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Last Modified: March 28, 2014

Anderson's Ancient Charges 1723

Ancient Landmarks

Anderson's Regulations

Anglo-Norman Charges 1356 England

Briscoe 1724 (pdf file)

Constitutions of York A.D. 920 England

Dundee Manuscripts 1727

Edinburgh Register House Manuscript 1696

Edit of Rothari 634 Italy

General Regulations Of A Free Mason 1723

Grand Lodge Manuscript #1 UGLE 1583

Grand Mystery Of Freemasons 1724

Halliwell Manuscript Also Known as The Old York Constitutions of 926

Harleian Manuscript

Inigo Jones Manuscript 1655

Introduction to Anderson's Constitution

Institution of Free Masons C. 1725

Masonic Jurisprudence

Matthew Cooke Manuscript ~1450

Payne's Regulations

Regius Manuscript ~ 1350

Schaw Statutes 1598 and 1599s

The Albury Manuscript 1875

The Bologna Statues of 1248 Bologna Italy

The Constitutions Of The Masons Of Strasburg 1459 AD

The Distinct Knocks Lecture

The Folger Manuscript - A Lecture

The Kevan Manuscript ~1740 - 1740

The Old Constitutions Of The Masons 1722 Also Known As Robert's Constitutions

The Torgau Ordinances of 1462 Germany

Thomas Tew Manuscript 1680

Translated Cooke Manuscript

Watson MS Series 1535

St. Clair Charters

First Chapter 1601

Second Chapter 1628

Ramsay Documents

Letter 1737

Chevalier Ramsay Oration 1737 Version

Anderson's Constitution of 1723

Description Of The Cook Manuscript

Early Masonic Documents

Explanation 25 Landmarks Of Freemasonry

Freemasonry and Its Landmarks

Landmarks, Landmarks? Landmarks!

Landmarks and Old Charges

List of Existing Manuscripts

More On Ancient Landmarks

Supremacy of the Charges and Constitutions

The Landmarks

The Old Charges of Freemasonry

The Old Charges Of British Freemasons

The Old Charges: The Regius Manuscript

Transcript Of The Cook Manuscript

Lastly a great collection of Masonic Manuscripts
Most of them are in Italian or French.
Looking for English Version

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