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The USENET (newsgroups) offer several opportunities for Masonic dialogue. It should be remembered, though that the newsgroups below (with one exception) are unmoderated. This means that anyone can post anything, regardless of how abusive, erroneous, hurtful, or stupid. We encourage any Mason or member of the Masonic family to remember to stick to the high moral ground when participating in these venues!

The GROUPS is where you can set it up to receive emails every time a message gets posted.

If you know of others please email me

It might work only if your server has news group and your news server recognizes them. Just try them.  It will tell you if it is ok


alt.binaries.freemasonry - is for posting PICTURES (binaries). It is NOT for discussion purposes although often those unfamiliar with usenet don't realize this.

alt.freemasonry - is the busiest and most disruptive of all online venues where Masons meet. It is filled with provocateurs, anti-Masons, trolls, obscene posts, and all sorts of things one would never expect. Few Masons choose to stay for any period of time and those who do may be mistaken for the totally crazy themselves. (It was actually the foolishness on alt.freemasonry which served as the impetus for the creation of this site. We post there regularly so as to point the curious to this site where they can obtain valid information about the claims of the anti-Masonic faction.) Not for the faint of heart!


alt.masonic.members - is less well known but because it is also an unmoderated usenet newsgroup and is subject to many of the problems seen above.

alt.masonic - is very rarely used by anyone but may be seen on lists of newsgroups from your internet service provider.

bit.listserv.freemasonry - is the sole moderated usenet newsgroup. It is open to both Masons and non-Masons and often, anti-Masons and provocateurs will take messages from there and post them in venues such as alt.freemasonry. Many internet service providers do not carry this newsgroup as part of their 'standard selection' but they will nearly always add it if you simply request they do so - with no extra charge!  - webpage

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Before you can use either of these groups you must first register, for free, with Yahoo or MSN Groups by either going to or

Then to access below groups for example on yahoo click Groups.  For fastest access in the future, make sure to bookmark the groups you like.


Bridge To Light

College of the Consistory

Esoteric Freemasonry




Masonic Education


Masonic Light

Masonic Research

Pietres Stones



MSN Groups General Site

Fraternal Memberships


Freemasonry World

The Tyler's Room

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