Hiram's Handbook

by Bro. Wayne T. Adams

A Presiding Master's Ready Reference


I wish to thank the many people who have helped me in the preparation of this manual. Some sections such as the section on “How To Get Mew Members Involved” are mine alone. Other sections were taken wholly from others such as the letter to the new Masons wife which was written by Bro. Alan J. Morgan. All such items were extensively adapted for Maine and for our usage most particularly a series of items written by Bro. Thomas Ard of the Grand Lodge of California. I thank Bros. Walter Macdougall, Brian Paradis and Norris Dwyer for their suggestions which greatly improved this Handbook. And finally, I thank my secretary, Karen Schiegel, who is becoming quite knowledgeable about Masonry in Maine
.............Bro. Wayne T. Adams


This Handbook is part of a project of the Committee on Masonic Education and Lodge Services to make available to the Craft both new materials and materials which have been published in the past but which have become dated. “HIRAM’S HANDBOOK” is a companion to ‘HIRAM DRUMMOND’S TRESTLEBOARD”. The Trestleboard is a planning guide for Senior Wardens preparing for their year in the East. This Handbook is tool especially designed for the Master who wants to be an inspiring leader and an efficient manager. Because each Lodge is different and each Master unique, the material presented is not intended as a template to be imposed on your administration, but as suggestions for consideration and adaptation. Study and reflect upon it. Share it with your officers. Keep it handy in your briefcase.

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