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... to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement which unites us into one sacred band or society of brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble emulation of who can best work or best agree ...

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List 1 List 2 List 3 - The Transactions of A. Douglas Smith, Jr., Lodge of Research #1949


A Chance To Advance Tresner-Treasner
A Family Affair - Unk
An Adventure in Serendipity - Head
Ancient Earnest Secret and Fraternal - Brookhiser
Ancient Truths - Firestone
Anti-Masonry Frequently Asked Questions - Mckeown
Acacia training -
Blooper JW messes up - Blaney
Building of the Pyramids - Mitchell
Charles A Lindberg - Firestone
Closing Charge -
Conscience and The Craft Treasner - Treasner
Dare to be Different - Leviton
Death - Head
Freemasonry and The Civil War - Lowe
Further Light In Masonry - RAM
George Whitefield sermon -
He Once Owned the Whole Town - Head
"He Was a Mason" - Firestone
Holy Sts John the Baptist - Griggs
Increasing Lodge Attendance - Lamason
Investing In the Future of Freemasonry - Tuck
Irreversible Nondecision - Head
Isnt It About Time? - Lasuer
Isn't That a Secret? - Unk
Jewels of Freemasonry - Ake
Now Can I Be Told? - Head
Lodge Or Temple? -  White
Looking at the Trees Instead of the Forest - Head
Marching to a   Different Drummer - Head
Masonic Penalties - Firestone
Masonic Philosophy - Newton
Masonic Readinglist -
Masonic Writers Albert Pike - Mckeown
Motivation of Lodge Members - Brinkman
Mozart - Firestone
Pieces of the Puzzle - Firestone
Poem, "A Dying Child" - Moe
Poem, "I am Freemasonry" - Denslow
Poem, "When Is A Man A Mason" - Newton
Quantity vs Quality - Firestone
Scottish Rite Reunion - Vangorden
Self Analysis Masonic Style - Nahin
Single Step - Head
Some Famous Masons -
St John the Evangelist - Griggs
The Badge of a Mason - Myers
The Forget Me Not - Huffman
The Miners Bible - Hart
Time for Change - Head
The MULE and Freemasonry -
The Ninth Amendment - Firestone
The rebuilding of the Temple -
The Three Degrees of Blue Lodge - Algabil
To Engineer is Human - Firestone
Toward the Moral Universe - Head
United States Supreme Court Justices Freemasons - Bessel
What I Get From Being a Mason - Goldman
What is a Mason - Lamason
Why Secrecy? - Firestone
York Rite - RAM
You Can - Firestone

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A Minister and Masonry
Abe Lincoln's Ax
Ancient Freemasonry’s Lessons for Today (The Past Master's Lecture)
Benefits Of Being A Lodge Officer
Biography Of John The Baptist
Brainstorming - CLS
Celebrate The Past, Build The Future
Charitable Work of Grand Lodge of Ohio
Do We Need DeMolay and Does DeMolay Need Us?
Encounter The Challenge
Every Mason Is A PR Man For Freemasonry
Freedom, Family, Freemasonry
Getting More Members Active in Lodge
Golden Fleece - Roman Eagle
Grand Lodge Charities
Grand Lodge Scholarship Program
Harry Houdini
Heartwood, Sapwood and Roots
How to Define What Masonry Means To Me
Innovation and Masonry
Instructional Design Basics for CLS Modules - CLS
Letter Received At A Grand Lodge Website
Life's Working Tools Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Masonic Model
Masonic Philosophy
Masons Stand Fast and Firm
Planting The Seed
Proud To Be A Mason
Reflections on an Obligation
Renaissance Of Responsibility
Ritual - Who Needs It?
Sample Lodge Officer Duties - CLS
Sharing The Real Secrets Of Freemasonry
Silence Is Golden
Suspension For Non-Payment of Dues
The Beehive
The Cable Tow
The Challenge of Upholding the Promise of Our Lodge Charter
The Hull That Conceals The Corn
The Little-Known J Edgar Hoover
The Masonic Balance—Faith and Reason
The Old Square
The Pledge of Allegiance by Red Skelton
The Rubbish Of The Temple
The Value of Candidate Counseling
The Winds Of Change
Three Phase Masonry
Tips on How To Lead Group Discussions - CLS
To Communicate Or Not To Communicate
Value of the Lodge’s Community Involvement
Value of the Lodge’s Friendship Programs
Walkabout the Lodge
What Can One Say About Freemasonry?
What Is a Lewis?
What Is Our Job As Masons?
What Made Masonry Great In The First Place?
What Should One Not Say About Freemasonry?
What’s the Point of Each Degree?
Who Was Hiram Abiff?
Why Should He Ask?
Working Tools
Your Obligation Requires You To Be A Mason More Than Twice A Month

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LIST 3 - The Transactions of A. Douglas Smith, Jr., Lodge of Research #1949

Below are The Transactions of A. Douglas Smith, Jr., Lodge of Research #1949 which have been published in 2 volumes. Volume 1 covers 1982 through 1987, and volume 2 covers 1988 through 1992. Further volumes may be published to cover additional years.

Transactions - Volume 1 1982 - 1987

Memorial Resolution on Doug Smith presented March 29 1986
A. Douglas Smith, by Allen E. Roberts, PDDGM presented January 29, 1983
Ho, Companions!, by Stewart Wilson Miner, PGM presented July 30, 1983
Masonry Within the Beltway: Trends and Prospects, by Stewart Wilson Miner, PGM presented March 31, 1984
The First Tool Engineer, by George L. Miller, PDDGM presented June 30, 1984
Freemasonry and the Leaders of Victorian England, by George B. Yeates, PGC presented September 29, 1984
The Twofold Nature of Freemasonry, by Kenneth H. Hooley presented December 15, 1984
Masonic Ritual in Virginia, by Samuel T. Atkinson, PM presented March 30, 1985
The Masonic Rods and Staffs, by C. Richard Walk, PM presented June 29, 1985
A Declaration for Masonic Action, by Kenneth H. Hooley presented November 30, 1985
The Mason Word, by Richard B. Baldwin, PM presented March 29, 1986
General and Brother Joshua L. Chamberlain, by Charles W. Plummer presented May 30, 1986
The Perfect Cubit: Masonic Legend or Fable, by Lloyd U. Jefferson, PGM presented August 30, 1986
Methods of Historical Research, by Joseph S. Gordon, Ph.D. presented November 29, 1986
The Impact of Masonry on the Constitutional Convention, by Stewart Wilson Miner, PGM presented August 29, 1987
The Masonic Witch Hunt of the 1980's, by Thomas E. Weir, PM presented October 31, 1987

Transactions - Volume 2 1988 - 1992

Preface to Volume 2 of Transactions
Applied Masonic Research, by John P. McIntyre presented January 30, 1988
A Concise Study of Freemasonry in France, by Dr. Claude H. Harris presented April 30, 1988
Change, by Cabell F. Cobb, Deputy Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Virginia presented July 30, 1988
The Legend of Hiram Abif, by Jerry Marsengill presented October 29, 1988
The Office of District Deputy Grand Master, by Lloyd U. Jefferson, PGM presented April 29, 1989
Alpha Lodge No. 116, F&AM, by J. Hampton Harley, MPS presented August 16, 1989
Freemasonry and Judaism, by Paul M. Bessel presented March 31, 1990
Charles A. Lindbergh - Man, Mason, American, by Dr. Roger M. Firestone presented June 30, 1990
The Bible, by William Adrian Brown  presented September 15, 1990
Mozart's Other Masonic Opera, by Dr. Roger J. Firestone presented March 30, 1991
Masonry and Religion, by Rev. Thomas E. Weir, Ph.D. presented August 31, 1991
The Cradle of the American Revolution, by the Alexandria Scottish Rite presented August 29, 1992
St. John The Baptist, by Roger W. Peak presented October 31, 1992

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