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Ramblings in Masonry

by Charles Fotheringham


Charles Fotheringham was born in Longbenton, England, about 1895. He earned degrees in Instrumental and Vocal Music. Having served in the British Armed Forces for five years, he then traveled almost a decade on ocean liners as a professional musician. He settled in Ontario, Canada in 1929, and began a teaching career in music. He and his wife Dulcie Pearl, had one child.

We are uncertain of his birth date, but he was 36 when initiated (Jan.8,1931), passed (Feb.26,1931) and raised (May 7,1931) in Port Elgin Lodge #429. Charles served as Worshipful Master there in 1939, and served as DDGM in 1943. During the course of his life, he affiliated with a dozen different lodges, including being charter member of four of them: Ashlar Lodge #701 (1959), Brotherhood Lodge #723 (1972), Cambridge Lodge #728 (1976), and Heritage Lodge #730 (1977). He was still on the rolls of 7 of them when he ascended to that Grand Lodge on High.

R. Wor. Bro. Charles Fotheringham, besides his blue lodge affiliation, was active in the Scottish Rite. He was a member of the Rotary and Lions Clubs as well as being a life member of the Canadian Bandmasters’ Association. Charles was an honorary member of the Chippewa Indian Tribe and bore the name Chief Medwayosh. But his chief interest may have been as an officer of the Rosicrucian Order (SRICF).

Charles Fotheringham died June 24, 1978

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