthen Pan. 

Q. What do they denote? 

A. Freedom, Fervency and Zeal. 

Ex. Give me the Enter'd 'Prentice's Sign. 

Resp. Extending the Four Fingers of the Right Hand and drawing of them cross his Throat, is the Sign, and demands a Token. 

N.B. A Token is by joining the Ball of the Thumb of the Right Hand upon the first Knuckle of the Fore-finger of the Brother's Right Hand that demands a Word. 

Q. Give me the Word. 

A. I'll letter it with You. 

Exam. BOAZ. [N.B. The Exam. Says B, Resp. O, Exam. A, Resp. Z, i.e. Boaz.] Give me another. 

Resp. JACHIN. [N.B. Boaz and Jachin were two Pillars in Solomon's Porch. I Kings, chap. Vii. Ver. 21.] 

Q. How old are you? 

A. Under Seven. [Denoting he has not pass'd Master.] 

Q. What's the Day for? 

A. To See in. 

Q. What's the Night for? 

A. To Hear. 

Q. How blows the Wind? 

A. Due East and West. 

Q. What's a Clock? 

A. High Twelve. 

The End of the Enter'd 'Prentice's Part.

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